Does Apple Cider Vinegar Make You Urinate Updated Updated 05/2023

Apple cider vinegar has been around for centuries and is made by fermenting yeast and apples. It offers various health benefits such as improved digestion, lowered blood sugar levels, weight loss, and relief of digestive issues. In recent years some have argued that consuming this natural drink can lead to increased urinary frequency or bladder problems. But does […]


Which Gatorade Has No Dye Updated 05/2023

The iconic Gatorade brand is well-known for its sweet taste and energizing electrolytes, but many people don’t know that the popular beverage contains synthetic dyes. Red Dye 40 is commonly present in the fruity flavors of Gatorade while Blue 1 gives Glacier Freeze and Frost a distinctively vibrant look. While these colorings serve to make food more […]