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Ever wondered who’s behind the vibrant, citrusy goodness of Sunkist soda? Believe it or not, this beverage that brightens up your day is not a product of Pepsi. Instead, it’s produced by a company named Keurig Dr Pepper.

We’ve put together an informative piece to demystify the origins and production process of America’s favorite orange soda – making us your go-to guide for all things bubbly. Ready to dive in?.

Who Makes Sunkist Soda?

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Keurig Dr Pepper is the company that produces Sunkist Soda, a popular carbonated soft drink enjoyed by many in the United States.

Produced By Keurig Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper is the proud producer of Sunkist soda, a popular and refreshing carbonated beverage adored by many in the United States and beyond. With its distinct, fruit-flavored zest encapsulated in every can or bottle, this delicious orange soda has carved out a unique name for itself amongst other soft drink brands owned by the company.

Contrary to some misconceptions, PepsiCo does not have Sunkist under their umbrella. Instead, it’s Keurig Dr Pepper who holds responsibility for creating this delightful drink that’s also caffeine-free in Australia—a perfect treat for those seeking zesty refreshment without any added stimulants.

This production comes thanks to a license from Sunkist Growers, an agricultural cooperative operated by dedicated citrus growers based in California and Arizona. Now you know where your favorite fruity fizz originates—it’s a product nurtured with care by both Keurig Dr Pepper and Sunkist Growers!

Not Made By PepsiCo

Sunkist soda, the refreshing and popular orange soda, is not made by PepsiCo. Contrary to popular belief, Sunkist is produced by Keurig Dr Pepper, a separate company from PepsiCo. While both companies are major players in the beverage industry, they have their own distinct brands and products.

So if you’re looking for that delicious citrus flavor of Sunkist soda, remember that it comes from Keurig Dr Pepper, not PepsiCo.

Licensed By General Cinema Corporation

Sunkist soda is not only produced by Keurig Dr Pepper but also licensed by the General Cinema Corporation. This partnership allows Sunkist to leverage the expertise and resources of General Cinema Corporation in marketing and distribution.

With their extensive experience in the beverage industry, General Cinema Corporation helps ensure that Sunkist reaches consumers across various markets effectively. It’s through this collaboration that Sunkist has become one of the most popular orange soda brands in the United States, loved for its delicious and refreshing fruit-flavored taste.

The History Of Sunkist Soda

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Sunkist soda traces its roots back to the rise of the farm co-op Sunkist Growers, which is an agricultural cooperative owned and operated by California and Arizona citrus growers.

Rise Of The Farm Co-op Sunkist Growers

Sunkist Growers, a pioneering farm co-op, played a significant role in the rise of Sunkist Soda. Established and operated by citrus growers from California and Arizona, Sunkist Growers formed in 1893 to promote and market their oranges under the Sunkist brand.

As the cooperative expanded over time, it gained recognition for its commitment to quality and excellence in fruit production. By pooling their resources together, these dedicated farmers were able to collectively cultivate juicy oranges known for their exceptional taste.

This cooperative approach allowed Sunkist Growers to prosper and ultimately paved the way for the introduction of Sunkist Soda as an extension of their successful brand. Today, Sunkist soda remains synonymous with refreshing fruit flavors that captivate taste buds across America.

Early Years Of Sunkist

Sunkist soda has a rich history that dates back to its early years. It all began with the rise of Sunkist Growers, an agricultural cooperative owned and operated by citrus growers from California and Arizona.

In the early days, Sunkist focused on selling fresh citrus fruits, but it soon realized the potential for expanding into other areas. This led to a partnership with General Cinema Corporation, which licensed the Sunkist name for their new line of fruit-flavored soft drinks.

Since then, Sunkist soda has become a popular brand known for its refreshing and delicious orange flavor. Today, Sunkist is proudly produced by Keurig Dr Pepper and remains America’s number one orange soda choice.

Partnership With General Cinema Corporation

Sunkist soda has had a long-standing partnership with the General Cinema Corporation. This collaboration played a significant role in the brand’s success and growth over the years. General Cinema Corporation, a renowned entertainment company, held an exclusive license to produce and distribute Sunkist soda during certain periods.

This partnership provided Sunkist with more opportunities for visibility and made it easily accessible to consumers across various regions. Together, they worked towards making Sunkist one of the most popular fruit-flavored carbonated beverages in the United States.

Where Sunkist Soda Is Today

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Sunkist Soda is currently produced by Keurig Dr Pepper, one of the leading soft drink companies in the United States. With its delicious and refreshing fruit-flavored taste, Sunkist has become America’s number one orange soda.

Find out more about the history and success of this popular brand!

Current Production By Keurig Dr Pepper

Sunkist soda is currently produced by Keurig Dr Pepper, a leading beverage company in the United States. Keurig Dr Pepper is known for its wide range of carbonated soft drink brands, and Sunkist is one of their popular offerings.

Sunkist soda, with its delicious fruit-flavored taste and refreshing carbonation, has become America’s number one orange soda. So if you’re looking for a caffeine-free, citrusy treat to quench your thirst, look no further than Sunkist soda by Keurig Dr Pepper.

It’s the perfect choice for those moments when you crave a tasty and satisfying beverage without any alcohol content.

America’s #1 Orange Soda

Sunkist soda has earned its title as America’s #1 orange soda for good reason. Owned and produced by Keurig Dr Pepper, this delicious and refreshing beverage has captivated taste buds across the nation.

Sunkist is known for its signature citrus flavor that combines perfectly with carbonation to create a truly delightful experience. Whether you enjoy it on its own or use it as a mixer, Sunkist orange soda never fails to satisfy.

As the most popular orange soda brand in the United States, Sunkist continues to win over fans with its fruity taste and high-quality ingredients. So grab a can or bottle of Sunkist today and treat yourself to an iconic American favorite!


In conclusion, Sunkist soda is proudly made by Keurig Dr Pepper, a leading beverage company in the United States. With its delicious and refreshing orange flavor, Sunkist has become America’s favorite orange soda.

So the next time you’re craving a carbonated fruity delight, reach for a Sunkist and enjoy the taste of pure satisfaction.