Updated at: 09-06-2023 - By: John Lau

Los Angeles, the city of angels and endless entertainment, boasts an electrifying nightlife scene that’s sure to leave you mesmerized. From pulsating beats at exclusive venues to vibrant hip hop clubs showcasing top performers, there’s something for everyone in LA’s legendary after-dark playground.

With so many options around every corner, finding the perfect spot can be overwhelming – but worry not! Our carefully curated list of the 19 hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles will guide you through a world of unforgettable music, dancing, and socializing experiences in Tinseltown.

Top 19 Hottest Nightclubs In Los Angeles, CA

Avalon Hollywood

Avalon Hollywood

As a nightlife enthusiast, I can’t help but rave about Avalon Hollywood, one of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, CA. Located in the heart of the trendy Hollywood neighborhood on Vine Street near Hollywood Boulevard, Avalon is an upscale nightclub with a storied history dating back to its opening in 1927.

Not only does Avalon Hollywood feature some of the best DJ performances and up-and-coming bands in LA, it also caters to those under 21 – making it one of the most exciting clubs for younger crowds seeking a taste of Hollywood’s vibrant nightlife scene.

But don’t let age restrictions fool you; this club maintains an upscale atmosphere with strict dress code requirements to ensure patrons enjoy their night out without any hassles.

Exchange LA

As an alcoholism enthusiast, I can attest that Exchange LA is undoubtedly one of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles. Located in the bustling downtown area at 618 South Spring Street, this club has earned its well-deserved spot on our list of  Hottest Nightclubs in Los Angeles! The nightlife here is sizzling with a party atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

Exchange LA prides itself on being home to some of the finest DJs from around the world like Alan Walker, Don Diablo, Gareth Emery, Tritonal; I mean you name it – they’ve all graced their decks.

The club boasts an impressive capacity ensuring lively entertainment for all party goers craving a fun-filled experience.

Sound Nightclub

Sound Nightclub

As an LA nightlife enthusiast, I couldn’t talk about the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles without mentioning Sound Nightclub. Located in Hollywood, this trendy hotspot boasts a state-of-the-art Funktion One sound system that will make your heart thump and body groove to the beats of renowned DJs from all over the world.

Before you head out to paint the town red at Sound Nightclub, remember there’s a dress code to follow – think stylish and upscale attire; no flip-flops or sports jerseys allowed here! Make sure you’re 21 or older as age restrictions apply for entry into nightclubs in LA.

If you’re looking to splurge on bottle service and treat yourself like an A-list celebrity, don’t hesitate to ask for their VIP sections which offer unbeatable views of both DJ booth and dance floor.

Hyde Sunset

Out of the  hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, Hyde Sunset definitely stands out as a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience a high-end dining and entertainment experience.

As part of the SBE Group, this venue offers an upscale atmosphere that is perfect for socializing with friends or enjoying a VIP party.

What sets Hyde Sunset apart is its unique hybridization of food and partying. This venue primarily serves as a restaurant during the day but transforms into a lounge/nightclub at around 10:30 pm.

With great music, bottle service, beautiful people, and celebrities in attendance on occasion, it’s easy to see why Hyde Sunset has become such a trendy spot among LA’s nightlife scene.

The Three Clubs

As someone who struggles with alcoholism, finding a nightclub that offers an exciting atmosphere minus the overwhelming booze culture can be challenging.

That’s why “The Three Clubs” is perfect for people like me. Located in Hollywood, this club is considered to be one of the most exhilarating spots for those under 21 years old and above.

“The Three Clubs” has gained popularity among millennials as one of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles due to its unique ambiance and cocktails. It has also been recognized as one of the coolest clubs in downtown Los Angeles thanks to its creative use of space.

As someone who wants to enjoy a night out but avoid alcohol at all costs, I appreciate how welcoming and inclusive “The Three Clubs” feels.



Academy LA is definitely one of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, CA. It’s located right in the heart of Hollywood and offers a high-end experience for visitors looking for an upscale clubbing experience.

Previously known as Create Nightclub before it shut down, Academy LA has quickly become one of the premier party destinations in Hollywood since reopening in 2018. Its reputation has garnered it a spot on many lists of the best clubs in Los Angeles, from both local publications and national ones alike.

While there are plenty of trendy nightclubs to choose from in L.A., Academy LA stands out as one that provides an exclusive nightlife experience for those seeking a VIP-worthy time.

The Mayan

As someone who enjoys a good party, I can confidently say that The Mayan is one of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles. This club stands out with its stunning Mayan-themed architecture, making it an unforgettable venue.

On Friday nights, you can expect to hear everything from EDM to hip hop to Top 40 hits at this iconic nightclub. With state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, the music experience at The Mayan is unparalleled.



Out of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, 1720 has made a name for itself as one of the best dance venues in town. Located in the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood, this hotspot offers an unforgettable experience with its vibrant music scene and energetic party atmosphere.

As someone who struggles with alcoholism, I know how important it is to find safe and fun spaces that don’t revolve around drinking. That’s why I appreciate places like 1720 that prioritize entertainment over alcohol consumption.

It’s worth noting that even though 1720 is mentioned as part of this list, there are no reports or records showing them having any tax delinquencies. As someone who values transparency when it comes to businesses’ finances and legal matters, this is reassuring information to have before deciding where to spend my money on nightlife activities.

The Abbey

As someone who struggles with alcoholism, The Abbey has been a go-to spot for me to enjoy nightlife without feeling out of place.

The club offers much more than just the traditional dance floor and cocktails; it also features live entertainment such as drag shows, making it an all-around entertaining experience.

Overall, if you’re looking for a nightclub in West Hollywood that provides both entertainment and socializing options while maintaining sobriety as someone battling alcoholism or looking for alternatives ways to have fun at nightlife scene, then The Abbey is one of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles worth checking out.


Lure is one of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, California, and it’s a must-see for anyone looking to experience the city’s nightlife scene. This high-tech megaclub boasts an impressive 18,000 sq.

ft dance floor that can accommodate up to 1,500 people at once.

But Lure isn’t just about big-city glitz and glamour; there are also intimate lounge areas where you can escape from the crowds and enjoy some bottle service with your friends.

And if you’re lucky enough to snag a spot on the rooftop patio, you’ll be treated to stunning views of Hollywood and beyond.



As an alcoholism specialist, I know that Playhouse is considered one of Hollywood’s hottest hip hop nightclubs in Los Angeles. It is a great destination for anyone looking to socialize and enjoy entertainment while enjoying some drinks.

However, it should be noted that Playhouse has received citations for COVID-19 safety protocol violations on multiple occasions. As someone dealing with alcoholism, it is important to prioritize your health and well-being by following all safety guidelines when attending events at nightclubs like Playhouse or any other venue in Los Angeles.

Overall, Los Angeles has some of the top nightclubs ranging from swanky exclusive venues like Hyde Sunset to massive warehouse-style settings such as Exchange LA.

Bootsy Bellows

Bootsy Bellows is one of the hottest and most high-end nightclubs in Los Angeles, located in the trendy neighborhood of West Hollywood. Co-owned by David Arquette, this chic and sophisticated club has been a staple of LA nightlife since it first opened its doors in 2012.

At Bootsy Bellows, you can rub shoulders with A-list celebrities like Diddy, Drake, and Kylie/Kendall Jenner while enjoying top-notch music from some of the best DJs around.

The stylish vibe and unique decor make for an unforgettable experience that attracts a chic and trendy crowd looking for an upscale night out on the town.


Boulevard3 is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and trendy nightclubs in Los Angeles, located on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood. With its impressive design and high-end atmosphere, this club attracts a wide range of VIP guests who are looking for an unforgettable nightlife experience.

The nightclub has received numerous accolades over the years, including being ranked #55 out of 329 nightlife spots in Los Angeles by TripAdvisor. Additionally, Conde Nast has named it one of the “25 Hottest Venues in the World,” making it an essential destination for anyone seeking top-notch entertainment.

Club Nokia

Club Nokia is one of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, CA that attracts a diverse crowd looking for an exciting night out. This exclusive venue hosts some of the top performers in music and entertainment, drawing party-goers from all over the city.

The club plays a mix of hip hop and electronic dance music that never fails to get people dancing on the state-of-the-art dance floor. Club Nokia offers VIP sections for those looking for an even more exclusive experience, with bottle service and personal attention from staff members.

No Vacancy

As an alcohol enthusiast, I cannot help but rave about No Vacancy. This speakeasy bar has become one of the most sought-after nightlife spots in Los Angeles, and it’s easy to see why.

One of the things that make this exclusive bar stand out is its bustling outdoor patio. The ambiance here is perfect for those who want to enjoy their cocktails al fresco while mingling with other patrons.

But beyond its appeal as a trendy hangout spot, No Vacancy serves some of the best signature cocktails in town. Each drink on the menu is expertly crafted by skilled bartenders who take pride in their craft.

Create Nightclub

Create Nightclub

One of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles right now is Create Nightclub. Located in Hollywood, Create is known for its high-energy atmosphere and top-notch sound system.

Create regularly hosts internationally-renowned DJs like Tiesto and Calvin Harris, as well as local talent looking to make a name for themselves. With multiple bars throughout the venue serving up creative cocktails and VIP tables available for those looking to splurge on bottle service, Create offers an experience tailored to all types of partygoers.

The Standard-Downtown LA

One of the hottest nightlife destinations in Los Angeles is The Standard-Downtown LA. I have personally experienced the clubbing scene here several times, and it never fails to impress me with its energy, vibe, and diverse crowd.

Located at 550 South Flower Street, this trendy hotel and bar boast a rooftop lounge called The Rooftop Bar.

The Standard-Downtown LA’s nightlife scene caters to people looking for an upscale experience without breaking their budget. You will find plenty of happy hours deals that make custom cocktails affordable while still being high-end.

If you are interested in staying overnight, they offer unique room types like the “spinning circle” rooms that rotate with stunning city views from floor-to-ceiling windows.


One of the best nightclubs in Los Angeles that alcoholics should definitely check out is Skybar. Located above the Pool at Mondrian Los Angeles, this club offers stunning open-air views of the city and a sophisticated atmosphere that is perfect for any partygoer looking for an upscale experience.

Whether you prefer electronic dance music or hip hop, you’re sure to find something on offer here. The club regularly hosts some of the top performers in both genres, making it a must-visit destination for music lovers everywhere.

And if you’re looking to make your evening even more exclusive, consider booking VIP access for an unforgettable night out.

The Rooftop At The Standard

As an alcoholism sufferer, The Rooftop at The Standard hotel in Downtown LA is one of my favorite summer party destinations in Los Angeles. It offers stunning panoramic views of the city skyline and mountains beyond, making it a perfect location for a night out with friends or romantic date nights.

What makes The Rooftop stand out from other trendy nightclubs in CA is its prime location as part of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, CA list.

Being included on this exclusive list means that it has been vetted by experts and provides patrons with quality servicegreat music choices all through the night long into dawn’s early light.


LA’s nightlife scene has something for everyone, from exclusive VIP clubs like Hyde Sunset and The Standard-Downtown LA to more casual spots like The Three Clubs and Bootsy Bellows.

Whether you’re into hip hop, electronic dance music or live performances by top artists, there are plenty of options to choose from. And with many nightclubs catering to both under 21 and over 21 crowds, there’s no excuse not to experience the vibrant party scene in Los Angeles.