Updated at: 18-08-2023 - By: John Lau

Welcome to Omaha, Nebraska – a city known for its vibrant nightlife and outstanding bar scene. As you explore the streets of downtown or venture into the historic Old Market District, unrivaled experiences await in our top 10 bars ranging from upscale lounges to fun, retro dive bars where you can sip on unique craft cocktails or indulge in a cold craft beer.

In this guide, we’ve carefully handpicked the best spots for singles, young adults and college students alike who are seeking memorable nights out in every corner of Omaha.

So whether it’s an evening with friends or flying solo trying new concoctions at these exceptional establishments, let’s dive deep into what makes them truly stand out from the crowd and elevate your night out experience.

Top 10 Best Bars In Omaha, NE



As an enthusiast of nightlife and socializing, I simply can’t resist sharing my excitement for Beercade, one of the best bars in Omaha, NE.

Beercade has quickly become one of my go-to spots when I’m looking for a fun night out with friends, as it not only boasts an incredible selection of craft beers but also provides over 240 happy hours featuring discounted session beers and craft cocktails.

You’ll never feel bored here – it’s easy to get lost in their impressive collection of vintage arcade games while enjoying your favorite drinks. And if you’re into meeting new people or connecting with fellow alcohol enthusiasts like me, this place is perfect.

The Berry & Rye

As an alcohol enthusiast myself, discovering The Berry & Rye in Omaha’s Old Market District was game-changing. This gem makes it evident why it’s considered one of the  best bars in Omaha, NE.

At The Berry & Rye, mixology is an art form practiced with precision and passion. You can tell they’ve nailed the cocktail culture through their expertly curated menu of artisanal drinks and specialty cocktails – all inspired by classic recipes but elevated with modern twists.

Their knowledgeable bartenders are always more than willing to share stories about each creation while tailoring them to your unique tastes for a truly personalized experience.

As the oldest craft cocktail lounge in Omaha and associated with Maven Social, this iconic bar represents what nightlife should be: sophisticated yet approachable; refined yet welcoming; classy yet unpretentious.

Krug Park

Krug Park

As a lover of craft beer and mixology, I was excited to visit Krug Park in Omaha’s hip Benson neighborhood. This bar has not only gained local favor but also earned national recognition for its extensive selection of brews and creative cocktails.

Krug Park values uniqueness in their offerings by frequently rotating their taps with different beers from around the world and creating specialty cocktails that will leave you wanting more.

The staff is knowledgeable about their drinks, putting even the most indecisive patron at ease as they help choose a beverage tailored to your taste preferences. While sipping on my drink, I couldn’t help but appreciate how this once “uber-trendy” beer bar has now become an integral part of Omaha’s nightlife scene.

The Old Market Tavern

One of my favorite bars in Omaha is The Old Market Tavern. As part of the Best Bars in Omaha, NE, this bar has a great selection of beer and cocktails to choose from.

Located in the heart of the Old Market District, The Old Market Tavern offers plenty of outdoor seating for socializing with friends on warm evenings. They also have live music events that showcase local talent and help create an upbeat atmosphere.

And if you’re looking for happy hour specials in Omaha, be sure to stop by this popular spot during their daily happy hours.

Parliament Pub

Parliament Pub

As someone who struggles with alcoholism, finding the right bar can be a challenge. But for me, Parliament Pub in downtown Omaha has been a go-to spot for an enjoyable night out without sacrificing my sobriety.

Not only is it listed as one of the best bars in Omaha, but it also offers great non-alcoholic drink options like mocktails and virgin cocktails.

The atmosphere at Parliament Pub is fun and energetic with frequent DJ music and entertainment. Plus, their outdoor patio serves as a welcoming space to enjoy warm summer nights while sipping on delicious beverages.

Pitch Pizzeria

As someone who enjoys a good drink, I’m always on the hunt for new spots to indulge in some craft cocktails and local beer. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Pitch Pizzeria, one of the best bars in Omaha.

What sets Pitch apart from other pizza joints is their commitment to unique toppings and creative salads. The ‘Shroom Pizza with truffle oil and Grana Padano is a personal favorite of mine, while the Roasted Beet Salad with goat cheese and candied pecans never fails to impress.

But it’s not just about the food – Pitch has a social atmosphere that makes it easy to strike up conversations with strangers or catch up with old friends over drinks. And if you’re looking for something special, their cocktail list includes inventive options like the Lavender Lemonade Martini or Jalapeno Margarita.

Reverb Lounge

As someone who struggles with alcoholism, finding a bar that offers more than just drinks can be challenging. That’s why I love Reverb Lounge in Omaha, NE. This unique bar is not only known for its great selection of craft beer and cocktails but also for its live music events and turn-of-the-century architecture.

Managed by 1% Productions, Reverb Lounge hosts upcoming events ranging from local bands to national touring acts. The lounge boasts a capacity of 275 people and has successfully maintained its reputation as one of the best nightlife spots in Omaha.

Other top-rated bars like The Waiting Room Lounge and Krug Park are located just down the street, making it easy to make a night out visiting all three.

The Waiting Room Lounge

The Waiting Room Lounge

As a person struggling with alcoholism, finding the right bar can be a challenge. The Waiting Room Lounge is one of the best bars in Omaha, NE and offers an alternative to traditional bars that are solely focused on drinking.

Here, you can enjoy live music performances or comedy shows while sipping on specialty cocktails like their famous Whiskey Sour or Orange Crush. Additionally, they have happy hour specials and events for all ages (underage attendees must be accompanied by an adult).

Overall, if you’re looking for nightlife in Omaha NE without compromising your sobriety goals, The Waiting Room Lounge is definitely worth exploring.

Wilson & Washburn

As someone who struggles with alcoholism, finding a bar that offers unique drinks while also creating a safe and welcoming environment is crucial. That’s why I highly recommend Wilson & Washburn as one of the best bars in Omaha, NE.

Located at 1407 Harney St, this bar boasts an impressive menu that includes light German-style ale with peach flavor.

What sets Wilson & Washburn apart from other bars is its upstairs mezza and DJ entertainment on the weekends. The atmosphere here fosters camaraderie among locals, making it a popular spot to party in Omaha, NE.

Along with the speciality cocktails and craft beer selection available on happy hour specials, small plates are also offered for those looking for lite bites during their night out.

Brickway Brewery & Distillery

Brickway Brewery & Distillery

Brickway Brewery & Distillery is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy a memorable night out in Omaha, Nebraska. As the top-ranked bar on TripAdvisor’s list of “THE 10 BEST Omaha Bars & Clubs”, this establishment offers an excellent selection of craft beers and cocktails that are sure to satisfy any alcohol connoisseur.

Located at 1116 Jackson St, Brickway boasts a production brewery, distillery, and tasting room where visitors can sample some of the finest drinks this side of town has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to have fun with friends or simply unwind after a long day at work, Brickway Brewery & Distillery is definitely worth checking out. With its unique blend of upscale ambiance and friendly atmosphere, this establishment caters to singles, young adults, and college students alike who are searching for the perfect place to hang out after hours.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun night out in Omaha, Nebraska, you won’t be disappointed with the diverse and exciting bar scene.

From upscale lounges to unique dive bars, there truly is something for every taste and style. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or a cocktail connoisseur, the top 10 best bars in Omaha have got you covered.