Updated at: 18-09-2023 - By: John Lau

Choosing between Sodastream and Lacroix for your sparkling water needs can be a head-scratcher. Fact is, LaCroix is convenient and loved by many for its range of flavors, but SodaStream’s economical approach makes it a worthy contender.

This article will provide thorough comparisons on cost, flavor variety, convenience, environmental impact – all you need to decide which bubbles best meet your needs. Let’s dive in to satisfy your fizz fixation!

Comparison of Convenience and Environmental Impact

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SodaStream offers the convenience of making sparkling water at home, while Lacroix provides on-the-go options with canned beverages; however, SodaStream has a lower environmental impact compared to cans.

Convenience of SodaStream and Lacroix

SodaStream provides the luxury of creating sparkling water right at home. Just fill a bottle with tap water, add your level of carbonation and enjoy. It allows for continuous use without needing constant replacements.

Alternatively, LaCroix offers ease in its ready-to-drink canned soda waters. If you’re off to work or a picnic, just grab a can and go! You can get any flavor from their wide range anytime instantly without waiting for preparation time as with SodaStream.

So whether it’s convenience at home or on-the-go, both SodaStream and Lacroix have distinct advantages depending on lifestyle needs.

Environmental Impact of SodaStream vs Cans

SodaStream has a lower environmental impact compared to cans of sparkling water. When you use SodaStream, you can reduce the number of cans that end up in landfills. By making your own sparkling water at home, you eliminate the need for single-use cans and contribute less to waste.

Additionally, using SodaStream requires fewer resources and energy compared to the production and transportation of cans.

Overall, choosing SodaStream is a more eco-friendly option for enjoying carbonated drinks.

Flavor Variety and Cost Comparison

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SodaStream offers a wide range of flavors, including classics like cola and lemon-lime, whereas Lacroix focuses on natural fruit flavors like mango and peach-pear.

Flavor variety of SodaStream and Lacroix

SodaStream and Lacroix offer a wide range of flavor options for those who enjoy different tastes in their sparkling water. SodaStream has over 60 flavors to choose from, including classics like cola and lemon-lime, as well as unique blends like mango-ginger and pink grapefruit.

On the other hand, Lacroix offers a variety of natural fruit flavors such as lime, cran-raspberry, and peach-pear.

Whether you prefer traditional soda flavors or more refreshing fruity combinations, both brands have something to satisfy your palate.

Cost comparison between SodaStream and Lacroix

When it comes to comparing the cost between SodaStream and Lacroix, there are several factors to consider.

Cost Component SodaStream Lacroix
Initial Investment Higher upfront cost due to the purchase of the machine. No initial investment required.
Refill Cost Less expensive in the long run. Refill cost can be offset by SodaSense, an alternative refill option. Regular cost of purchasing cans or bottles.
Overall Cost Cheaper overall compared to purchasing cans from name brands like Lacroix. More expensive over time, particularly if consuming regularly.
Alternative Options The Drinkmate OmniFizz is a good alternative if considering a soda maker. Aldi sparkling water is a cheaper alternative to Lacroix.

In choosing between SodaStream and Lacroix, the deciding factor often comes down to personal preference and individual consumption habits.

Pros and Cons of SodaStream

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SodaStream offers the convenience of creating carbonated drinks at home, eliminating the need to buy cans or bottles.

Benefits and drawbacks of using SodaStream

Using a SodaStream has its benefits and drawbacks. One of the major advantages is the cost savings. With a SodaStream, you can make your own sparkling water at home for a fraction of the price compared to buying cans from popular brands like LaCroix or Pepsi. This makes it a more budget-friendly option in the long run.

Another benefit is the convenience. You don’t have to worry about running out of sparkling water as you can make it whenever you want, right in your kitchen. However, there are some drawbacks too.

Some people question whether investing in a SodaStream is worth it when they can simply buy sodas or other beverages from their preferred brand instead.

Additionally, there are discussions comparing SodaStream to other options on platforms like Reddit, where individuals share their experiences and opinions about using this soda maker.

Pros and Cons of Lacroix

Lacroix offers a wide range of flavors, but some may find them too subtle. To discover the full list of pros and cons for Lacroix, keep reading!

Benefits and drawbacks of consuming Lacroix

Consuming Lacroix sparkling water has its benefits and drawbacks. On the positive side, Lacroix offers a wide variety of flavors to choose from, providing options for those who enjoy different tastes. Additionally, Lacroix is convenient for on-the-go consumption as it comes in portable cans that can be easily carried around.

However, one drawback is that Lacroix can be more expensive compared to other alternatives like homemade soda or some store-brand sparkling waters. It’s important to consider your budget when deciding whether to consume Lacroix regularly.


In the battle of Sodastream vs Lacroix, determining the best sparkling water comes down to personal preference. If convenience and variety are important to you, then Lacroix with its on-the-go options and wide range of flavors might be your top pick.

On the other hand, if cost-effectiveness and homemade carbonation are priorities, then Sodastream could be the winner for you. Ultimately, it’s all about finding the sparkling water that fits your taste buds and lifestyle.