Updated at: 09-08-2023 - By: John Lau

Ever wondered who owns the world-famous Coca Cola company? Contrary to some rumors, it isn’t owned by the Mormon Church.

This article will diffuse these myths and shed light on the real ownership of this global beverage giant.

Let’s delve into this fizzy mystery!

The Rumor of Mormon Ownership of Coca Cola

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Historical rumors and misunderstandings

Many years ago, a tale began to swirl,this tale said the Mormon church was the owner of Coca Cola. The story stuck around,no one knows where this rumor started from. Over time, more rumors spread that Mormons own big companies like Pepsi too.

But these are not true statements. In truth, Coca Cola has over 1,400 owners or shareholders and Mormon Church is not one of them. Big companies like Coca Cola are too valuable for one group to own all on its own.

It’s much too big for a single person or organization, like the Mormon Church, to own it completely. So, it’s important to understand that the Mormon Church does not own any part of Coca Cola.

The Relationship between the Mormon Church and Coca Cola

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The Mormon Church’s stance on caffeine consumption

The Mormon Church does not have an official stance on caffeine consumption. While some people assume that Mormons are forbidden from drinking caffeinated beverages like Coca-Cola, the truth is more complex.

The LDS Church doesn’t own Coca-Cola or any other beverage company for that matter. In fact, there isn’t a specific doctrine on caffeine in the Mormon faith.

Individual Mormons can make their own choices regarding soda and other caffeinated drinks based on personal beliefs and interpretations of church teachings.

Individual Mormons’ choices regarding Coca Cola

Mormons have different choices when it comes to drinking Coca Cola. The Mormon Church does not have an official stance on caffeine, so it is up to individual members to decide whether or not they want to drink cola drinks like Coca Cola.

Some Mormons choose to avoid caffeinated beverages altogether as part of their personal interpretation of the church’s teachings on dietary restrictions.

However, many other Mormons do drink Coca Cola and other similar sodas without any issues.

It ultimately depends on the individual’s beliefs and preferences within the Mormon community.

Can Mormons Drink Coca Cola?

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Explore the Mormon Church’s teachings on dietary restrictions and how individual choices within the Mormon community regarding Coca Cola vary.

The Mormon Church’s teachings on dietary restrictions

The Mormon Church does not have strict dietary restrictions like some other religions do. There is no official rule against drinking caffeinated beverages, including soda like Coca Cola.

Mormons are encouraged to make their own choices about what they eat and drink based on their personal beliefs and the guidance of church leaders.

While some individual Mormons may choose to avoid caffeine for health or personal reasons, it is not a requirement or doctrine of the church.

Personal choices

Within the Mormon community, personal choices and interpretations regarding beverages like Coca Cola can vary.

While some Mormons may choose to abstain from consuming caffeinated drinks as a personal preference or interpretation of their faith, others may have no restrictions on their consumption.

It is important to note that this decision is left up to each individual and their personal beliefs within the framework of the LDS Church.

The church itself does not enforce a specific stance on caffeine or prohibit the drinking of Coca Cola.


In conclusion, the rumor that Mormons own Coca Cola is just a misunderstanding. The Mormon church does not own the company, and it is too big for any single person or group to own.

While there are rumors about Mormons owning Pepsi as well, these rumors are also false. It’s important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to ownership rumors like these.