Updated at: 27-06-2023 - By: John Lau

Ever wondered what happened to the refreshing Hydrive Energy Water? A pioneer in energy-infused water, this beverage brand has taken some unexpected turns over the years. Our deep dive into its history, rebranding journey, and future prospects will provide a clear picture of your favorite hydration drink’s saga.

Let’s uncover the mystery behind Hydrive Energy Water together!

History Of Hydrive Energy Water

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Breaking into a burgeoning market, Hydrive Energy Water emerged as an early pioneer in the energy-infused water industry. Introduced by Cott Corporation, it was initially lauded for its low-calorie content and caffeine levels parallel to leading energy drinks; each bottle contained merely 30 calories but packed a punch with steady alertness and hydration.

Amidst competitive beverages, Hydrive managed to stand out by offering hydration coupled with mental focus – a desirable combination for consumers seeking healthier alternatives.

Embracing change, parent company Big Red decided an overhaul of the product was necessary. In preparation for their rebranding strategy within the US market, they launched reformulated Hydrive Energy Water in January 2017 that now claimed zero-calorie content per 8 oz serving – an unprecedented move among caffeinated water brands at that time.

The refreshingly new recipe featured all-natural flavors supplemented with B vitamins making this vitamin-fortified water not only light on your calorie intake but also tasteful and beneficial for overall health.

Relaunch And Rebranding Of Hydrive Energy Water

What Happened To Hydrive Energy Water

  • Hydrive Energy Water underwent a relaunch and rebranding in the US market.
  • The relaunch was part of a strategic move by Big Red, the parent company, to stay competitive in the energy drink industry.
  • The new formula of Hydrive Energy Water was launched in January 2017 with a focus on zero calories and enhanced hydration.
  • As part of the rebranding, Hydrive Energy Water positioned itself as a refreshing energy drink alternative with mental focus benefits.
  • The reformulated product now features all – natural flavors and added B vitamins for an extra boost.
  • The goal of the relaunch was to appeal to health – conscious consumers who seek hydration and alertness without the calorie content found in traditional energy drinks.
  • By removing calories from the product, Hydrive Energy Water aimed to provide a zerocalorie energy water option that still delivers on taste and functionality.
  • The rebranded Hydrive Energy Water has gained attention for its blue raspberry flavor and natural – flavored energy water offerings.
  • With its revamped image and improved formula, Hydrive Energy Water aims to capture a wider audience looking for a refreshing, healthier beverage option.

Reasons For The Decline Of Hydrive Energy Water

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There are several key factors that contributed to the decline of Hydrive Energy Water. One major reason is the competitive nature of the energy drink market. With numerous brands vying for consumer attention, it became increasingly challenging for Hydrive Energy Water to stand out and capture a significant share of the market.

Another factor was the changing consumer preferences and trends. While Hydrive Energy Water was ahead of its time in offering a low-calorie energy water option, consumers started shifting towards other alternatives such as natural energy drinks or functional beverages that offered additional health benefits.

The acquisition of Cott Corporation by Keurig Dr Pepper also played a role in the decline. This change in ownership may have resulted in shifts in marketing strategies and resources allocated to promoting Hydrive Energy Water, which could have impacted its visibility and sales.

Additionally, despite their efforts to rebrand and reformulate their product, some consumers may still harbor negative perceptions about energy drinks due to concerns about caffeine content or potential side effects.

This may have limited their willingness to try new products within this category like Hydrive Energy Water.

Overall, a combination of increased competition, evolving consumer preferences, changes in ownership, and lingering stigmas associated with energy drinks likely contributed to the decline of Hydrive Energy Water.

The Future Of Hydrive Energy Water

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The future of Hydrive Energy Water looks promising following its relaunch and rebranding in the US market. With a new formula that features all-natural flavors, zero calories, and added B vitamins, Hydrive Energy Water aims to provide a refreshing alternative to traditional energy drinks while promoting hydration and mental focus.

The reformulation was part of a strategic decision by Big Red, the parent company of Hydrive Energy Water, to meet the evolving needs of consumers who prioritize health and wellness. As a pioneer in the energy water industry, Hydrive Energy Water has demonstrated its ability to adapt and stay ahead of its competitors.

With Keurig Dr Pepper now leading the way as the parent company after acquiring Cott Corporation, we can expect even greater opportunities for growth and innovation in the coming years.


In conclusion, Hydrive Energy Water faced a decline in popularity due to various factors such as changes in ownership and the competitive energy drink market. However, the rebranding and reformulation of the product have positioned it as a refreshing alternative to traditional energy drinks with zero calories and added B vitamins.

The future of Hydrive Energy Water looks promising under the ownership of Keurig Dr Pepper, offering consumers a revitalizing beverage for hydration, mental focus, and alertness without the calorie guilt.