Updated at: 29-09-2023 - By: John Lau

Having a craving for the classic, frothy goodness of a Root Beer Float from Sonic but not sure how to go about ordering it? Did you know that Sonic’s convenient app makes it a breeze to order this delicious drink from the comfort of your home or on-the-go.

Our practical guide will give you an easy step-by-step rundown on how to satisfy your sweet tooth by using the Sonic app to place an order. So let’s dive in and float through this process together!

Why Order via the Sonic App

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Ordering a Root Beer Float via the Sonic App is a game-changer. The app takes convenience to another level, allowing you to customize your drink with ease. Looking for extra toppings on your Root Beer Float? The app has got you covered.

Not only that, all size options are available at the tip of your fingers in the ‘Drinks’ section.

The Sonic App isn’t just about ordering; it’s also about paying with simplicity and security. Without having to worry about handling cash or swiping cards at the counter, this fast food app makes payment as smooth as sipping on your favorite root beer float.

Planning ahead is also seamless with this beverage ordering platform — place an order from anywhere, sit back and relax while waiting for that delectable treat!

Whether it’s midday thirst-quencher or late-night craving satisfaction, using this efficient mobile solution eliminates long drive-thru lines at Sonic DriveIn locations. Be aware though – selection may vary based on geographical restrictions due to a limited menu offered by the location-specific Sonic app!

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering a Root Beer Float on the Sonic App

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Step 1: Download the Sonic App

To start ordering your favorite Root Beer Float on the Sonic App, the first step is to download the app. Simply go to your smartphone’s app store and search for “Sonic App.” Once you find it, tap on the download button and wait for the app to install.

By having the Sonic App on your device, you’ll have access to all its features and be able to browse through their menu at any time. So go ahead, get ready to satisfy your craving for a delicious Root Beer Float by downloading the Sonic App today!

Step 2: Log into the Sonic App

To order a Root Beer Float on the Sonic App, you need to log into your account. This can be done by opening the Sonic App and entering your login credentials. Once logged in, you’ll have access to all the features and options available for ordering your Root Beer Float.

Step 3: Select the Root Beer Float from the menu

To order a delicious Root Beer Float on the Sonic App, select the “Drinks” section in the menu. Look for the Root Beer Float option and click on it. You’ll then be able to choose your desired size for your refreshing treat.

Whether you prefer a small, medium, or large Root Beer Float, the Sonic App has got you covered. So go ahead and make your selection to enjoy this classic beverage with a creamy twist at Sonic Drive-In!

Step 4: Customize your Root Beer Float with toppings (if available)

Customize your Root Beer Float with toppings to add a delicious twist to your drink. The Sonic App allows you to personalize your float by selecting from a range of toppings, if available at your chosen location.

You can choose from options like whipped cream, cherry on top, or even sprinkles to make your Root Beer Float truly unique and satisfying. Tailor your float according to your taste preferences and enjoy every sip of this classic treat.

Step 5: Complete the payment for your order

To finalize your order for a delicious Root Beer Float on the Sonic App, simply complete the payment process. The Sonic App provides a convenient and secure way to pay for your order, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

Once you’ve selected all your desired items and customized your Root Beer Float with toppings (if available), proceed to the checkout page. Here, you can securely enter your payment details and choose your preferred method of payment, whether it’s through credit card or any other supported payment option.

Take advantage of this hassle-free feature offered by the Sonic App and enjoy sipping on your refreshing Root Beer Float in no time.

Remember that pricing may vary depending on the size of the Root Beer Float and any additional customizations made during the ordering process. So make sure to review your order details before completing the payment, guaranteeing an accurate total for a satisfying treat without any surprises.


Ordering a Root Beer Float on the Sonic App is quick, easy, and convenient. With just a few simple steps, customers can customize their float with toppings and choose the size that suits their cravings.

Download the Sonic App today and enjoy the refreshing taste of a delicious Root Beer Float at your fingertips.