Updated at: 04-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Ever found yourself hiccuping incessantly after a night of drinks? It’s no secret that alcohol can trigger those annoying hiccups.

In this article, we’re going to tackle the inconvenient issue of drunk hiccups and provide you with easy-to-follow solutions for combating them.

Let’s dive into these tips – your days (and nights) plagued by ceaseless hiccups could soon be over!

Why Alcohol Causes Hiccups

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Distending the stomach

Alcohol’s tendency to cause hiccups often stems from its knack for expanding, or distending, the stomach. This expansion triggers your diaphragm—a large muscle located between your lungs and stomach—to contract involuntarily, causing the sudden intake of breath that we recognize as a hiccup.

The carbonation found in alcoholic beverages like beer and champagne can exacerbate this effect, leading to frequent and persistent hiccups. It’s no surprise then that heavy drinking sessions commonly end with stubborn bouts of these hiccup chains.

So next time you raise a glass, bear in mind that every gulp adds volume to your stomach which could set off an unwelcome case of drunk hiccups!

Irritating the digestive system

Alcohol has a way of wreaking havoc on our bodies, even causing something as irritating as hiccups. When you consume alcohol, it can irritate the delicate lining of your digestive system, including your esophagus and stomach.

This irritation can trigger spasms in the muscles surrounding these areas, which results in those pesky hiccups.

The irritation caused by alcohol on your digestive system can be worsened if you’re indulging in carbonated alcoholic beverages or mixing different types of drinks. The bubbles from carbonation increase pressure in your stomach, leading to more discomfort and potential hiccups.

To alleviate this irritation and put an end to drunk hiccups, there are several effective methods you can try. Drinking water quickly helps dilute the alcohol and soothes the irritated lining of your digestive system.

Holding your breath for a few seconds is another quick trick that resets the diaphragm muscle responsible for hiccuping.

Another method is taking a spoonful of sugar or breathing into a paper bag to regulate your breathing pattern and relax any tense muscles contributing to hiccups. Applying pressure to specific points like pressing on the area between your upper lip and nose or gently rubbing the back of your neck may also bring relief.

5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Drunk Hiccups

To get rid of drunk hiccups, try drinking water quickly, holding your breath for a few seconds, taking a spoonful of sugar, breathing into a paper bag, or applying pressure to specific points on your body.

Drinking water quickly

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Drinking water quickly is a simple and effective method for getting rid of drunk hiccups. When you gulp down a glass of water, it helps to regulate your breathing pattern and interrupts the hiccup cycle.

It also serves as a distraction for your body, refocusing its attention away from the hiccups. The sudden intake of water can stimulate the nerves in your throat and momentarily stop the spasms causing the hiccups.

So, next time you find yourself dealing with those annoying drunk hiccups, grab a glass of water and drink it down swiftly to find relief.

Holding your breath

To get rid of drunk hiccups, one effective technique to try is holding your breath. This simple method works by resetting the diaphragm muscle, which is responsible for causing hiccups. By holding your breath for a few seconds, you allow the diaphragm to relax and return to its normal rhythm, stopping the hiccups in their tracks.

It’s a quick and easy solution that can provide immediate relief. So next time you find yourself with drunk hiccups, give holding your breath a try and see if it helps alleviate those annoying spasms in your diaphragm.

Taking a spoonful of sugar

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One effective way to get rid of drunk hiccups is by taking a spoonful of sugar. This simple household remedy works by stimulating the nerves in the throat and disrupting the hiccup reflex. When you consume sugar, it causes a mild shock to your system, which can help disrupt the spasms causing your hiccups.

Whether you choose granulated sugar or brown sugar, simply place a teaspoon of it on your tongue and let it dissolve slowly. The sweetness not only provides instant relief from hiccups but also offers a pleasant taste sensation.

So next time you find yourself dealing with those annoying drunk hiccups, reach for that spoonful of sugar as an easy and natural solution.

Breathing into a paper bag

One effective technique for getting rid of drunk hiccups is breathing into a paper bag. When you experience hiccups, it often indicates that there is an imbalance in the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your body.

Breathing into a paper bag helps to regulate these levels by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide you breathe in. This can help to relax the diaphragm muscle and stop the hiccups. Simply place a small paper bag over your mouth and nose, taking slow deep breaths in and out until the hiccups subside.

It’s important to note that this method should be used with caution, as hyperventilation can occur if done incorrectly or for too long – which can lead to further complications. So always remember to use this technique responsibly when trying to get rid of drunk hiccups.

Applying pressure to specific points

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Applying pressure to specific points on your body can be an effective technique for getting rid of drunk hiccups. One popular method is to gently press on your diaphragm, which is located just below your rib cage and in the center of your abdomen.

You can do this by using the heels of both hands and applying firm but gentle pressure for about 30 seconds. Another point to apply pressure is located on the back of your neckat the base of your skull.

By massaging or rubbing this area, you may help relax the muscles that are involved in hiccups. These simple techniques can provide some quick relief from those pesky drunk hiccups without any fancy remedies or expensive treatments.

Other Techniques to Stop Hiccups

Changing body position

Changing your body position is another simple yet effective technique for getting rid of drunk hiccups. By altering the way you sit or stand, you can help stimulate the muscles involved in the hiccup reflex and interrupt their cycle.

Try leaning forward while sitting or bending over at the waist to create a slight compression on your diaphragm. Alternatively, standing up straight and stretching your arms above your head can also relieve hiccups by elongating the muscles involved.

These changes in body position work by putting gentle pressure on different parts of your abdomen and chest, helping to reset your breathing pattern and stop hiccups. Remember to hold each position for a few moments before switching to another if you don’t notice immediate relief.

Sneezing or coughing

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Sneezing or coughing can be surprisingly effective in stopping drunk hiccups. These actions cause a sudden rush of air through your throat, which can help to reset the muscles responsible for the hiccup reflex.

So, if you feel a hiccup coming on after consuming alcohol, try holding your nose and sneezing forcefully or engaging in a deep cough. This may provide the jolt needed to interrupt the hiccup cycle and give you some much-needed relief.

Remember, though, that sneezing or coughing may not work for everyone, so it’s always good to have a few backup techniques up your sleeve.

Using ice

One effective technique for getting rid of drunk hiccups is using ice. This simple remedy helps to stimulate the nerves in the throat and reduce the spasms that cause hiccups. To try this method, fill a glass with ice cubes and slowly sip on the cold water.

The combination of cold temperature and swallowing can help interrupt the hiccup reflex and bring relief. Alternatively, you can also gently massage an ice cube along your upper lip or place it on your diaphragm area for a few seconds.

These cooling sensations can work wonders in stopping hiccups when alcohol-induced irritation strikes. So next time you find yourself battling drunk hiccups, give this icy remedy a try – it might just be your ticket to quick hiccup relief!


In conclusion, getting rid of drunk hiccups can be a nuisance, but there are effective techniques to try. Whether it’s drinking water quickly, holding your breath, or using home remedies like sugar or breathing into a paper bag, these methods can help stop those annoying hiccups after consuming alcohol.

Remember to stay hydrated and practice moderation when enjoying alcoholic beverages to prevent the occurrence of hiccups in the first place. Cheers to hiccup-free nights!