Updated at: 23-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Ever wondered what gives that tropical cocktail its irresistible, vibrant blue color?

That’s the magic of Blue Curacao, an orange-flavored liqueur revered for its exotic appeal.

This blog post will unravel everything you need to know about this iconic Caribbean sensation – from its intriguing origin story on the Dutch island of Curaçao to how it adds a delightful twist to your favorite drinks.

Dive in and let’s paint the town blue!

What is Blue Curacao?

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Blue Curacao is an eye-catching, electric blue liqueur that stands out in any cocktail glass.

The star ingredient of this vibrant spirit is a bitter orange variant known as Laraha, indigenous to the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Cultivated by Dutch settlers, it’s made from the dried peels of this unique citrus fruit.

Despite its vivid hue, Blue Curacao boasts compelling flavor profiles beyond just visual appeal.

Although naturally clear when distilled, alcohol manufacturers incorporate a blue color additive making it a popular choice for adding flair to various cocktails.

Unlike what one might expect from its striking appearance, Blue Curacao exists primarily as an orange-flavored liqueur with a touch of exotic spices and bitterness from the Laraha peel.

With these delightful qualities combined, Blue Curacao has become an irreplaceable asset in many bartenders’ arsenals worldwide.

The Flavor Profile of Blue Curacao

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Blue Curacao is an orange-flavored liqueur known for its vibrant blue color. The flavor profile of Blue Curacao is a delightful combination of sweet and bitter notes.

It has a distinct citrusy taste with hints of oranges and a slight bitterness from the dried peel of the laraha fruit, which is unique to the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean.

The laraha fruit, also known as Valencia oranges, grows abundantly on Curaçao due to its arid climate. The peel of these oranges is too bitter to eat but contains essential oils that give Blue Curacao its characteristic flavor.

Distillers carefully extract these oils and blend them with other ingredients such as cloves and bitter orange peel to create this delicious liqueur.

Despite its bold blue color, it’s important to note that the coloring doesn’t influence the taste of Blue Curacao.

Instead, it adds an exotic visual appeal when mixed into cocktails or enjoyed neat over ice.

With a moderate alcohol content, Blue Curacao provides a refreshing citrus twist to your favorite drinks while adding a touch of tropical flair.

Overall, Blue Curacao offers a unique flavor experience that beautifully balances sweetness and bitterness with bright citrus notes.

Whether you’re mixing up classic cocktails like the iconic Blue Lagoon or experimenting with your own creations, this orange-flavored liqueur brings both taste and aesthetics together in one bottle.

So go ahead and explore the world of mixology with this versatile ingredient!

How is Blue Curacao Used in Cocktails?

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Blue Curacao is a versatile liqueur that adds a vibrant splash of color and a burst of citrus flavor to cocktails.

Whether you are mixing up drinks for a party or simply enjoying a nightcap, here are some ways Blue Curacao can be used in cocktails:

  • Blue Lagoon: This popular cocktail combines Blue Curacao, vodka, and lemonade for a refreshing and visually striking drink.
  • Electric Lemonade: Mix Blue Curacao with vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup to create this electrifying cocktail that is both tangy and sweet.
  • Miami Vice: Blend together rum, strawberries, pina colada mix, and Blue Curacao for a tropical treat that will transport you to the shores of the Caribbean.
  • Purple Rain: Combine vodka, cranberry juice, blueberry schnapps, and Blue Curacao for a fruity cocktail with a deep purple hue.
  • Sea Breeze: Mix together vodka, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and a splash of Blue Curacao to create this refreshing drink that is perfect for summer.

Where to Buy Blue Curacao

Blue Curacao can be easily found at liquor stores and specialty alcohol retailers. It is a popular ingredient in many cocktails and is therefore widely available.

You can also find Blue Curacao online through various websites that specialize in selling spirits and liqueurs.

Some well-known brands of Blue Curacao include Bols, DeKuyper, Senior & Co., and Marie Brizard.

Whether you are looking for the alcoholic or nonalcoholic version of Blue Curacao, you will have no trouble finding it in most markets or online stores.

So, if you want to add a vibrant touch of tropical flavor to your drinks, head to your local liquor store or hop online to order some Blue Curacao today. Cheers!


In conclusion, Blue Curacao is a vibrant orange-flavored liqueur that adds a touch of exoticism and eye-catching color to cocktails.

Made from the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit only found on the island of Curaçao, this unique liqueur enhances the flavor profile of drinks like the Blue Lagoon.

Whether you’re a mixologist or simply enjoy experimenting with new flavors, Blue Curacao is a must-have addition to your bar repertoire.

Cheers to exploring the world of flavors!