Updated at: 08-06-2023 - By: John Lau

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If you’ve ever found yourself craving a late-night beverage, you may have wondered, “What time does 7-Eleven stop selling alcohol in California?” In the Golden State, purchasing your favorite alcoholic drinks from this popular convenience store is subject to specific hours determined by local laws.

This blog post will answer your burning question and explore the alcohol sales hours at 7-Elevens across California. We’ll also touch upon the regulations that govern these sales and discuss how they compare to other states’ rules.

Alcohol Sales Hours At 7-Eleven In California

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In California, 7-Eleven stores sell packaged alcoholic drinks from 6 am to 2 am on Sundays and Mondays and from 6 am to 3 am on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Sunday And Monday: 6am To 2am

In California, 7-Eleven stores adhere to specific regulations regarding alcohol sales hours. On Sundays and Mondays, these popular convenience stores are allowed to sell packaged alcoholic drinks from as early as 6 am until 2 am the next day.

This flexibility in alcohol selling policy is particularly important for individuals who may have varying schedules on Sunday and Monday, ensuring that they have ample opportunity to stock up on drinks for social events or personal enjoyment.

However, it is crucial to remember that state laws dictate these selling restrictions with an intent to regulate the consumption of liquor while also providing convenience.

Tuesday To Saturday: 6am To 3am

In California, alcohol sales hours at 7-Eleven convenience stores are extended on Tuesdays through Saturdays, permitting customers to purchase alcoholic beverages between 6am and 3am.

The state’s liquor laws aim to accommodate the demand for off-premise alcohol consumption during the weekdays and weekends while still adhering to responsible retail practices.

For instance, a group of friends planning an impromptu get-together after work can easily stop by their local 7-Eleven store to pick up a variety of beer or wine options for their gathering.

Additionally, this wide timeframe allows night owls and those working late shifts the opportunity to purchase their preferred alcoholic beverages without any hassle.

What Time Does 7-Eleven Stop Selling Alcohol In California?

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If you’re wondering about the specific hours for alcohol sales at 7-Eleven stores in California, keep reading to find out when they stop selling beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Specific Information For California Stores

California, known for its relaxed lifestyle and vibrant nightlife scene, has fairly strict and regulated alcohol sales hours across the state. Rules for selling alcohol are governed by California ABC laws, ensuring that establishments adhere to stringent standards when it comes to store alcohol sales hours.

Under California alcohol regulations, beer can be sold at 7-Eleven locations between 6 AM and 2 AM every day of the week – even on Sundays. This means that customers who enjoy a cold brew after a long workday or those who wish to stock up on their favorite drinks over the weekend can do so without any hassle.

Although the sale of hard liquor may follow different rules at certain store branches due to local ordinances or municipality guidelines, patrons can generally purchase alcoholic drinks within permissible limits set by state law enforcement agencies and zoning boards.


In conclusion, if you happen to be in California and are wondering what time 7-Eleven stops selling alcohol, the answer is that they sell alcoholic drinks until 2 am on Sundays and Mondays, while from Tuesday to Saturday, sales continue until 3 am.

But with the new law extending alcohol sales hours in California, all stores can now sell alcohol till 3 am every day of the week. However, it’s important to remember that state laws regulating hours of sale for alcoholic beverages vary across different states in America.