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Are you tired of the same old drinks and looking to try something new? The Purple Gatorade Shot is a vibrant, mixed drink with a unique flavor profile. This post will guide you through an easy-to-follow recipe that allows you to whip up this refreshing cocktail in no time flat.

Ready for some excitement in your glass? Let’s dive right into our Purple Gatorade Shot Recipe!

Ingredients for Purple Gatorade Shot

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The ingredients for a Purple Gatorade Shot include vodka, blue curacao, grenadine, purple Gatorade, and sweet and sour mix.


Vodka serves as the base for the Purple Gatorade Shot, adding a crisp punch to this colorful cocktail. It is usually around 40% ABV, making it a potent addition to the drink. The smooth texture of vodka complements the tangy sweet and sour mix and grape flavor of Gatorade in this recipe.

Experiment with different brands or types of vodka to alter its taste subtly, although any standard vodka works wonderfully for this delightful concoction. Vodka’s mild flavor profile means it blends seamlessly with other ingredients, allowing blue curaçao’s vivid color and grenadine’s subtle sweetness to shine through in your Purple Gatorade Shot!

Blue Curacao

Blue curacao is a key ingredient in the Purple Gatorade Shot recipe. This vibrant blue liqueur adds both color and flavor to the drink. Made from the dried peel of bitter oranges, blue curacao has a sweet and slightly bitter taste that pairs well with the grape vodka and other ingredients.

Its distinct blue hue gives the Purple Gatorade Shot its eye-catching appearance, making it an appealing choice for those looking for a visually stunning cocktail. With just a splash of blue curacao, you can transform your ordinary vodka shot into a refreshing and colorful drink that will impress your guests at any gathering or party.


Grenadine is one of the key ingredients in the Purple Gatorade Shot recipe. It adds a subtle sweetness to balance out the flavors of the drink. When combined with blue curaçao and grape vodka, grenadine helps create a brilliant purple color that makes this shot visually appealing.

Additionally, it is important to note that grenadine can be found at most liquor stores or supermarkets, making it easily accessible for anyone looking to try their hand at making this cocktail.

Whether you’re hosting a party or simply want to enjoy a flavorful drink, adding grenadine to your Purple Gatorade Shot will provide a delicious touch of sweetness without overpowering the other ingredients.

Purple Gatorade

The Purple Gatorade Shot is a vibrant and flavorful cocktail that is perfect for parties and gatherings. Made with grape vodka, grenadine, sour mix, and blue curaçao, this drink has a brilliant purple color that will catch everyone’s attention.

The addition of sweet and sour mix adds a tangy flavor to balance out the sweetness from the grenadine. With an alcohol content around 40% ABV, it’s a refreshing choice for those looking for a colorful mixed drink.

Garnish it with a slice of lime or cherry to elevate its presentation. Stay hydrated while enjoying your favorite alcoholic shot with the Purple Gatorade Shot recipe!

Sweet and Sour Mix

The Purple Gatorade Shot recipe calls for a key ingredient called sweet and sour mix, which adds a tangy flavor to the drink. This mix is a combination of lemon juice (for the sour element) and simple syrup (for the sweet element).

It creates a perfect balance of flavors in the cocktail, enhancing its overall taste. The addition of sweet and sour mix gives this purple drink an extra kick, making it even more refreshing and enjoyable.

So when mixing up your own batch of Purple Gatorade Shots, be sure to include this essential ingredient for that delightful tanginess in every sip.

How to Make a Purple Gatorade Shot?

Purple Gatorade Shot Recipe (1)

To make a Purple Gatorade Shot, gather the ingredients and add vodka, blue curacao, cranberry juice, and sweet and sour mix. Serve the shot and enjoy!

Gather Ingredients

To make a delicious Purple Gatorade Shot, you will need a few basic ingredients: grape vodka, blue curaçao, grenadine, and sour mix. These ingredients come together to create a vibrant purple color and a deliciously tangy flavor.

Simply gather these ingredients before you start mixing your shot, ensuring that you have everything ready for the perfect blend of flavors.

Add Vodka

To make a Purple Gatorade Shot, the first step is to add vodka. Vodka is an essential ingredient in this cocktail, giving it a kick of alcohol and enhancing its flavor. The amount of vodka may vary depending on personal preference, with some recipes calling for 1 ounce and others calling for 1.5 ounces.

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, simply pour the desired amount of vodka into your mixing glass or shaker. Adding vodka to the mix will create a balanced combination of flavors and contribute to the overall appeal of this vibrant purple drink.

Add Blue Curacao

To give your Purple Gatorade Shot its vibrant hue, add Blue Curacao. This bright blue liqueur not only adds a stunning color to the drink but also contributes a sweet and citrusy flavor.

The combination of Blue Curacao with grape vodka and grenadine creates that signature purple shade that makes this shot recipe so visually appealing. So go ahead and pour in some Blue Curacao to make your Purple Gatorade Shot even more enticing!

Add Cranberry Juice

To add a refreshing twist to your Purple Gatorade Shot, consider including cranberry juice in the mix. Cranberry juice not only adds a vibrant red color to the drink but also provides a tangy flavor that complements the other ingredients.

Simply pour in a splash of cranberry juice along with the grape vodka, grenadine, sour mix, and blue curacao. This addition enhances the overall taste profile of the shot and gives it an extra burst of fruity goodness.

Serve it up at your next gathering or party for a flavorful and visually appealing cocktail option.

Remember to adjust the measurements according to your preference for sweetness and tartness. The addition of cranberry juice can be a game-changer for those looking for an invigorating twist on their Purple Gatorade Shot experience.

Serve the Shot

To serve the Purple Gatorade Shot, simply pour the mixed ingredients into shot glasses. The vibrant purple color is sure to catch everyone’s eye. For added flair, you can garnish each shot with a slice of lime or a cherry.

This refreshing and flavorful drink is perfect for parties and gatherings, offering a unique twist on the classic vodka shot. Whether you’re in the mood for something colorful or want to try a new cocktail recipe, the Purple Gatorade Shot is an excellent choice.

So grab some friends, raise your glasses, and enjoy this delicious concoction!

Variations and Substitutions

Purple Gatorade Shot Recipe (2)

Explore different alternative drinks and names for a Purple Gatorade Shot, as well as various ingredient substitutions that can be used to personalize the recipe.

Alternative Drinks/Names for a Purple Gatorade Shot

  • Grape Gatorade Shot
  • Purple Power Shot
  • Violet Vodka Shot
  • Electric Elixir Cocktail
  • Lavender Libation
  • Indigo Infusion Shot
  • Amethyst Ambrosia Mix
  • Ultraviolet Vodka Shooter

Substitute Ingredients

Looking to switch up the ingredients in your Purple Gatorade Shot recipe? Here are some substitutes you can try:

  • Instead of grape vodka, you could use plain vodka or even a flavored vodka like raspberry or cherry.
  • If you don’t have blue curaçao on hand, try using blueberry liqueur or even a blue raspberry syrup for that vibrant color.
  • Instead of grenadine, you could use strawberry syrup or pomegranate juice for a different twist.
  • If you prefer a less tangy flavor, you can substitute the sour mix with lemon – lime soda or even lemonade for a sweeter taste.

Other Ingredients

Besides the main ingredients, there are a few other ingredients that can be added to the Purple Gatorade Shot recipe to enhance its flavor. One option is to include cranberry juice, which adds a tart and slightly sweet taste.

Another possibility is adding lemon-lime soda for a fizzy twist. Both of these additions complement the fruity flavors of grape vodka and blue curaçao. Feel free to experiment with different combinations of these ingredients to create your own unique variation of the Purple Gatorade Shot recipe.


To make a Purple Gatorade Shot, you won’t need any special equipment. Just gather the basic bar tools that you likely already have in your kitchen. You’ll need a shot glass or small glass for serving, a cocktail shaker or mixing glass to combine the ingredients, and a stirring spoon or straw to mix everything together.

It’s also helpful to have a jigger or measuring cup to ensure accurate measurements of the vodka and other liquids. With these simple tools on hand, you’ll be ready to mix up your own refreshing Purple Gatorade Shots in no time!


In conclusion, the Purple Gatorade Shot recipe is a simple and flavorful cocktail that is perfect for parties or gatherings. With its vibrant purple color and tangy flavor, it is sure to be a hit with your friends.

So gather your ingredients and mix up a batch of this refreshing drink for your next event! Cheers!