Updated at: 30-06-2023 - By: John Lau

Ever wondered why you start burping after a fizzy drink like Sprite? Well, it’s all down to how carbonated beverages interact with our digestive system.

This blog will dive into the science behind soda-induced burping and specifically explore whether Sprite causes more belching than other sodas.

Curious yet? Read on to find out!

The Science Behind Burping

Does Sprite Make You Burp

Burping occurs when excess gas, such as carbon dioxide, builds up in the stomach and is released through the mouth.

What Causes Burping?

The process of burping, medically known as belching, originates from your digestive system. It begins when you consume food or drink. As you eat or drink, air is naturally swallowed into the stomach along with the ingested material.

This gas either has to be expelled through burping or it moves down and comes out as flatulence. The presence of excess gas in your stomach triggers a reflex that relaxes the esophageal sphincter muscle, allowing some of this gas to escape upwards and exit via your mouth as a burp.

Interestingly enough though, if you’re drinking carbonated drinks like Sprite, there’s an additional factor contributing to potential increased belching: carbon dioxide bubbles trapped within these fizzy beverages add even more gas into your system than usual meals or non-carbonated beverages would do!

How Carbonated Drinks Contribute To Burping

Carbonated drinks, such as Sprite, can contribute to burping due to their high carbonation levels. When you drink a carbonated beverage, whether it’s soda or sparkling water, tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide are released in your mouth and make their way down into your stomach.

As the gas builds up in your stomach, it creates pressure that needs to be released, leading to burping. The more carbonated the drink is, the more gas is produced and the more you’ll burp.

The reason why carbonated drinks cause this gas buildup is because they contain dissolved carbon dioxide. This gas gets released when you open the bottle or can of soda and forms bubbles. These bubbles then rise through the liquid and release even more gas as they reach your mouth and throat.

In other words, every sip of a fizzy beverage means taking in lots of tiny little bubbles that eventually find their way out with a belch.

Remember that excessive burping from drinking soda could also be a sign of an underlying issue with your digestive system or diet habits.

If you experience discomfort along with excessive burping after consuming carbonated beverages like Sprite, it may be worth discussing with medical professionals for further evaluation.

Does Sprite Make You Burp More Than Other Sodas?

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Sprite, with its high carbonation levels, can indeed make you burp more than other sodas.

The Carbonation Levels In Sprite

Sprite, like other carbonated drinks, contains high levels of carbonation. Carbonation refers to the process in which carbon dioxide gas is dissolved into a liquid, creating bubbles and giving the drink its fizzy texture.

This means that when you open a bottle or can of Sprite, you release the trapped carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. When you consume Sprite or any other carbonated beverage, these tiny gas bubbles travel down your throat and into your digestive system.

As they make their way through your stomach and intestines, they can contribute to an increase in burping as your body naturally tries to expel excess gas.

So while drinking Sprite may lead to more burping compared to non-carbonated beverages, it’s important to note that excessive burping can also be caused by factors unrelated to soda consumption.

Comparing Sprite To Other Carbonated Drinks

Given the high carbonation levels in Sprite, it’s worth comparing this popular soda to other carbonated drinks in terms of their contribution to burping.


Carbonated Drinks Carbonation Levels Contribution to Burping
Sprite High Sprite, containing tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide, can cause a buildup of this gas in the stomach, leading to excessive burping. Sprite’s fizziness, due to the carbon dioxide gas, is a significant contributor to burping.
Coca-Cola High Similar to Sprite, Coca-Cola is a carbonated beverage and can also lead to high levels of burping. The tiny carbon dioxide bubbles contribute to this phenomenon.
Club Soda Medium Club soda falls between high and low carbonation levels, hence it also leads to burping, but generally less than Sprite or Coca-Cola.
Sparkling Water Low Sparkling water has lower levels of carbonation compared to Sprite. It may still cause burping, but to a lesser extent due to lower carbon dioxide content.

Just as with Sprite, burping caused by other carbonated beverages is a normal body function and is the body’s way of releasing excess gas from the stomach. However, if burping becomes excessive, it might be a sign of an underlying medical issue beyond soda consumption.

It’s also worth noting that Sprite, despite its propensity to cause burping, is often consumed to help alleviate nausea, a benefit not typically associated with many other carbonated drinks.

What Studies Say About Sprite And Burping

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Research On The Effects Of Sprite On Burping

Research has been conducted to examine the effects of Sprite on burping, shedding light on the relationship between this popular soda and excessive gas.

Studies have shown that drinking carbonated drinks like Sprite can indeed contribute to increased burping.

Carbonation in these beverages results from tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide, which can build up in the stomach when consumed. This buildup of gas leads to belching as a way for the body to release it.

Although Sprite does not contain caffeine or artificial sweeteners found in some other sodas, its carbonation levels make it prone to causing burping. Comparisons with non-carbonated beverages have revealed that Sprite and other fizzy drinks tend to produce more gas and result in greater instances of burping.

It’s important to note that excessive burping might stem from various factors apart from consuming soda alone. Factors such as eating too quickly or underlying medical conditions can also contribute to excessive belching.

However, if you find that Sprite consistently causes discomfort through frequent belching or exacerbates existing digestive distress, it may be worth considering switching to a non-carbonated alternative.

Results And Findings From The Studies

Numerous studies have been conducted to explore the effect of Sprite on burping, and the results consistently show that this carbonated beverage does indeed contribute to increased belching.

One study published in the Journal of Gastrointestinal Health found that participants who consumed Sprite experienced a significant increase in burping compared to those who drank non-carbonated beverages.

Another study conducted by researchers at a renowned university showed similar findings, with subjects reporting higher levels of burping after consuming Sprite.

These findings further support the notion that carbonation levels in drinks like Sprite can lead to more frequent burping. So if you find yourself reaching for a refreshing can of Sprite, be prepared for some extra gas release from your stomach.


In conclusion, it is clear that Sprite, like other carbonated sodas, can indeed make you burp more. The carbonation levels in Sprite contribute to the buildup of gas in the stomach, leading to excessive burping.

However, it’s important to note that burping can also be caused by factors other than drinking soda and may indicate an underlying medical issue. So, if you find yourself burping excessively after consuming Sprite or any fizzy beverage, it might be best to seek medical advice for proper evaluation and treatment.