Updated at: 11-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Have you ever wondered if Redd’s Apple Ale is a safe choice for your gluten-free diet? As a fan of this popular apple-infused ale, you might be surprised to learn that it actually contains gluten.

Our article today dives deep into the nitty-gritty of Redd’s Apple Ale ingredients and its relation to a gluten-free lifestyle.

Ready for some bitter-sweet revelations?

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Is Redd’s Apple Ale Gluten Free?

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Redd’s Apple Ale is not gluten-free due to the presence of ingredients like barley malt and yeast that contain gluten.

Ingredients in Redd’s Apple Ale

Redd’s Apple Ale is crafted with a robust blend of ingredients that give it its distinctive, crisp apple taste. The key ingredients in this popular ale are malted barley and yeast, both known to contain gluten, making Redd’s Apple Ale unsuitable for those adhering to a gluten-free diet or coping with Celiac Disease.

With 5% alcohol by volume and 165 calories per serving size of 12 ounces, the drink also provides a few micronutrients.

Despite being infused with fruity apple flavors, Redd’s Apple Ale sadly isn’t an option for beer enthusiasts dealing with gluten allergies or celiac disease due to the presence of barley malt derived from grains.

Presence of gluten-containing ingredients

Redd’s Apple Ale, unfortunately, is not gluten-free. This popular beverage contains ingredients that contain gluten, such as barley malt and yeast. For individuals who avoid gluten or have Celiac Disease, it’s important to note that Redd’s Apple Ale is not a safe option.

Even though this crisp apple-flavored beer may sound enticing, its inclusion of gluten-containing ingredients makes it unsuitable for those with gluten allergies or sensitivity.

To make informed choices about your beer options, be sure to check labels for gluten-free certification and explore alternative brands that offer a wide range of delicious and refreshing gluten-free beers and ciders.

Alternatives to Redd’s Apple Ale for Gluten-Free Options

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Gluten-free beer brands

There are several gluten-free beer brands available for those following a gluten-free diet. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Omission Lager: This beer is brewed with malted barley that has had the gluten removed, making it safe for those with gluten sensitivities.
  2. New Planet Beer: New Planet offers a variety of gluten-free beers, including their flagship Tread Lightly Ale and Blonde Ale. These beers are made from sorghum and corn instead of traditional grains.
  3. Green’s Beer: Green’s offers a range of gluten-free beers that are brewed with millet, buckwheat, rice, and sorghum. They have options like their Discovery Amber Ale and Endeavour Dubbel Ale.
  4. Glutenberg: Glutenberg is a craft brewery that specializes in gluten-free beers. They offer a wide selection of styles, including pale ale, blonde ale, IPA, and stout.
  5. Daura Damm Lager: Daura Damm Lager is a popular gluten-free beer option that is brewed in Spain using barley malt that undergoes an enzymatic process to remove the gluten.
  6. Estrella Damm Daura Marzen: Another offering from Estrella Damm, the Marzen is a rich and flavorful gluten-free beer made using barley malt that has been suitably treated for those with celiac disease.

Gluten-free ciders

Here are some options to consider:

  1. Angry Orchard: Angry Orchard offers a variety of delicious gluten-free ciders, including their popular Crisp Apple and Rosé flavors. These ciders are made from apples and do not contain any gluten or gluten-containing ingredients.
  2. Strongbow: Strongbow also offers a range of gluten-free ciders that are crafted from carefully selected apples. Their Original Dry and Gold Apple ciders are refreshing choices for those seeking a gluten-free beverage.
  3. Woodchuck: Woodchuck produces a wide selection of gluten-free ciders, featuring flavors like Amber, Granny Smith, and Pear. Made with 100% fresh-pressed apples, these ciders provide a tasty alternative to Redd’s Apple Ale.
  4. Crispin Cider: Crispin Cider is known for its high-quality gluten-free ciders made with fresh-pressed juice from crisp apples. Their Original and Brut varieties offer a refreshing and gluten-free drinking experience.
  5. Smith & Forge Hard Cider: Smith & Forge Hard Cider is another option to consider for those looking for a gluten-free cider. This cider is made with fermented apple juice and does not contain any gluten or gluten-containing ingredients.


In conclusion, it is essential to check the labels and ingredients of alcoholic beverages to ensure they are truly gluten-free.

Making informed choices and exploring alternative options such as gluten-free beer brands or ciders can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for individuals following a gluten-free diet.