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As Alternative Beverage Market is flourishing, the fame of celebrity owned businesses like Blk Water are increasing too. Blk water was founded in 2011 by Chris Laurita and Albie Manzo from the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and since then has been successful with its unique properties until rising legal issues surrounding it led to rumors over sale speculations.

While the owners’ net worth is unknown, it is worth mentioning that Caroline Manzo is also involved in the business end of Blk Water. The public’s curiosity remains whether or not Chris Laurita still owns this rapidly growing beverage company.

Does Chris Laurita Still Own Blk Water

The Unique Properties And Success Of Blk Water Under Chris Laurita And Albie Manzo’s Ownership

Blk Water is an enhanced water, a combination of alkaline and mineral-infused spring water with functional benefits. The beverage idea was developed by the Manzo brothers in collaboration with their Uncle Chris Laurita, who joined as a partner.

Blk Water launched in 2011 with the ambitious goal of taking on the bottled water industry and challenging existing preconceived notions about hydration.

This innovative product line quickly grew to become one of America’s most popular health and wellness products due to its key benefits which include superior hydration capabilities, antioxidant-rich ingredients, detoxifying powers, improved cognition focus, natural energizing effects without feeling sluggish later on like lunch sugar filled drinks tend to do.

It is also touted as being ideal for diabetics because it does not contain any added sugars or artificial sweeteners but instead contains minerals that are vital for good digestion but also aid metabolism and provide energy while acting as electrolytes necessary for muscle performance during strenuous exercise hours later after drinking blkwater .

The Current Status Of Blk Water

Despite its past success, Blk Water’s current availability is limited as the brand faces legal issues and a decline in sales.

Availability, Brand Updates, And Legal Issues Surrounding The Brand

Blk Water, founded by the reality TV star duo Chris Manzo and Chris Laurita, was a successful beverage brand that quickly gained in popularity due to its unique color. However, Creative Thinkers LLC filed a lawsuit against them in 2011 alleging breach of contract, fraud and trademark infringement.

Although the actual outcome of this case is not public knowledge yet, it has nevertheless had an impact on the availability and marketing of blk Water – including various settlements or ongoing litigation that have happened since then.

This case brought more attention toblk Water as potential investors waited for the final resolution before investing their money again into the company.

Although sales decreased significantly after these legal issues came to light, blk Water is still available for purchase online with new flavors being introduced every now and then in order to stimulate consumer interest once again.

The dark coloration of blk Water comes from a chemical reaction between water and fulvic acid which added further appeal by providing extra mineral content; however this became overshadowed by all these negative headlines about alleged breaches of trust & false advertising accusations etcetera .

Recently Albie Manzo withdrew his part ownership stake from Blinkwater admitting he could no longer be part owner without feeling guilty contributing positively within such an environment.

The Role Of Chris Laurita In The Ownership Of Blk Water

Does Chris Laurita Still Own Blk Water 2

Chris Laurita is a renowned American businessman who co-founded the company Blk Water in 2011 along with Albie Manzo. Initially marketed as a premium sport hydration beverage, it rose to success under their careful management and distribution.

Despite its unique properties beneficial to athletes, however, sales of the product have suffered over time due to increased competition and market changes.

Keen on capitalizing on an affluent consumer base and advance marketing strategies at launch, Chris partnered with his nephews Albie and Christopher Manzo who boasted sizable social media influence within their circle online that then quickly spread offline too.This promotion was critical for acceleration into what had become an increasingly competitive health beverages market since Chris himself wasn’t able to make public appearances or meetings as widely due to other business endeavors including but not limited taking part in reality television show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

However this mutually beneficial agreement came out sour after each party decided which direction they wanted the brand Blk Water excersize upon launch resulting in a legal dispute between BLK Brands LLC and two Canadian firms owned by former investors allied with Christopher mansion’s brothers resulting in civil litigation against all owners involved namely Laurita himself soon leading him desist from taking responsibility even nancialy despite being founder giving way for other private buyers despite some reports stating otherwise about him continuing hold shares jurisdiction laws forbids revealing specifics.

Changes In Chris Laurita’s Ownership Of Blk Water

There have been multiple reports and rumors surrounding Chris Laurita’s current role in Blk Water, ranging from his involvement as an owner to a potential sale of the brand.

Rumors And Reports On The Sale Of Blk Water

It is uncertain whether or not Chris Laurita still owns Blk Water, the international drink he co-created with Albie Manzo. In recent months, there have been rumors and reports suggesting a sale of the company may be in progress although nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

The beverage industry itself presents a tough market for companies such as Black Water to make an impact given fierce competition from large scale brands. Consequently, any potential buyers would need significant financial backing to purchase and sustain ownership of Blk Water moving forward which could cause considerable changes in its product offerings and availability if the deal were to go through.

Legal Disputes And Developments Surrounding Laurita’s Ownership

is of utmost importance for Chris Laurita’s ownership of Blk Water. Back in 2012, the star from Real Housewives of New Jersey and his parents, Joseph and Adeline Laurita were sued by Neolife Inc., a former partner on their business venture which resulted in blk Water.

Their legal issues involve fraud charges as well as unfulfilled obligations under contract law. In 2014, they settled their portion of the case for $1 million dollars although the Manzos denied any wrongdoing.

In recent times however, questions are raised about Chris Laurita’s involvement with Blk Water due to instability in its sales performance exacerbated further by speculative rumors that he had sold off his shares of the company’s ownership structure.

This has been refuted multiple times but even then there seems to be some lingering uncertainty in regards to where exactly Chris stands today alongside Albie Manzo when it comes to blk water compared before when both placed heavy emphasis on promoting brand awareness via Real Housewives platforms .

The Role Of Albie Manzo In The Company

Albie Manzo is known as the co-founder of Blk Water, a unique brand of specialized water. He co-founded this company with Chris Laurita in 2011 and has since then remained committed to its marketing strategy and reputation.

As part of his involvement, he helped establish necessary processes that enabled Blk Water’s sales success from 2012 onward. His most noted contribution to the company included assisting in making it stand out by using unconventional marketing tactics like reality TV shows and celebrity appearances.

Apart from being an important entrepreneurial presence behind the business, Albie Manzo was also involved in curating its social media presence which further helped attract attention towards their product line through influencers collaborations and strategic participations on popular platforms such as Instagram.

The Future Of Blk Water Under Chris Laurita’s Ownership

With recent innovations and aggressive expansion plans, the future of Blk Water under Chris Laurita’s ownership is sure to be exciting.

Recent Innovations And Expansion Plans

In an effort to stay competitive in the beverage industry, Blk Water has been rolling out new products and aiming for innovative product launches. The brand is also working on building up a research-centric approach in order to identify new market opportunities that are relevant to their core target.

From unique flavored beverages to expanded distribution channels, Chris Laurita’s ownership of the brand is resulting in truly comprehensive growth initiatives that will help drive business performance and sales performance into the future.

The company recently unveiled a line of premium organic teas which have become popular among customers for its delicious flavor profile while being free from any artificial ingredients or colors.

Competition And Challenges In The Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is a flourishing and competitive market for companies all around the globe. Consumers today have an array of options when it comes to choosing their favorite drinks including bottled water, soda, energy drinks, juices, coffee and more.

With similar products being available from different brands at various price points, there is stiff competition in the beverage market which poses several challenges for businesses in terms of gaining a greater share of the segment.

For Blk Water specifically, with on-the-go convenience becoming increasingly important among customers and pricing strategies varying across distributors such as supermarkets or vending machines; factors like distribution patterns play an immense role in carving out sustainable customer loyalty that can lead to higher sales volumes.

Furthermore, research shows that consumer preferences have shifted towards healthier beverage alternatives due increased awareness about nutrition leading most traditional soda makers facing significant losses during last year’s pandemic while bottled water registered steady growth globally despite lockdowns (Beverage Industry Magazine).

The Potential Impact Of Laurita’s Ownership On The Brand’s Future Success

As Chris Laurita and Albie Manzo founded the unique and successful Blk Water in 2011, they have seen the beverage’s growth over the years. However, despite its distinct properties that set it apart from traditional water brands, sales of Blk Water have recently declined prompting questions about what impact Chris Laurita’s involvement may have on its future success.

While recent legal battles against BLK Brands LLC., a company owned by Laurita has caused controversy over his ownership outside of reality television stardom; under his leadership he has maintained loyal consumers while introducing new flavors to attract even more customers.

His insurance background provides strong financial expertise which gives him an edge when steering investments into applicable areas such as developing product recipes suitable for market trends or identifying resources to expand marketing efforts overall – both key aspects needing attention if Blk Water wants to overcome current industry challenges and remain competitive in today’s marketplace in terms of pricing, innovation, branding strategy etc.

As with any investment venture there are risks but based on corporate experiences behind him and reputation built through careful planning might just be enough for dynamic brand like BLK Water flourish.


As the bottled water market continues to grow, Chris Laurita and Albie Manzo remain at the forefront of alternative beverage innovation with Blk Water. Though Chris Laurita’s net worth and ownership status of Blk Water remains unknownrecent legal issues have raised questions about his involvement in the company.

The brand has endured despite these challenges, continuing to make strides within a competitive industry that is seeing increased profits each year. As consumer demand for healthier alternatives rise and negative health effects from regular sodas become more widely known, there is potential for significant growth should certain obstacles be overcome.