Updated at: 05-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Heading to the Texas State Fair and worried about the toll on your wallet? With food prices seemingly climbing each year, many fair-goers share this concern. But worry not! This article is here to give you a thorough rundown of what you can expect in terms of food costs at the iconic event.

Stick around; we’ll spill some money-saving secrets too!

State Fair Food Prices: What to Expect

Texas State Fair Food Prices (1)

Get ready to satisfy your taste buds and indulge in a wide range of delicious treats at the Texas State Fair, where you can expect a variety of food options with different price points.

Value foods at the State Fair

Despite the perception that everything at the Texas State Fair can be pricey, there are in fact many value foods available that won’t break the bank. These budget-friendly choices can help you savor the fair’s unique culinary experience without overspending.

Food Item Price
Roasted Corn on the Cob $4
Funnel Cake $6
Fletcher’s Corny Dog $7
PB&J Sandwich $5
Standard Beer $7

These offerings provide a taste of the Texas State Fair’s food scene at a lower price point, making them perfect for visitors watching their spending.

Whether you fancy a classic like the Fletcher’s Corny Dog or want to try something a bit different like a PB&J sandwich, these value foods will ensure you enjoy your fair visit without overspending.

New food editions and their prices

The Texas State Fair is known for its ever-evolving food offerings, and each year brings exciting new editions to the menu. Food enthusiasts can look forward to indulging in innovative creations that push the boundaries of traditional fair fare.

With prices ranging from reasonable to slightly higher, these new additions offer a unique twist for those looking to explore their taste buds. From outrageous deep-fried concoctions to extravagant gourmet delights, there’s something for everyone at the Texas State Fair.

So whether you’re craving a decadent Fried Charcuterie Board priced at $16 or intrigued by a mouthwatering Peanut Butter Paradise, be prepared to indulge in an array of culinary surprises that will leave your taste buds satisfied and wanting more.

Popular fair foods and their prices

The Texas State Fair is renowned for its mouth-watering selection of fair foods that cater to every taste and craving. From traditional favorites to quirky new creations, there’s something for everyone at the fair. Indulge in the iconic Fletcher’s Corny Dog, a crispy and satisfying treat priced at $6.

Craving something sweet? Try the ever-popular Deep-Fried Oreos, which will set you back around $8. For those with a hearty appetite, don’t miss out on sinking your teeth into a juicy Smoked Turkey Leg, priced at $18. And no trip to the fair would be complete without indulging in a classic Funnel Cake, available for approximately $10.

With such an array of delicious options and reasonable prices, it’s easy to see why food lovers flock to the Texas State Fair every year.

Tips for Saving Money on State Fair Food

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To save money on State Fair food, look for coupons and deals, bring your own snacks, and consider sharing meals with friends or family.

Coupons and deals

  • The Texas State Fair offers various coupons and deals to help visitors save money on their food purchases.
  • Look out for discounts and promotions offered by food vendors at the fair.
  • Check the official State Fair of Texas website or social media pages for any available coupons or special offers.
  • Consider purchasing a Food & Ride Combo Pack, which includes discounted tickets for both rides and food.
  • Some participating restaurants or fast – food chains may offer coupons specifically for Texas State Fair food purchases.
  • Keep an eye out for printable coupons that can be redeemed at specific food stands within the fairgrounds.
  • Visit the fair on designated discount days, where certain foods may be offered at reduced prices.
  • Look for coupon books or discount cards available at local grocery stores, restaurants, or hotels in the area leading up to the fair.
  • Consider purchasing a Group Ticket package, which can provide discounted admission and food options for larger groups attending together.

Bringing your own snacks

Bringing your own snacks to the Texas State Fair can be a smart way to save money and enjoy some familiar treats. Here are some tips for bringing your own snacks:

  • Pack some homemade sandwiches or wraps that you can easily munch on throughout the day.
  • Bring along healthy snacks like fresh fruits, nuts, or granola bars to keep you energized.
  • Don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated without spending extra on drinks.
  • If you’re craving something specific, pack a small cooler with your favorite beverages or even pre-packaged food items like chips or cookies.
  • Consider packing some portable condiments and seasonings to add flavor to your fairfood finds.

Sharing meals

Sharing meals at the Texas State Fair can be a great way to save money and indulge in a variety of delicious fair foods. Here are some tips for sharing meals with your friends or family:

  • Splitting portions: Many food vendors at the fair offer large portion sizes, perfect for sharing. Instead of each person getting their own meal, consider splitting one dish between two or more people. This allows everyone to try different foods without breaking the bank.
  • Sampling plates: Some vendors offer sampler plates or combo meals that include a variety of smaller portions. These are great options for sharing, as you can try a little bit of everything without overspending.
  • Group discounts: Keep an eye out for group discounts on food items. Some vendors may offer special deals for larger groups, allowing you to save money when sharing meals with friends or family.
  • Sharing snacks: Alongside the main dishes, there are plenty of tasty snacks available at the fair. Consider sharing a plate of deep-fried Oreos or a funnel cake with your group. This way, everyone gets to satisfy their sweet tooth while saving money.
  • Trying different foods: One advantage of sharing meals is that it gives you the opportunity to try a wider range of fair foods. Each person in your group can choose a different dish to share so that everyone can sample different flavors and varieties.

Must-Try Fair Foods and Their Prices

Texas State Fair Food Prices (3)

Indulge in mouthwatering fair favorites like Fletcher’s Corny Dog, deep-fried Oreos, turkey legs, funnel cake, and the enticing Fried Charcuterie Board ($16). Hungry for more? Discover these must-try fair foods that will leave you craving for more.

Fletcher’s Corny Dog

Fletcher’s Corny Dog is an iconic fair food and a must-try at the Texas State Fair. This classic creation consists of a perfectly deep-fried cornmeal batter wrapped around a juicy hot dog on a stick.

The combination of crispy, golden exterior and savory meat inside makes it an irresistible treat for fairgoers. Priced at around $6, Fletcher’s Corny Dog offers great value for its size and deliciousness.

It has been a staple at the fair since 1942 and continues to be one of the most popular food items year after year. Indulging in this mouthwatering delight is definitely worth every penny for both food enthusiasts and casual fair attendees alike.

Deep-Fried Oreos

One of the must-try fair foods at the Texas State Fair is the iconic Deep-Fried Oreos. These delicious treats are a fan favorite among visitors, offering a mouthwatering combination of crispy breading and gooey Oreo goodness.

Indulging in these deep-fried delights will cost you around $8 for a serving. It’s no wonder why Deep-Fried Oreos have become an absolute sensation at fairs across the country – they’re a perfect sweet treat to satisfy your cravings and add some excitement to your fair experience.

So, make sure to grab yourself some Deep-Fried Oreos when you visit the Texas State Fair!

Turkey Legs

Smoked turkey legs at the Texas State Fair are a beloved favorite among fairgoers, offering a satisfying and carnivorous treat. These monstrous, succulent turkey legs are priced at $18 each, making them a substantial and indulgent choice for food lovers.

Cooked to perfection with smoky flavors that penetrate the juicy meat, these turkey legs provide a unique culinary experience that embodies the essence of the fair. Paired with other delicious fair foods or enjoyed on their own, these mouthwatering turkey legs are sure to satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

Funnel Cake

Funnel cake, a classic fair food favorite, is a must-try treat at the Texas State Fair. This deep-fried delight is made from a sweet batter that is poured through a funnel into hot oil and fried to perfection.

The result? A crispy, golden-brown cake coated in powdered sugar. It’s an indulgent treat that satisfies any sweet tooth. At the fair, you can find funnel cakes priced around $10, depending on the size and toppings you choose.

So grab a plate of this timeless fair treat and let yourself indulge in its sugary goodness while immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere of the Texas State Fair.

Fried Charcuterie Board

The Texas State Fair is renowned for its unique and indulgent food options, and one must-try dish that stands out is the Fried Charcuterie Board. Combining the best of savory and fried goodness, this mouthwatering creation features a delectable assortment of meats, cheeses, pickles, and other charcuterie delights all battered and deep-fried to perfection.

Priced at $16, it might seem like a splurge, but the explosion of flavors and textures makes it worth every penny. So if you’re looking to satisfy your cravings for something extraordinary at the fair, don’t miss out on the Fried Charcuterie Board – a true culinary delight amidst all the excitement!


In conclusion, while the Texas State Fair offers a wide array of delicious food options, it’s important to be aware of the prices. From classic favorites like Fletcher’s Corny Dogs to unique treats like the Fried Charcuterie Board, there is something for everyone at varying price points.

By being strategic with coupons and sharing meals, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience without breaking the bank. So grab your appetite and head to the fairgrounds for a taste of Texas at this year’s State Fair!