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Are you a soda enthusiast always on the hunt for unique and refreshing flavors? If you haven’t heard about Double Cola, it’s an iconic soft drink with roots dating back to 1922 in Chattanooga, Tennesse.

This blog will dive deep into everything Double Cola: its rich history, distinguishing features, ingredients, and where you can get your hands on this fizzy refreshment. Ready for a journey through pop culture? Let’s explore!

History of Double Cola

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Double Cola has a fascinating history, tracing its origins back to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The origins of Double Cola

Double Cola emerged from humble beginnings in the bustling city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 1922, Charles D. Little and Joe S. Foster had a bold idea to create a better tasting cola.

They started their venture by establishing Good Grape Company which later transformed into Double Cola Co. Over time, to meet evolving customer tastes and demands, they made an innovative decision to manufacture sixteen-ounce bottles – double the size of other leading soda brands at that time; hence the name ‘Double Cola’.

This giant leap set them apart in the crowded market of carbonated beverages garnering fans across many regions due to its unique flavor profile and larger serving size.

The company’s headquarters are still held proudly in Chattanooga today where it continues its commitment towards crafting tasty colas for all to enjoy.

Rebranding and name change

Double Cola has undergone a rebranding and name change over the years to stay relevant in the competitive soda industry. The company made this strategic move to attract new consumers and appeal to a wider audience.

With its fresh look and catchy new name, Double Cola continues to innovate while maintaining the same great taste that fans have come to love.

This rebranding effort showcases the company’s commitment to staying ahead of trends and meeting the changing preferences of soda enthusiasts everywhere.

Unique Features of Double Cola

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Double Cola stands out with its double the size bottles compared to other leading soda brands and a distinct flavor profile.

Double the size of other leading soda brands

Double Cola stands out from other leading soda brands because it offers a unique feature – its bottles are double the size! While most soda brands offer standard 12-ounce bottles, Double Cola goes above and beyond by providing refreshing 24-ounce bottles.

This means you can enjoy more of your favorite cola flavor in each serving. So if you’re looking for a soft drink that will quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings with its larger bottle size, Double Cola is the perfect choice for you.

Distinct flavor profile

Double Cola stands out from other soda brands with its distinct flavor profile. This tasty cola has a unique combination of flavors that sets it apart from the rest. The company has carefully crafted this flavor over the years to be refreshing and satisfying to consumers.

When you take a sip of Double Cola, you’ll experience a burst of fizzy deliciousness that will leave you wanting more.

Whether enjoyed on its own or mixed with your favorite alcoholic beverage, Double Cola’s distinct flavor is sure to please your taste buds every time.

Ingredients of Double Cola

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The ingredients of Double Cola include carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, caffeine, natural and artificial flavors.

What goes into making Double Cola

Double Cola is made using a secret recipe that includes a blend of high-quality ingredients. The precise combination gives Double Cola its unique and delicious flavor. Here are the key ingredients that make up this refreshing beverage:

  1. Carbonated Water: This forms the base of Double Cola, providing the fizzy texture that makes it enjoyable to drink.
  2. Sugar: To add sweetness, Double Cola includes sugar in its recipe. The exact amount is carefully balanced to achieve the perfect level of sweetness.
  3. Caffeine: Double Cola contains caffeine, which gives it an energizing kick and makes it a great choice for those who like a little boost in their drinks.
  4. Natural and Artificial Flavors: A blend of natural and artificial flavors is used to create the distinctive taste of Double Cola. These flavors work together to create a refreshing cola experience.
  5. Caramel Color: Double Cola gets its rich brown color from caramel coloring, which adds depth and visual appeal to the beverage.
  6. Phosphoric Acid: This ingredient helps balance the sweetness and gives Double Cola its characteristic tangy flavor.
  7. Preservatives: To maintain freshness and extend shelf life, small amounts of preservatives are added to Double Cola during production.

Availability of Double Cola

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Double Cola is readily available for purchase both online and in various offline retailers. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the unique taste of this fizzy beverage at home or on-the-go, there are plenty of options to satisfy your thirst.

To learn more about where you can find Double Cola and the convenience it offers, keep reading!

Where to buy Double Cola

You can find Double Cola at various locations, both online and offline. Here are some places to get your hands on this tasty cola:

  1. Local grocery stores: Check the beverage aisle of your nearest grocery store for Double Cola. It is often stocked alongside other popular soda brands.
  2. Convenience stores: Many convenience stores carry Double Cola as part of their soft drink selection. Look for it in the refrigerated section or near the checkout counter.
  3. Online retailers: If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, you can find Double Cola on various online platforms. Visit websites like Amazon or Walmart’s online store to browse and purchase.
  4. Beverage distributors: Some local beverage distributors may carry Double Cola. You can try contacting them directly to inquire about availability and purchase options.
  5. Direct from the manufacturer: Double Cola also offers the option to order directly from their website. Visit their official site and check if they offer shipping to your area.

Online and offline retailers

You can find Double Cola at the following online and offline retailers:

  1. Walmart
  2. Target
  3. Kroger
  4. Amazon
  5. Instacart
  6. Safeway
  7. Walgreens
  8. 7 – Eleven
  9. Publix
  10. Costco


Double Cola is a unique and tasty cola that stands out from other leading soda brands. With its double-sized bottles and distinct flavor profile, it offers a refreshing carbonated drink option.

Whether you’re in Chattanooga, Tennessee or anywhere else in the United States, Double Cola can be found at various online and offline retailers. So go ahead and grab yourself a bottle of this fizzy, non-alcoholic beverage for a satisfying refreshment experience.