Updated at: 03-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Are you wondering about the cost of Coors Light at Costco? With warehouse prices and a variety of namebrand beverages, Costco is a popular choice for beer lovers nationwide.

This article will provide an in-depth look into the price, deals, and packages available for your favorite American-style light lager – Coors Light at Costco.

Let’s dive in to find out how much bang you can get for your buck!

Pricing of Coors Light at Costco

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Costco offers a great deal for Coors Light enthusiasts. For just $21.99, you can get a massive 36-pack of 12 fl. oz cans of this popular American-style light lager beer at warehouse prices. The price list for alcohol at Costco reveals the true value of these beer cases at low prices, providing ample opportunities to stock up without breaking the bank.

This remarkable deal contrasts sharply with other retailers where premium name-brand beverages command a higher markup. Comparatively, Costco delivers unbeatable deals on their extensive beverage collection that make them an appealing option for buyers seeking cheaper alcohol choices without compromising quality or taste.

In terms of affordability and bulk pricing options, it’s hard to match what Costco brings to the table in regards to Coors Light and other beers alike.

Deals and Packages at Costco for Coors Light

  • Costco offers a variety of deals and packages for Coors Light, making it an affordable option for beer enthusiasts.
  • One of the popular deals is the 36 – pack of 12 fl. oz. cans of Coors Light, available for just $21.99 at Costco.
  • This pack size is perfect for stocking up on Coors Light and is great for gatherings or parties.
  • Costco also occasionally offers special promotions on Coors Light, providing even more value for customers.
  • In addition to the 36-pack, Costco also carries a 24-pack of Kirkland Signature Beer, which is another great option for those looking to try different beers at an affordable price.
  • These deals and packages make it convenient and cost – effective to enjoy your favorite Coors Light brews without breaking the bank.

(Note: Please note that these prices may vary depending on location and availability. It’s always recommended to check with your local Costco store for the most up-to-date pricing information.)

Comparison of Coors Light pricing at other retailers

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When it comes to buying Coors Light, Costco offers a competitive price, but how does it stack up against other retailers? A look at the prices of a 36-pack of Coors Light at various retailers can provide a clearer picture.

Retailer Price for 36-pack Coors Light (USD)
Costco $21.99
Walmart $24.98
Target $26.49
Walgreens $27.99
Amazon Not Available

It’s worth mentioning that prices may vary based on location and promotions. Meanwhile, Costco members can enjoy the benefit of purchasing a 36-pack of Coors Light for just $21.99. Comparatively, Walmart’s price stands at $24.98, Target offers it for $26.49, and Walgreens sells it for $27.99.

Amazon does not currently carry 36-packs of Coors Light. Therefore, the choice of retailer can result in significant savings, especially for frequent buyers of Coors Light.


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1. How much does a case of Coors Light cost at Costco?

The price of a case of Coors Light at Costco can vary depending on location and any ongoing promotions or discounts. It is best to check with your local Costco warehouse for current pricing.

2. Can I purchase individual cans or bottles of Coors Light at Costco?

Yes, in addition to cases, Costco typically offers individual cans or bottles of Coors Light for purchase. Again, the availability and price may vary by location.

3. Are there any bulk discounts available for purchasing Coors Light at Costco?

Costco often offers bulk discounts on beverages including beer like Coors Light. You may be able to save money by purchasing larger quantities or taking advantage of special promotions.

4. Does buying Coors Light at Costco offer better value compared to other retailers?

Generally, buying alcoholic beverages like Coors Light in bulk from warehouse clubs like Costco can provide better value compared to purchasing them from other retailers due to the lower unit prices and potential savings from volume discounts. However, it’s always a good idea to compare prices with other stores in your area before making a purchase decision.


In conclusion, Costco offers a great deal on Coors Light with their 36-pack of 12 fl. oz. cans priced at only $21.99. With its refreshing taste and low calorie content, Coors Light is an affordable and popular choice for beer enthusiasts looking to stock up on their favorite brews.

So head over to your nearest Costco and take advantage of the warehouse prices on this American-style light lager. Cheers!