Updated at: 25-08-2023 - By: John Lau

Drinks are often overlooked as part of our daily diet, yet they can heavily impact our health.

This blog will delve into the nutritional values of Izze drinks, discussing their benefits and potential risks to help you make an informed decision about your drink choices.

Are these sparkly beverages a hit or miss for health-conscious consumers? Let’s find out!

Are Izze Drinks Healthy

Understanding Izze Drinks

What are Izze drinks?

Izze drinks are a type of beverage,they mix 70% juice with sparkling water. These drinks do not have any fat, cholesterol, or dietary fiber. There is also no vitamin D, calcium, iron, or potassium in them.

They come in many flavors like blackberry and pomegranate. But be careful! Izze drinks do have lots of sugar and about 130 calories per serving.

Why are Izze drinks popular?

Izze drinks are popular because they offer a refreshing and flavorful alternative to traditional sodas. Many people enjoy the taste of Izze drinks, which come in different flavors like pomegranate and blackberry.

People choose Izze drinks as a healthier option compared to sugary sodas or processed fruit juices, especially when consumed in moderation.

While they are not packed with essential nutrients, Izze drinks can be enjoyed as a tasty treat for those looking for an alternative to traditional soda choices.

Taste variations of Izze drinks

Izze drinks come in different flavors, providing a range of taste options. Some popular taste variations of Izze drinks include:

  • Pomegranate flavor: This flavor offers a sweet and tangy taste, with hints of pomegranate.
  • Blackberry flavor: With its rich and slightly tart taste, the blackberry flavor is a favorite among many.
  • Sparkling fruit juice: Izze also offers other fruit flavors like apple, grapefruit, and clementine, providing refreshing options for those who prefer different fruits.

Are Izze Drinks Healthy 2

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Izze Drinks

Calories in Izze drinks

Izze drinks contain varying amounts of calories, depending on the flavor. For example, Izze Sparkling Blackberry contains 130 calories per serving.

It’s important to note that Izze drinks are not a significant source of fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, vitamin D, calcium, iron, or potassium.

However, they do have a high sugar content and should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Sugar content in Izze drinks

Izze drinks have a high sugar content. They contain natural sugars from the fruit juice, but they also have added sugars. For example, Izze Sparkling Blackberry flavor has 24 grams of sugar per serving.

This is equivalent to about 6 teaspoons of sugar. Consuming too much sugar can lead to health problems like weight gain and an increased risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Benefits of consuming Izze drinks in moderation

Consuming Izze drinks in moderation can have some benefits for your health. While they do contain sugar, it’s important to remember that the sugar in Izze drinks comes from natural fruit juice, not added sugars.

These drinks also provide you with 70% juice, which means you’re getting some vitamins and antioxidants from the fruits. Plus, since Izze is sparkling water mixed with juice, it can be a refreshing alternative to soda or other sugary beverages.

Just keep in mind that Izze drinks are not a significant source of nutrition and should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Risks of Consuming Izze Drinks

Risks of Consuming Izze Drinks

Lack of protein and essential nutrients

It’s important to note that Izze drinks are not considered a significant source of nutrition and shouldn’t be relied upon for meeting your daily nutrient needs.

If you’re looking to incorporate more protein and essential nutrients into your diet, it’s best to explore other options like lean meats, dairy products, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

High calorie content

Izze drinks have a high calorie content, which means they can contribute to weight gain if consumed in excess.

For example, Izze Sparkling Blackberry contains 130 calories per serving.

This is because these drinks contain natural sugars from fruit juice, which can still add up in terms of calories

Not recommended for individuals with diabetes

Individuals with diabetes should avoid consuming Izze drinks. This is because Izze drinks have a high sugar content, which can cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels.

Since managing blood sugar levels is essential for individuals with diabetes, it is important to choose beverages that are lower in added sugars.

Instead, they should opt for healthier alternatives such as infused water or natural fruit juices without added sugars.

By making these choices, individuals with diabetes can better control their blood sugar levels and maintain their overall health.

Exploring Healthier Alternatives to Izze Drinks

There are several healthier alternatives to Izze drinks, such as natural fruit juices, infused water, and herbal teas.

Natural fruit juices

  • Natural fruit juices are a healthier alternative to Izze drinks.
  • They contain vitamins and minerals that are good for your body.
  • Natural fruit juices do not have added sugars like Izze drinks.
  • They provide natural sugars that give you energy without the extra calories.
  • Drinking natural fruit juices can help quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings for something sweet.
  • It is important to choose 100% pure fruit juice without any added preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Infused water

Infused water is a healthy alternative to Izze drinks. You can try these flavorful options:

  • Lemon and mint: Adding slices of lemon and a few sprigs of fresh mint to your water can give it a refreshing and citrusy taste.
  • Cucumber and basil: Adding slices of cucumber and some fresh basil leaves to your water can create a cool and herb-infused drink.
  • Strawberry and lime: Adding sliced strawberries and a squeeze of lime juice to your water can give it a sweet and tangy flavor.
  • Watermelon and mint: Adding chunks of watermelon and some mint leaves to your water can give it a summery and refreshing taste.
  • Orange and blueberry: Adding orange slices along with some juicy blueberries to your water can create a fruity and vibrant infused drink.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas can be a healthier alternative to Izze drinks. They are natural and have various health benefits. Some options include:

  • Chamomile tea: It can help with relaxation and sleep.
  • Peppermint tea: It aids digestion and can relieve stomach discomfort.
  • Green tea: It is packed with antioxidants and can boost metabolism.
  • Ginger tea: It may reduce inflammation and alleviate nausea.
  • Hibiscus tea: It is refreshing and rich in vitamin C.


In conclusion, Izze drinks can be a healthier alternative to soda or processed fruit juice when consumed in moderation.

However, it is important to note that they have a high sugar content and do not provide any protein or essential nutrients.

It is always best to make an informed choice and consider other healthier options like natural fruit juices, infused water, or herbal teas.