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Have you ever pondered over whether Squirt, the refreshing grapefruit-flavored carbonated soft drink, is a part of Pepsi’s beverage lineup? With so many brands and products in the market today, it’s not uncommon to be confused about who owns what.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the history and ownership of Squirt as well as debunk some misconceptions surrounding its affiliation with PepsiCo.

Ownership And History Of Squirt

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Squirt was created in 1938 in Phoenix, Arizona and has had several changes in ownership over time before being owned by Keurig Dr Pepper.

Squirt’s Creation And Early Ownership

In 1938, Phoenix-based businessman Herb Bishop developed a refreshing grapefruit-flavored, carbonated soft drink that would later be known as Squirt. Inspired by the taste of a fresh grapefruit and seeking to create an invigorating alternative to traditional colas, Bishop crafted this unique beverage that soon became popular across Arizona for its distinctive citrus flavor and thirst-quenching properties.

As Squirt’s popularity grew over time, so did the expansion of its ownership. In the early years following its creation, Bishop independently managed his innovative beverage brand until it caught the attention of larger corporations in search of new products to add to their expanding portfolios.

Over the decades since then, ownership changed hands multiple times before ultimately being acquired by Keurig Dr Pepper.

Changes In Ownership Over Time

Squirt has been owned by several companies since its creation, including:

  1. The Squirt Company (1938 – 1986)
  2. RJR Nabisco (1986 – 1987)
  3. 7 Up/Dr Pepper Snapple Group (1987 – 2008)
  4. Cadbury Schweppes (2008 – 2018)
  5. Keurig Dr Pepper (2018 – present)

Each ownership change brought different marketing strategies, distribution channels, and product innovations, but the grapefruit-flavored soft drink remained a popular choice among soda consumers throughout the years.

Current Ownership By Keurig Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper is the current owner of Squirt, a popular grapefruit-flavored soft drink. Keurig Dr Pepper is a leading beverage company in America that produces and distributes non-alcoholic beverages like Snapple, 7UP, and A&W root beer.

They acquired Squirt’s ownership rights in 2018 as part of their merger with the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

The acquisition also allowed them to streamline their operations by consolidating business units and reducing expenses while expanding their range of products.

With Keurig Dr Pepper’s significant presence in North America and Latin America, they have been able to grow Squirt’s reach beyond its traditional markets in Arizona and California into new territories throughout the United States.

Debunking The Myth: Is Squirt A Pepsi Product?

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Squirt is not a Pepsi product, despite the common misconception.

Clarification That Squirt Is Not A Pepsi Product

It’s a common misconception that Squirt is a Pepsi product, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While PepsiCo does have an extensive soda portfolio, Squirt is actually owned by Keurig Dr Pepper and falls under their umbrella of beverages.

In fact, Squirt competes primarily against Coca-Cola in the citrus-flavored soft drink category. This myth about Pepsi’s ownership of Squirt might stem from the confusion around which companies are partnered with PepsiCo, such as Gatorade and Mountain Dew.

But when it comes to carbonated soft drinks like Squirt, they’re not associated with PepsiCo at all.

Explanation Of Pepsi’s Soda Brands

Pepsi is a widely recognized beverage company that produces a diverse range of sodas, including popular favorites alongside niche options. Here are some of Pepsi’s soda brands:

  1. Pepsi: The flagship brand and one of the best-selling sodas in the world.
  2. Mountain Dew: A popular citrus-flavored drink that competes against Squirt.
  3. Sierra Mist: A lemon-lime flavored soda designed as a Sprite competitor.
  4. Mug Root Beer: Considered one of the best root beer brands on the market.
  5. Slice: A line of fruit-flavored drinks such as orange, grapefruit, and peach.
  6. 7 Up: A lemon-lime soda owned by PepsiCo but marketed separately from other brands.

While Pepsi has a significant role in the carbonated soft drink market, it also owns sports drinks like Gatorade and tea brands like Lipton in order to appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking hydration or natural ingredients.

Understanding Squirt As A Grapefruit-Flavored Soft Drink

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Squirt is a refreshingly bubbly carbonated soft drink with a grapefruit flavor that has been quenching thirsts since 1938, and is caffeine-free, making it ideal for any time of the day.

Description Of The Drink’s Taste And Ingredients

Squirt is a refreshing grapefruit-flavored soft drink that has been quenching thirsts since 1938. Its unique citrusy flavor profile is achieved using natural flavors and other ingredients like carbonated water, citric acid, and high fructose corn syrup.

Unlike some caffeinated beverages, Squirt is caffeine-free, making it a great choice for those looking for a hydrating beverage without the jitters.

Overall, Squirt’s invigorating taste makes it an ideal poolside mixer or refreshment on hot summer days. It’s no wonder why this soda brand remains popular among consumers despite changes in ownership over time.

Caffeine-free Status Of Squirt

Squirt is a great option when it comes to refreshing drinks that do not contain caffeine. If you are looking for a fizzy drink without the added energy boost, Squirt has got you covered.

The fact that this grapefruit-flavored soft drink is free from caffeine makes it an ideal choice for those who are sensitive to or avoid caffeinated beverages due to health concerns like alcoholism.

In addition to being caffeine-free, Squirt can also be used as an excellent mixer in cocktails by adding citrusy notes and flavor to your favorite cocktail.

This carbonated beverage provides refreshment like no other, especially during hot summer days lounging by the poolside or after intense exercise sessions where one needs hydration and electrolytes replenishment.

Comparing Squirt To PepsiCo’s Beverage Portfolio

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PepsiCo’s popular soft drink brands include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist, among others, which differ in taste and target audience compared to Squirt.

Overview Of PepsiCo’s Popular Brands

PepsiCo is a major beverage company that owns several popular brands. As someone interested in alcoholism, it’s important to be aware of the options available when choosing beverages. Here are some of PepsiCo’s most popular soda brands:

  • Pepsi: A classic cola soda that was first introduced in 1898.
  • Mountain Dew: A citrus-flavored soda that is highly caffeinated and often marketed towards gamers and extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • Sierra Mist: A lemon-lime flavored soda that was rebranded as Mist Twst in 2016.
  • Mug Root Beer: A sweet, creamy, and caffeine-free soda with a distinct root beer flavor.
  • Dr Pepper: A unique blend of 23 flavors that has been around since the late 1800s. Keurig Dr Pepper owns this brand along with Squirt.

It’s important to note that Squirt is not a Pepsi product, but rather owned by Keurig Dr Pepper. Regardless, knowing about different beverage options can help those struggling with alcoholism find alternatives for refreshment and hydration without turning to alcoholic drinks.

Differences Between Squirt And Pepsi Products

The differences between Squirt and Pepsi products are important to consider when discussing the beverage industry, particularly in the context of alcoholism. Squirt, a grapefruit-flavored and caffeine-free soft drink, competes primarily against Coca-Cola, while Pepsi products are diverse and cater to various preferences. The table below highlights the key differences between Squirt and Pepsi products.


Squirt Pepsi Products
Owned by Keurig Dr Pepper Owned by PepsiCo
Grapefruit-flavored, carbonated soft drink Various flavors and types of beverages, such as sodas, sports drinks, and juices
Caffeine-free Some Pepsi products, such as Pepsi-Cola and Mountain Dew, contain caffeine
Ingredients include carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and natural flavors Ingredients vary across Pepsi product portfolio
Competes primarily against Coca-Cola Competes against various beverage companies and products

When considering alcoholism and the choice of non-alcoholic beverages, it is essential to understand the differences between Squirt and Pepsi products, as individuals may have specific preferences or requirements for their drinks. The table above aims to provide a clear distinction between the two, helping readers make informed choices.

Competition In The Beverage Industry

Squirt competes in the crowded beverage industry, with a focus on citrus-flavored soft drinks. Its main competitor is Coca-Cola’s Mello Yello and Mountain Dew.

In addition to competition from other soda companies, Squirt also faces growing pressure from healthier alternatives like sparkling water and sports drinks.

To stay relevant, Keurig Dr Pepper continues to introduce new flavors of Squirt while promoting its hydration benefits for athletes.

Conclusion And Importance Of Accurate Information

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Accurate information is crucial, and in the case of Squirt, it’s important to debunk the myth that it’s a Pepsi product.

Importance Of Accurate Information In The Age Of Misinformation

In today’s era of misinformation, it is crucial for individuals to seek accurate information when making decisions about their health. This is especially true for those struggling with alcoholism who may be looking for alternative beverages to support their sobriety.

One way to ensure accuracy is by researching the ownership and ingredients of a product before consuming. For Squirt, it’s important to note that despite rumors, it is not a Pepsi product but rather owned by Keurig Dr Pepper.

Consumers should always prioritize factual information over hearsay and choose products that align with their values and needs while promoting overall wellness.

Recap Of Squirt’s Ownership And Relationship To PepsiCo

Squirt, a grapefruit-flavored carbonated soft drink, is not a Pepsi product but has had a relationship with the company in the past. Currently owned by Keurig Dr Pepper, Squirt was first created in 1938 and has switched ownership several times throughout its history.

While it does compete against Pepsi’s Mountain Dew and Mellow Yellow Surge in the citrus flavored soft drink category, it is not directly owned or produced by PepsiCo.

Final Thoughts On Squirt’s Place In The Beverage Industry.

Squirt holds a unique place in the beverage industry as a grapefruit-flavored, caffeine-free soft drink that competes primarily against Coca-Cola. Although it’s not a Pepsi product, Squirt is similar to Mountain Dew and Mello Yello within the PepsiCo portfolio.

Owned by Keurig Dr Pepper, Squirt continues to be a popular soda brand with distribution across North America and beyond.

Despite these challenges, Squirt remains a refreshing option for those looking for a citrus-flavored soft drink or mixer at poolside gatherings or other social events where alcohol is involved.

Its status as caffeine-free makes it an attractive choice for athletes concerned about electrolyte balance and hydration during intense workouts.