Updated at: 01-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Have you heard whispers in the trucking world about the Peterbilt 389 being discontinued? These rumors started swirling after news broke that a new model, the 589, will replace this iconic road beast soon.

This blog is your one-stop-shop for understanding all related to these rumored changes and clearing any confusion surrounding them. Get ready to unravel the truth behind Peterbilt’s plans for its beloved 389!

The Truth about Peterbilt Discontinuing the 389

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Contrary to the rumors and speculation, Peterbilt has not officially announced the discontinuation of the 389 model.

Rumors and speculation

There’s been a substantial buzz around the future of the Peterbilt 389. Online forums and trucker hangouts are rife with chatter about its potential discontinuation, fueled by whispers that production might halt in 2023.

This rumor has caused quite an uproar within the community, especially given the iconic status of this model – A stalwart on American roads for more than four decades. However, amidst all this speculation and conjecture, it’s important to note that Peterbilt hasn’t officially confirmed any plans to pull the plug on our beloved 389 yet.

So while we navigate through this sea of rumors and uncertainty, let’s fasten our seatbelts and hope for a journey that keeps us aboard with our favorite rig.

Confirmation or lack thereof

There has been quite a buzz in the trucking community about the potential discontinuation of the beloved Peterbilt 389 model. However, it’s important to note that Peterbilt has not made any official announcements regarding the discontinuation of the 389 models yet.

While there have been rumors circulating, nothing has been confirmed by the company itself. This uncertainty has left many truck enthusiasts eagerly awaiting news from Peterbilt about the future of this iconic truck.

In recent years, speculation surrounding a successor to the 389 model has also emerged. There is talk of a new truck model, known as the 589, which could potentially replace or succeed the popular 389.

Although details are scarce at this point in time, anticipation is high among fans who are curious to see what enhancements and features this new model will bring.

It’s worth noting that throughout its long history, starting as the 359 and then being succeeded by both the 379 and eventually becoming the beloved 389, this particular model holds an iconic status within Peterbilt’s lineup.

Truckers have grown fond of its design and performance over more than four decades.

The Popularity and Legacy of the Peterbilt 389

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The Peterbilt 389 has become an iconic truck known for its popularity and legacy in the industry, capturing the hearts of truckers everywhere with its timeless design and reliable performance.

Iconic status

The Peterbilt 389 holds an iconic status in the trucking industry, captivating both truckers and enthusiasts alike. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, starting with its predecessor, the 359 model, this truck has become a staple of Peterbilt’s lineup.

Its unmistakable design and powerful performance have earned it a special place in the hearts of many. The 389 is revered for its rugged durability and reliability on the road. Truckers appreciate its robust build and versatility, making it well-suited for various hauling needs.

While rumors swirl about its potential discontinuation, fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for this beloved symbol of American craftsmanship on wheels.

Truckers’ love for the model

Truckers have an undeniable love for the Peterbilt 389, and it’s not hard to understand why. This iconic model has been a staple of the lineup for over 40 years, starting as the legendary 359.

It has earned its reputation thanks to its powerful performancedurability, and classic design that captures the essence of American trucking. Truck drivers appreciate the reliability and comfort it offers during long hauls on the road.

Its robust engine options, spacious interior, and customizable features make it a favorite among many professional drivers. The Peterbilt 389 holds a special place in the hearts of truckers who value its timeless appeal and dependability on their journeys across America’s highways.

Comparisons to other Peterbilt models

The Peterbilt 389 has always held a special place among truck enthusiasts due to its iconic design and reliable performance. Let’s compare it to some other prominent Peterbilt models.


Model Features Pros Cons
Peterbilt 389 Iconic design, powerful performancefuel efficiency Beloved by truckers, long-standing legacy dating back to its predecessor, the 359 Rumored to be discontinued in 2023
Peterbilt 379 Classic style, durable construction, suits a variety of applications Also highly popular, known for its strength and versatility No longer in production since the introduction of the 389
Peterbilt 359 Predates the 379, known for its classic style and longevity First to establish Peterbilt’s reputation as a premium truck manufacturer Discontinued in the late 1980s, replaced by the 379
Peterbilt 589 Upcoming model, expected to feature modern technologies and greater fuel efficiency Potential to set new standards in the industry Details not fully revealed, raising anticipation and speculation

As we can see, each model has its strengths and unique characteristics. The 389’s fortunate legacy, built over 40 years, will certainly be remembered by all, even after its rumored discontinuation.

The anticipation now lies with the forthcoming 589 model, waiting to see how it will uphold Peterbilt’s tradition of excellence.

Potential Successor to the Peterbilt 389

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Peterbilt has plans to introduce a new model, the 589, which is expected to succeed the popular Peterbilt 389.

Plans for a new model

Peterbilt has exciting plans for the future with the introduction of a new truck model to follow the iconic Peterbilt 389. While rumors have circulated about the discontinuation of the 389, Peterbilt has remained tight-lipped and not made any formal announcements regarding its end.

However, it has been confirmed that a successor to the 389, called the 589, is in development and will be released in due course. The new model aims to build on the legacy of its predecessor while incorporating innovative features and improvements based on feedback from truckers.

With anticipation surrounding its unveiling, truck enthusiasts eagerly await more information about this upcoming addition to the Peterbilt lineup.

Speculations and expectations

Speculations and expectations surrounding the possible discontinuation of the Peterbilt 389 have been running high among truck enthusiasts. With rumors suggesting an end to its production in 2023, many are wondering what will come next for this iconic model.

While Peterbilt has not officially confirmed the discontinuation yet, it has been revealed that a new truck model, the 589, will be released in the future. This news has fueled further anticipation as people eagerly await the unveiling of this successor to the beloved 389.

As truckers continue to discuss and debate what lies ahead, all eyes are on Peterbilt for updates regarding their plans and any changes coming to their lineup.

The potential replacement for the Peterbilt 389 has sparked wide speculation within the trucking community. Truck enthusiasts are curious about what features and improvements may be introduced with this new model.

As a staple of Peterbilt’s lineup for over four decades, there is undoubtedly pressure on them to deliver a worthy successor to such an iconic truck. While details remain scarce at this time, excitement surrounds expectations of enhanced performance capabilitiesupdated designsimproved fuel efficiency, and advanced technology integration.


In conclusion, while rumors have been swirling about the potential discontinuation of the Peterbilt 389, no official confirmation has been given by the company. However, a new model, the 589, is set to be released in the future, indicating that there may indeed be changes coming to Peterbilt’s lineup.

Truck enthusiasts and fans of the iconic 389 will have to stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development.