Updated at: 14-08-2023 - By: John Lau

You’ve probably mused over your soda at McDonald’s, wondering: Does Coca Cola own McDonald’s?

The truth is, while these two massive companies have coexisted in harmony for over six decades, Coca-Cola does not actually call the shots at McDonald’s.

This blog post will demystify their relationship and provide insights into how they maintain a win-win partnership.

Ready to explore this fizzy mystery? Let’s dive right in!

The Relationship Between Coca Cola and McDonald’s

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Separate entities but strong partnership

Coca-Cola and McDonald’s function as separate entities, each with its own business operations.

Despite this independence, they maintain a strong partnership, with Coca-Cola serving as the exclusive beverage provider for the fast-food giant.

This alliance took root in 1955 and has thrived ever since, creating a distinct division within Coca-Cola that caters specifically to McDonald’s needs.

The unique relationship defies common misconceptions; while Coca Cola does not own McDonald’s, their mutual success is testament to an effective partnership between two independent businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Coca Cola as McDonald’s exclusive beverage provider

In fact, McDonald’s is an important customer for Coca Cola and even has its own division within the company. This means that you won’t find Coke from anywhere else when you order one at McDonald’s.

The combination of McDonald’s filtration system and special transportation methods make the Coke taste better than regular Coke found elsewhere.

So, next time you visit McDonald’s, don’t forget to enjoy your favorite meal with an ice-cold Coca Cola!

Joint marketing campaigns

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Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have a strong partnership that extends beyond just providing beverages. They frequently collaborate on joint marketing campaigns to promote their brands and offerings.

These campaigns help both companies reach a wider audience and attract new customers. From catchy commercials to promotional events, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s work together to create impactful marketing initiatives that resonate with consumers.

Through these joint efforts, they are able to showcase the delicious combination of McDonald’s food and Coca-Cola’s refreshing drinks, enticing people to visit their restaurants for a tasty meal experience.

Common Misconceptions

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Coca Cola does not own McDonald’s

Coca Cola and McDonald’s may have a strong partnership, but it’s important to note that Coca Cola does not actually own the fast food chain. They are separate entities with independent business operations.

Coca Cola is McDonald’s exclusive beverage provider, supplying Coke to all its locations in the US. So while they have a close relationship, it is not one of ownership.


In conclusion, Coca Cola does not own McDonald’s, but they have a strong partnership and a shared history.

McDonald’s is an important customer for Coca Cola, and their collaboration has led to successful joint marketing campaigns.

The misconception that Coca Cola owns McDonald’s is incorrect; both companies operate independently in the fast food and beverage industry.