Updated at: 16-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Historical Remedy CBD Hemp Flower is one of the subsidiary hemp brands of the Founder’s Hemp brand. The parent brand aims at crediting the founders of the hemp industry in the United States, among them two former presidents, Washington, and Jefferson. Historical Remedy is focuses on providing users with CBD products that support good health and general body wellness.

The sector’s long-range of products include supplements, isolates, full-spectrum tinctures, and salves, among many others. The product’s intended aim is to provide relief against cognitive and physical body nuances. The brand has stockiest in many parts of the country, including pharmacies and chiropractors, but you can buy them through their website.

Historical Remedy CBD Hemp

Products Offered

The wide range of products offered by Historical Remedy Hemp focuses on the CBD flower’s benefits for good health, healing, and wellness. Even though the healing claim does not have FDA backing, the brand has many users that attest to the overall wellness and positive effects of the products. The brand’s best-selling products include full spectrum tinctures made with approved ingredients of cannabidiol, grapeseed oil, and essential oils.

The brand also manufactures full spectrum CBD gummies, gel caps, and capsules. Another top product includes peppermint flavored hemp flower extract that delivers high potency in a single drop and an all-natural list of ingredients that provide a pleasant taste. The brands healing salves are also a favorite because of their topical formulation that provides relief against muscle tension.

 Discounts and Coupons

Historical Remedy Hemp runs a dedicated website that provides buyers with all the information needed for deals, discounts, and coupons. The website EverythingHempStore.com allows you to sign for the mailing list that provides you with access to seasonal promotions and clearance sales that help you spend less on the next purchases.

Orders that exceed $100 get free shipping across the state. The brand also has a strong social media presence where it posts occasional promotions and exclusive deals that you will not find with many other hemp brands.

 Legal Compliance

All the hemp flowers that Historical Remedy Hemp uses in their products grow on the mother company’s private farms, Founders Hemp. All the brand’s harvests go through strict third party testing for compliance of quality.

The brand guarantees all its buyers that the formulations are legal, safe, and they comply with the 2014 farm bill that imposes THC limits of 0.3%. Each item on the lineup is legal in all 50 states.


  • It is a subsidiary of the reputable Founders Hemp brand
  • Makes products from raw hemp grown in the mother brand private farms
  • Wide range of high potency products
  • All products go through third-party lab testing for quality compliance
  • All products legal and safe n all the states
  • Free shipping for orders worth $100 and more
  • Offers occasional discounts and promotional deals


  • Does not disclose the CBD extraction methods


Other alternatives to Historical Remedy Hemp are the following brands that are also Founders Hemp subsidiaries. 

Hemp Symmetry that manufactures CBD tinctures with isolate and full spectrum options. Other products on the hemp symmetry lineup include full-spectrum CBD capsules, gummies, gel caps, and CBD honey sticks. The ingredients used to make the products are essential oils with CBD blends, all-natural flavors, colors, and a CBD topical-hemp freeze. 

Howlin’ Hemp that makes tinctures and CBD treats for dogs.

Hemp Excellence makes beauty products such as body butter, lotion, body oil spray, and lip balm. The grand also makes CBD gel caps that contain CBD oil and CBD topicals. 

Wrapping it up

Historical Remedy Hemp may be a subsidiary of a larger company, but it provides buyers with a great deal of potency from the products they offer. Being a branch of the reputable founder hemp brand is also a large selling point for the subsidiary brand. The products provide reliable solutions to the common body and physical nuances.

With some products, all you need is a single dosage for uplifting, relaxing, and calming effects that stay on for long hours. The brand also offers free shipping for purchases worth $100 and above. You can also buy the products from physical locations across the state or make your orders through the website.

If you are lucky, you may buy your products when the brand has occasional promotions or discounts. Overall, there is nothing negative to say about Historical Remedy Hemp.