Updated at: 02-08-2023 - By: John Lau

Are you curious to know whether Matt James, the current Bachelor, indulges in alcoholic beverages while navigating the world of reality TV dating? With fans speculating about his drinking habits and media buzzing with gossip, this blog dives deep into analyzing on-screen evidence and contestant interviews to uncover the truth behind Matt’s relationship with alcohol.

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Key Takeaways

  • Matt James has been seen drinking alcohol on The Bachelor, particularly champagne during romantic dates.
  • However, his Christian upbringing and dedication to health and wellness encourage him to drink in moderation and prioritize fitness over partying.
  • Interviews with contestants suggest that while some have seen Matt drink on camera, others never witnessed it, and no one got drunk during filming due to constant supervision by producers. Overall, focusing solely on Matt’s beverage choices detracts from his journey as a bachelor and the women he’s dating.

Does Matt James Drink Alcohol On The Bachelor?

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Fans have been speculating about whether or not Matt James drinks alcohol on The Bachelor, which has led to some media attention about his drinking habits.

Fans Speculate

As the intrigue surrounding Matt James’ alcohol consumption on Season 25 of The Bachelor continues to grow, many fans have taken to social media platforms and forums to speculate about his drinking habits.

As a devout Christian with a strong focus on fitness and training, some might assume that Matt leads an abstemious lifestyle in line with his religious beliefs.

Bachelor Nation fan accounts further fueled speculation when they began raising questions about Matt’s current relationship with Rachael Kirkconnell – especially given their recent appearances together supporting each other’s fitness goals at events such as the New York Marathon.

Matt’s Statement

Matt James, the charming Bachelor, has not shied away from addressing his lifestyle choices, including alcohol consumption. Although he has been spotted sipping champagne on the show, Matt’s statement reveals that his faith-based upbringing and personal values play a significant role in how often he drinks.

His Christian background encourages moderation when it comes to indulging in alcoholic beverages.

Fans have noticed that Matt prefers protein shakes and weightlifting sessions over excessive partying or wild nights out. Moreover, during the Bachelor fantasy suite episodes, Matt opted not to get intimate with any of the contestants – another testament to the personal choices that govern his lifestyle both on reality TV shows as well as behind closed doors.

Investigating Matt’s Drinking Habits

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To get a better understanding of Matt’s drinking habits, we will analyze evidence from the show and conduct interviews with contestants.

Analyzing Evidence From The Show

Throughout the current season of The Bachelor, viewers have been keenly observing Matt James’ interactions and behaviors to determine if he indulges in alcohol consumption.

Several instances on the show portray Matt participating in social drinking events with contestants during group dates or one-on-one encounters. Although it’s clear that alcohol is present during these gatherings, Matt tends to maintain a responsible and controlled demeanor while enjoying his beverages.

In addition to their observations about his drinking pattern, some fans have speculated on other aspects of Matt’s personal life – such as relationship status and sexual orientation – based on his friendly demeanor towards everyone around him.

Conducting Interviews With Contestants

To further investigate Matt James’ drinking habits, interviews with contestants have been conducted. Here are some key points from those interviews:

  • Some contestants have reported seeing Matt drink alcohol on and off camera.
  • Others have said that while they themselves were drinking, they never saw Matt partake.
  • A few contestants mentioned that religion plays a role in Matt’s decision not to drink or limit his alcohol consumption.
  • One contestant stated that they never saw anyone get drunk during filming, as there is constant supervision by producers and crew members.

It’s important to note that these interviews do not provide concrete evidence of whether or not Matt James drinks on the show. However, they offer insights into his personal habits as well as the general atmosphere surrounding alcohol consumption during filming.


After analyzing the evidence and conducting interviews, it seems that Matt James does indulge in alcohol on The Bachelor. While he may not be a heavy drinker like some previous contestants, he has been seen with a glass of champagne on the show.

The Bachelor franchise is known for its social drinking culture and drinking games among contestants and viewers alike. It’s important to note that just because someone drinks alcohol doesn’t necessarily mean they have an issue with alcoholism.