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The Kelleys Island Brewery has become a favorite venue for weddings, reunions and landmark birthday celebrations while maintaining a full service restaurant and brewery.

kelleys island brewpub

The Kelleys Island Brewery is considered one of the smallest microbreweries in the country. Due to our unique island location, we brew 20 weeks a year and operate a brewpub from April 21- through October 30. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our beer is made 200 gallons at a time.

Originally an ice cream stand (1960), this family business and delicious brewery has awesome history, space and menu items. Consider having your quality party with unobstructed views of Lake Erie and a summer breeze, here and celebrate life.

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Hope to see you soon. Cheers from Doug and Patti

Feel the Love at the KIB

Dairy Isle…
The Island Café…

It began in 1960, by Patti’s father and grandmother as the Dairy Isle
The Island Café was born in 1988. It served breakfast and lunch to day travelers, campers and residents.
In 1999, craft beer lovers started coming and the demand for more than food had become apparent, so Patti started the Kelleys Island Brewery

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In 2001 Patti’s boy friend – now husband – Doug became the brew master and with the help from his brother Ed started producing some of Lake Erie’s finest brews.

The arrival of Dockhand Porter

  • A great selection of microbrews, specialty drinks, wine, cocktails.
  • A full menu of great breakfast treats, sandwiches and wraps.
  • Our small brewery is fully visible to our guests at all times.
  • Our beer is available to go in kegs or growlers.

Reviews From Customer

The Kelley Island Brewery is a stunning destination “venue” that now is available for you to celebrate a wedding, family or class reunion, or just have a team building with your company or organization. The owners are a fabulous couple and top notch. Please come and enjoy. If you are not looking for a venue, then stay at one of the four cottage with a stunning view and the sunset breat taking!

Barb Fisher

The service was good and the food was great. My only complaint was that we weren’t sure if we should seat ourselves or wait to be seated. There was no sign to indicate which.
Our waitress was friendly and efficient.
We aren’t beer drinkers, so I can’t speak to the brewery part of the establishment.

Jeff Foster

Attended a wedding anniversary dinner at the Kelley’s Island Brewery. All the guests were greeted, served promptly and graciously. The food was prepared in a way that you could cut the roast beef or the chicken breast with your fork and very moist. A wonderful time for sharing a momentous occasion. I would definitely use this restaurant for my family gatherings.

Kathy Maier


Updated (9-2023):

Unfortunately, Kelley’s Island Brewery is closed, possibly for good. Its a beautiful location, and seems to be the only brewery on the island, so hopefully they can make something work!