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Ever wondered about the history of that favorite grape-flavored soda from your childhood? Grapette Soda, invented by Benjamin Tyndle Fooks in 1939, was a popular beverage across America and even internationally.

This blog post will whisk you through the fascinating journey of Grapette Soda, from its birth to decline and eventual rebirth. Let’s pop open this flavorful tale!

Development of Grapette Soda

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Benjamin Tyndle Fooks invented Grapette Soda in 1939 and it quickly became a popular grape-flavored soft drink.

Invention by Benjamin Tyndle Fooks in 1939

Benjamin Tyndle Fooks, a service station owner from Camden, Arkansas, developed Grapette soda in 1939. Venturing into the beverage industry with a $4000 loan, he turned his grape-flavored experiment into one of America’s beloved sodas.

His dedication to quality and flavor won hearts across the globe making Grapette an international success story.

Moving on from just being a regional delicacy in South Arkansas, it was now recognized nationally for its unique taste.

Fooks’ invention wasn’t just another soft drink; it marked an important milestone in American soda industry history.

Initial success as a grape-flavored soft drink

Grapette made a big splash when it was first introduced as a grape-flavored soft drink in 1939. Developed and produced by Benjamin “Tyndle” Fooks, Grapette quickly gained popularity and became one of the best-selling non-cola beverages on the market.

Its delicious grape flavor captivated consumers, resulting in its rapid expansion both nationally and internationally. Grapette’s success as a grape soda was unparalleled, making it a favorite choice among soda lovers around the world.

Expansion of sales internationally

Grapette soda quickly gained popularity and its sales expanded internationally. The grape-flavored soft drink became a bestselling non-cola beverage, loved by people all over the world.

Its unique flavor and refreshing taste made it a hit in Central and South America, where it captured the hearts of consumers. Grapette’s success overseas contributed to its status as one of the most iconic American soda brands in history.

Decline and Retirement of Grapette Soda

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Grapette Soda’s operations closed after approximately 40 years, leading to a transition in production to syrups.

Closure of operations after approximately 40 years

Grapette soda’s operations came to an end after around 40 years. This closure marked the transition of the company from producing and selling soft drinks to focusing on making syrups.

Grapette introduced its syrup product line in 1948, offering their original grape sodas in 8-ounce containers for 33 cents.

Despite the closure, Grapette still holds a special place in history as one of America’s beloved vintage soda brands and played a significant role in the soda industry’s development.

Transition to producing syrups

Grapette soda enjoyed success as a grape-flavored soft drink for approximately 40 years before transitioning to producing syrups.

In the fall of 1948, Grapette introduced its syrup product line, which was sold in 8-ounce containers for just 33 cents.

This transition allowed the company to expand its offerings beyond just carbonated drinks and cater to a wider consumer base.

The introduction of the syrup product line marked a new chapter for Grapette, showcasing its ability to adapt and evolve within the competitive soda industry.

Revival of the Grapette Name

Grapette International, Inc. reintroduced the Grapette soda brand, continuing its production and selling it to a new generation of consumers.

Introduction of Grapette International, Inc.

Grapette International, Inc. was introduced as a way to revive the iconic Grapette soda brand. After the closure of operations for approximately 40 years, Grapette International stepped in to continue producing and selling this beloved grape-flavored soft drink.

With its rich history and popularity worldwide, Grapette is now being enjoyed by fans once again thanks to Grapette International, Inc.

Continued production of Grapette soda

Grapette soda continues to be produced and enjoyed today. Despite its decline in popularity, the brand has made a comeback and is still available for purchase. The production of Grapette soda ensures that fans of this grape-flavored soft drink can continue to enjoy its unique taste.

From its humble beginnings in Camden, Arkansas, Grapette has become a part of American soda industry history, remaining one of the notable vintage sodas that are still loved by many.

The History of Grape Soda

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Grape soda has a long history as a popular beverage, with many notable grape soda brands emerging over the years.

Grape soda as a popular beverage

Grape soda has been a popular beverage for many years. It is one of the original grape sodas and was first introduced in 1939 by Benjamin “Tyndle” Fooks. Since then, it has gained national prominence as a beloved soft drink brand.

In fact, Grapette soda became so popular that it was sold internationally, making its way to Central and South America. With its refreshing grape flavor, grape soda has remained a favorite among consumers who enjoy carbonated drinks and flavored beverages.

Today, there are other notable grape soda brands on the market, but Grapette holds a special place in the history of American soda brands and continues to be enjoyed by many people around the world.

Other notable grape soda brands

  • Nehi Grape: A popular grape soda brand that was introduced in the 1920s and gained a loyal following.
  • Crush Grape: Known for its bold grape flavor, Crush Grape is a well-known brand in the soda industry.
  • Fanta Grape: This grape soda brand is famous for its sweet and fruity taste, loved by many around the world.
  • Sunkist Grape: Sunkist offers a refreshing and tangy grape soda that has become a favorite among soda enthusiasts.
  • Welch’s Sparkling Grape Soda: Made with real grape juice, Welch’s Sparkling Grape Soda provides a natural and delicious grape flavor.


Grapette Soda has a fascinating history that started in 1939 when it was invented by Benjamin Tyndle Fooks. It quickly became a popular grape-flavored soft drink and expanded its sales internationally.

Although the original soda production eventually stopped, Grapette made a comeback with its syrup product line. Today, Grapette continues to be cherished as one of America’s favorite vintage sodas.