Updated at: 13-10-2021 - By: John Lau

You can learn all about beer growlers today if you’ve never heard of them. When you buy a beer in a growler, you can take it with you wherever you go because it’s stored right where the tap is.

The growler moniker dates back to the 1800s when covered pails were commonly used by city youngsters to bring beer home or sell it at local bars for a profit

As the beer sloshed around, it gave forth a distinctive sound that gave the drink its name. One theory says they got their moniker from angry customers who complained about how little was put in their big pails.

The Amount Of Time Needed To Store Growers

Your beer will stay fresh for several days in a properly sealed and immediately cooled growler. Beer that has been carbon dioxide filled will stay fresh for even longer.

You should put your growler in the fridge when you get it home to keep the beer cool. Avoid transporting the bottle in direct sunlight if at all possible.

Growler bottles with darker colors can help keep beer fresher longer by blocking off light while you travel.

The fresh beer in a growler has a shelf life of 36 hours after opening before it becomes flat and loses taste. To avoid wasting beer, wait to open your growler until you’re ready to drink it.

Refilling Your Growler

Growlers may endure a long time if they are properly cared for.

It’s easy to maintain a growler. When you’re finished, run it under hot water to remove any remaining residue.

If your growler starts to look dingy, you may use a solution of hot water and a tiny quantity of white vinegar to clean it. Add all ingredients to a growler and shake vigorously before completely rinsing.

Using dish soap to clean your beer growler is also OK, but your next batch of beer may taste sour if soap residue is left in the bottle after you clean it.

How To Bottle Growler Water Perfectly

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To keep beer fresh, no matter how wonderful your growlers are, make sure they’re properly sealed before using them. Contamination accelerates the aging process and diminishes the flavor of your beer.

It’s important to keep the draft line clean while filling a beer growler. Pouring into an uncontaminated bottle is essential as well. A sanitation mechanism should always be in place because not all consumers clean their own growlers.

Protect your beer from oxidation by using CO2 to remove oxygen from the container.

In addition, utilizing an adapter hose to fill a beer growler from the bottom up reduces the amount of oxygen introduced into the beer. Between uses, make sure the hose is clean and sterilized.

The growler should be sealed correctly if you’ve done everything else. Most growlers make the blunder of using outdated caps or putting the lid on incorrectly. Beer quickly goes stale because of a poor seal that lets air in and enables carbonation to leave.

Shrink wrap or strong tape may be necessary in some areas to further protect the cap. Customers who purchase a growler that is not securely sealed risk a fine and other legal repercussions if the location where they live does not require this type of container cover.

It appears that bringing the growler experience back to the beer business has benefited both beer drinkers and producers. The cheaper bottle prices and the fresher beer flavor are factors that are here to stay.