Updated at: 25-08-2023 - By: John Lau

Are you tired of running out of CO2 in the middle of making your favorite carbonated beverage with your SodaStream machine?

Did you know that refilling your SodaStream cylinders can be an easy, cost-effective way to keep the bubbly drinks flowing?

This blog post will guide you through several methods and locations to replenish your all-important CO2 supply.

Stick around, this could completely transform how you use soda machines!

How to Refill SodaStream CO2 Cylinders

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To refill your SodaStream CO2 cylinders, you can purchase a refill or exchange directly from SodaStream, join a refill exchange program, or explore home refilling options.

Purchase a refill/exchange from SodaStream

SodaStream makes it simple to restock your CO2 supply. Visit their official website and select the ‘gas exchange’ option. You will need to provide details about your empty cylinder, then proceed to choose a refill.

Once you’ve made the payment, SodaStream arranges for a pick up of your empty canister, and in return delivers a full one right at your doorstep. This service ensures you never run out of gas for your soda-making adventures!

It’s also worth noting that by opting for this exchange program from SodaStream itself, you are ensuring that the replacement cylinders are compatible with your machine preventing any potential damage or malfunctions.

Join a refill exchange program

Joining a refill exchange program is a convenient way to keep your SodaStream CO2 cylinders filled and ready to use.

These programs usually work by allowing you to bring in your empty cylinder and exchange it for a full one at a participating retailer.

Some programs even offer the option to have your refills delivered right to your doorstep, making it even more convenient.

By joining a refill exchange program, you can easily maintain a steady supply of carbonation for all of your favorite beverages without any hassle or downtime.

Home refilling options

You can also refill your SodaStream CO2 cylinders at home. One option is to purchase a refill connector which allows you to connect your empty canister to a larger CO2 tank.

This method requires some initial investment, but it can save you money in the long run by avoiding the cost of exchanging your canisters.

Another option is to use a refill program like SodaSense or DrinkMate that provide refilling services for your empty CO2 bottles.

These programs typically involve shipping your empty canisters and receiving them back filled with CO2.

It’s important to carefully follow the instructions provided by these programs for safe and effective refilling at home.

Where to Refill SodaStream CO2 Cylinders

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Walmart is a popular option for refilling your SodaStream CO2 cylinders. They offer convenient exchanges where you can bring in your empty canister and exchange it for a full one.

The process is simple and hassle-free, allowing you to quickly get back to enjoying your carbonated beverages.

Plus, Walmart often has competitive prices on their SodaStream refill options, saving you money in the long run.

Look for the SodaStream section in the household goods aisle of your local Walmart store to find the refill options that are available.


Amazon is a popular online marketplace where you can find a wide range of products, including SodaStream CO2 cylinder refills and exchanges.

With just a few clicks, you can have your empty CO2 cylinder replaced or refilled and delivered right to your doorstep.

Amazon offers convenience and accessibility, allowing you to easily restock on the essential components for your SodaStream machine.

So if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to refill or exchange your SodaStream CO2 cylinders, consider checking out the options available on Amazon.

Tip: When searching for SodaStream CO2 cylinder refills or exchanges on Amazon, be sure to read customer reviews and compare prices to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

Other retailers

Retailers like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Best Buy may also carry SodaStream exchanges for CO2 cylinders. These retailers often have dedicated sections for SodaStream products where you can find refill options.

Keep an eye out for sales and discounts, as these retailers sometimes offer promotions on SodaStream refills.

It’s worth checking their websites or visiting the stores in person to see if they have exchanges available.

Tips for Refilling and Exchanging SodaStream CO2 Cylinders

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Protecting your SodaStream machine

To ensure that your SodaStream machine stays in optimal condition, it’s important to take steps to protect it.

First, always handle the machine with care and avoid dropping or mishandling it.

Additionally, be sure to clean and maintain your SodaStream regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help prevent build-up of residue and improve the overall lifespan of your machine.

Finally, when not in use, store your SodaStream in a safe place where it won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures or excessive moisture.

By taking these simple precautions, you’ll be able to enjoy sparkling beverages from your SodaStream for years to come.

Only carbonate water

When using your SodaStream machine, it is important to only carbonate water. Carbonating other beverages such as juice or alcohol can cause the carbonation process to become messy and potentially damage your machine.

Stick to plain water for carbonation and then add flavors or mixers afterward if desired. This will ensure that you get the best results from your SodaStream and avoid any unnecessary complications.

So remember, keep it simple and stick to water when carbonating with your SodaStream machine.

Don’t overcarbonate your drinks

To avoid any mishaps or accidents while using your SodaStream, it’s important not to overcarbonate your drinks.

This means that you should carefully follow the instructions and guidelines provided by SodaStream when carbonating your beverages.

Adding too much carbonation can cause excessive pressure buildup in the bottle, which may result in leaks or even an explosion.

So remember to carbonate your drinks responsibly for a safe and enjoyable experience with your SodaStream.

Purchase spare canisters of CO2 for convenience

Having spare canisters of CO2 for your SodaStream machine can be incredibly convenient.

By purchasing extra canisters, you’ll always have a backup when one runs out, so you never have to worry about running out of sparkling water or soda flavors.

With spare canisters on hand, you’ll be able to easily swap out the empty one and continue enjoying your favorite carbonated beverages without any interruptions.

It’s a simple solution that ensures you’re always prepared and ready to make refreshing drinks whenever you want them.

Benefits of Refilling SodaStream CO2 Cylinders

Cost savings

Refilling your SodaStream CO2 cylinders can lead to significant cost savings. Instead of constantly purchasing new canisters, you have the option to refill or exchange them at a lower cost.

This means that over time, you’ll spend less money on carbonating your favorite beverages. By choosing to refill instead of buying new cylinders each time, you’re making a smart financial decision that can add up to big savings in the long run.

So why not save some money while enjoying your sparkling drinks? Refill and keep more cash in your pocket.

In addition to being a great way to save money, refilling also allows you to be more environmentally friendly.

By reusing your CO2 cylinder instead of disposing of it after every use, you’re reducing waste and contributing to a greener planet.

Green commitment

Choosing to refill your SodaStream CO2 cylinders instead of buying new ones is not only a cost-saving measure but also a green commitment.

By refilling your cylinders, you are reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of disposing of empty canisters.

This small choice makes a big difference in reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability. So, make the eco-friendly choice and commit to refilling your SodaStream CO2 cylinders.

Convenient and accessible

Refilling your SodaStream CO2 cylinders is incredibly convenient and easily accessible. You have a few options to choose from when it comes to refilling or exchanging your canisters.

One option is purchasing a refill/exchange directly from SodaStream, either online or in-store. Another option is joining a refill exchange program, where you can swap your empty canister for a full one at participating locations.

Additionally, there are home refilling options available that allow you to fill up your own CO2 cylinders using a refill connector attachment. With these convenient choices, keeping your SodaStream stocked with carbonation has never been easier!


Refilling your SodaStream CO2 cylinders is easy and convenient. Whether you purchase a refill/exchange directly from SodaStream, join a refill exchange program, or explore home refilling options, there are plenty of ways to keep those bubbles flowing.

When it comes to where to refill your cylinders, retailers like Walmart and Amazon often carry SodaStream exchanges.

So go ahead and enjoy the cost savings, green commitment, and accessibility that come with refilling your Sodastream CO2 cylinders!