Updated at: 12-11-2021 - By: John Lau

It doesn’t matter if you run a bar or a restaurant, or if you’re just a guy or gal with a kegerator at home (try saying that five times fast). For both presentation and taste, it’s essential.

You may learn how to pour the perfect pint by following these four simple steps. It doesn’t matter if you think you already have what it takes. What if? You might be overlooking something…. There is a chance that your abilities will be reaffirmed, at least.

Start With A Beer Clean Glass

In order to pour the perfect pint of beer, you must use a beer-clean glass. In order to preserve the flavor and aroma of your brew, a clean beer glass has been professionally cleaned and sanitized. Your glass’s CO2 will be released more effectively if you use this method. If you see bubbles adhering to the side of your beer glass, it is not a clean beer glass.

Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Pour A Beer

How to pour beer from a tap

Step 1:

At a 45-degree angle, hold your beer glass. Make sure the glass isn’t touching the faucet by keeping it a few inches below it. Your beer can be contaminated by dirt, dust, or spilled beer on the faucet’s outside or by germs inside the faucet.

Step 2:

Don’t be hesitant about opening the faucet fast and pouring beer down the edge of the glass until it’s approximately half-full, then stop. The base of the handle is especially vital if you’re employing a longer tap handle. It’s all too common for folks to grasp the handle from the top and snap it in two. For us, it’s a win-win situation.

Step 3:

When your beer is about half-full, slowly raise the glass to an upright position and aim for the middle of the head. You can also gradually increase the distance between the tap and the glass as you near the end to further enhance the head. In general, a decent head is between 1 and 1.5 inches wide or one to two fingers long.

Step 4:

Quickly and fast close the tap when your glass is full again, working it from the base. Let the drinking begin!.

How to pour beer from a bottle or can

How to pour beer from a bottle or can

Step 1:Hold your glass at a 45-degree angle to the bottle or can.

Step 2:Slowly pour the beer into the glass from the side. As you pour, aim for the middle of the glass. This prevents the beer from splashing or releasing too much of the carbonation, allowing it to flow more easily.

Step 3:As the beer reaches the top of the glass, begin to tip it upright.

Step 4:Make sure your glass is tilted at a 90-degree angle before you begin to pour the beer into the middle of the glass. To get the perfect amount of foam on your beer, set your glass back from the bottle or can by a few inches, just like you would for an on-draft.

How to Pour Beer Without Foam

Pouring a beer into a glass inclined at 45 degrees reduces the amount of foam in the beverage. If you can’t pour at a steep angle any longer, carefully lower the glass until it’s full enough to no longer pour at an angle. You may reduce the amount of froth in a beer by pouring it into a tilted glass for longer. Despite the small quantity of foam that appears to evaporate after pouring, you may still have to wait a few seconds.

A perfectly poured beer would not be complete without foam. Aim for half an inch of foam if you don’t like the taste or feel. Foam is a sign of proper carbonation in a beer, and the absence of it suggests a lack of it. The expiration date should be checked if you pour beer and there is no foam at all. When it comes to beer, you don’t want to learn the hard way.