Updated at: 23-08-2022 - By: John Lau

Yes, that’s the simplest response. Indiana and Kentucky governors extended license expiration dates when these offices were shuttered, so if your license expired recently you’re all set.

During Coronavirus Illinois, can I purchase alcohol with an expired license?

An Illinois driver’s license or ID card must have expired between March 2020 and August 1, 2021 in order to obtain a new license or ID (or the Secretary of State extends it further). In any circumstance, a license from another state or government agency that has expired cannot be accepted.

Does It Matter If My Id Is Expiring?

Drivers who are unable to renew their state id owing to the Coronavirus outbreak can still use it at checkpoints, says the Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA).

In New York City, can you buy alcohol with an expired license?

A New York State driver’s license that has expired is no longer valid for alcohol purchases.

Can I still purchase alcoholic beverages if my license has expired?

You can be refused service at bars and restaurants even if you have an expired driver’s license or a foreign passport. It is possible to use a Texas driver’s license or a Texas ID card as “valid identity” in particular situations.

Is It Possible To Verify Your Identity With An Expired Id?

An ID must be active or expired within five years of the date of issue under California law. Expiring identification cards issued more than five years prior to the date of the notarization are often ineligible for notarization.

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Why Can’t I Use an Expired ID?

You can’t buy alcohol with an expired ID because it encourages the illegal aftermarket sale of outdated IDs. To avoid the risk of losing control of his or her ID, an adult may be tempted to sell it to an underage buyer who can use it to buy alcohol.