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Navigating the wide array of PepsiCo’s soda brands can be a daunting task.

Did you know that this international giant, which began in 1893 as Brad’s Drink, now boasts a diverse portfolio that goes beyond just Pepsi?

This article will guide you through the expansive Soda-verse of PepsiCo, helping you decode their various offerings.

Let’s dive into the fizzy world of Pepsi and its sister brands!

List of Pepsi Soda Brands

Pepsi offers a wide range of soda brands, including Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Diet Pepsi, Caffeine-Free Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer, Crush, Schweppes, Lipton Brisk and Rockstar Energy Drink (under PepsiCo’s ownership).


Pepsi, a globally recognized beverage brand, originated in 1893 and was created by Caleb Bradham. It first emerged under the name “Brad’s Drink,” later evolving into the Pepsi we know today.

Nearly succumbing to bankruptcy due to World War I, PepsiCo managed to bounce back and is now one of the world’s top companies in terms of market value.

The company offers an extensive variety of sodas including Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi, Caffeine-Free Pepsi and other popular brands like Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist.

For those who prefer non-carbonated drinks, it also owns renowned juices and sports drink brands such as Tropicana and Gatorade.

Pepsi Max

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Pepsi Max is a popular carbonated beverage that is part of the PepsiCo brand portfolio. It offers a unique twist to traditional Pepsi with its zero-calorie formula.

Pepsi Max has gained popularity among people who are looking for a sugar-free soda option without compromising on taste.

With its refreshing flavor and bold cola taste, Pepsi Max provides a satisfying beverage choice for those who want to enjoy their favorite soft drink without the guilt of consuming excessive calories.

As part of PepsiCo’s commitment to providing nutrition information, you can find detailed ingredient and nutritional information about Pepsi Max and other PepsiCo beverages online or on the product packaging.

Pepsi Zero Sugar

Pepsi Zero Sugar is a carbonated soft drink that is part of the PepsiCo brand portfolio. It was developed as a sugar-free alternative to regular Pepsi, providing consumers with a zero-calorie option.

This beverage aims to satisfy your soda cravings without the added sugar content. With its refreshing taste and no sugar or calories, Pepsi Zero Sugar is a popular choice for those looking for a guilt-free soda option.

Diet Pepsi

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Diet Pepsi is a popular carbonated beverage that is part of PepsiCo’s portfolio. It is a low-calorie version of the original Pepsi, made for those who are looking to reduce their sugar intake.

Diet Pepsi provides a refreshing taste without the guilt of consuming excess calories. With its unique blend of flavors and zero-sugar formula, it has become a favorite choice among people watching their weight or managing diabetes.

Diet Pepsi continues to be one of the leading options for those seeking a lighter soda alternative without compromising on taste or quality.

Caffeine-Free Pepsi

Caffeine-Free Pepsi is a variation of the popular soft drink that does not contain any caffeine. It was introduced to cater to those who prefer a caffeine-free alternative but still want to enjoy the refreshing taste of Pepsi.

This option is especially suitable for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine or trying to limit their intake.

Caffeine-Free Pepsi offers the same great flavor as regular Pepsi, making it a satisfying choice for those looking for a caffeine-free beverage option.

Mountain Dew

What Are The Health Benefits Of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is a popular citrus soda brand under the PepsiCo portfolio. It is known for its refreshing and energizing taste. Originally introduced in 1940, Mountain Dew has become one of the leading carbonated beverages worldwide.

It offers a range of flavors and varieties, including regular Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, and Mountain Dew Zero Sugar.

With its bold flavor and high caffeine content, Mountain Dew is often a go-to choice for those seeking an extra boost of energy or a delicious thirst quencher.

Sierra Mist

Sierra Mist is a refreshing citrus soda brand under PepsiCo. Known for its crisp and clean taste, Sierra Mist offers a bubbly experience that’s perfect for quenching your thirst.

With a blend of natural flavors and no caffeine, this carbonated drink is enjoyed by people all over the world.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious beverage to enjoy on its own or as a mixer in your favorite cocktail, Sierra Mist is sure to satisfy your craving for a citrusy and fizzy refreshment.

Mug Root Beer

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Mug Root Beer is a carbonated soda brand under the PepsiCo portfolio. It offers a unique and refreshing taste that appeals to root beer lovers.

Made with high-quality ingredients, Mug Root Beer delivers a smooth and creamy flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for floats and other delicious recipes.

With its rich history dating back to 1940, Mug Root Beer has become a popular choice among both young people and adults who appreciate its nostalgic appeal.

Whether you’re looking for a thirst-quenching beverage or simply craving something sweet, Mug Root Beer is sure to satisfy your taste buds.


Crush is a citrus soda brand that is part of the PepsiCo portfolio. It offers a range of fruity flavors, including Orange CrushGrape Crush, and Strawberry Crush.

With its bold and refreshing taste, Crush has become a popular choice among soda enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking for a thirst-quenching beverage or a delicious mixer for your favorite cocktails, Crush is sure to satisfy your cravings with its vibrant flavors and carbonated goodness.


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Schweppes is another popular soda brand under the PepsiCo portfolio. It offers a wide range of carbonated beverages that are loved by many, including those who struggle with alcoholism.

Schweppes provides refreshing options like ginger ale and club soda, which can be enjoyed on their own or used as mixers for non-alcoholic cocktails.

With its crisp flavors and quality ingredients, Schweppes continues to be a go-to choice for people seeking a tasty alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Lipton Brisk

Lipton Brisk is a popular brand of iced tea that falls under the PepsiCo portfolio. It offers a refreshing and bold taste, making it a favorite among tea enthusiasts.

Lipton Brisk stands out for its unique combination of high-quality tea leaves and natural flavors.

With its wide range of flavors and options, Lipton Brisk provides a satisfying beverage choice for those looking for a non-alcoholic option that still packs a flavorful punch.

Rockstar Energy Drink

Rockstar Energy Drink, now under PepsiCo’s ownership, is a popular brand that offers a range of energy drinks. Produced by Rockstar Inc., these drinks are known for their high caffeine content and unique flavors.

With various options available, Rockstar Energy Drink caters to different tastes and preferences. Whether you need a boost of energy during the day or want to stay awake for extended periods, Rockstar Energy Drink has got you covered.

So grab a can and get ready to power through your day with this refreshing and invigorating beverage option.

Other PepsiCo Beverage Brands

PepsiCo also offers a range of other beverage brands, including Gatorade, Tropicana, Aquafina, Izze, and Naked Juice.


Gatorade is a popular sports drink that is part of the PepsiCo beverage portfolio. It was created in 1965 by a team of scientists at the University of Florida to help athletes stay hydrated and improve performance.

Gatorade contains electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, which are lost through sweat during intense physical activity. These electrolytes help replenish the body’s fluids and maintain proper hydration levels.

Today, Gatorade offers a wide range of flavors and varieties tailored to different athletic needs. It has become a go-to choice for athletes looking to refuel and rehydrate during workouts or competitions.

Gatorade’s impact on sports culture goes beyond its hydrating properties. The brand has also been involved in sponsoring professional teams, events, and individual athletes across various sports disciplines.

Its iconic “G” logo is instantly recognizable among athletes and fans alike. With its long-standing presence in the market, Gatorade continues to be synonymous with endurance, performance, and success in athletic endeavors.


Tropicana is one of the beverage brands under PepsiCo’s portfolio. It offers a variety of fruit juices and drinks that are popular among consumers.

Tropicana is known for its refreshing and natural flavors, making it a great choice for those looking for noncarbonated beverages.

With a wide range of options to choose from, including orange juice, apple juice, and tropical blends, Tropicana provides a delicious way to quench your thirst while enjoying the goodness of real fruit.


Aquafina is a popular brand of bottled water that is part of the PepsiCo beverage portfolio. It is known for its crisp and refreshing taste, making it a great choice for staying hydrated.

Aquafina undergoes a rigorous purification process to ensure that it meets high-quality standards. With its convenient packaging, you can easily take Aquafina with you wherever you go, whether it’s to the gym or on a hike.

Stay refreshed and quench your thirst with Aquafina’s pure and clean-tasting water.


Izze is a brand of noncarbonated beverages that is owned by PepsiCo. These drinks are made with real fruit juice and have no added sugars or artificial flavors.

Izze offers a range of flavors, including Sparkling Blackberry, Sparkling Clementine, and Sparkling Apple.

These refreshing drinks are perfect for those looking for a healthier alternative to traditional sodas. With its commitment to providing nutrition and ingredient information, PepsiCo ensures that consumers can make informed choices about their beverage options.

Naked Juice

Naked Juice is a brand of beverages that offers a wide range of juices and smoothies. These drinks are made from high-quality fruits and vegetables, providing essential nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle.

Naked Juice products are known for their refreshing taste and natural flavors, making them a popular choice among those seeking nutritious options.

With a commitment to transparency, Naked Juice provides detailed information about the ingredients used in their beverages, ensuring consumers can make informed choices about what they consume.

Whether you’re looking for an energizing boost or simply want to enjoy the goodness of fruits and veggies on-the-go, Naked Juice has got you covered.

Pepsi’s Top Competitor

Coca-Cola and its soda brands

Coca-Cola, Pepsi’s top competitor, also owns an extensive portfolio of soda brands that are popular worldwide.

Brand Description
Coca-Cola The flagship product of the company, Coca-Cola, also known as Coke, is a carbonated soft drink with a distinct flavor.
Diet Coke Diet Coke is a sugar-free and no-calorie soft drink. It’s a popular choice among dieters or those managing their sugar intake.
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, as the name suggests, offers the taste of original Coca-Cola but with zero sugar and zero calories.
Sprite Sprite is a colorless, lemon and lime-flavored soft drink created by The Coca-Cola Company.
Fanta Fanta is a brand of fruit-flavored carbonated soft drinks created by Coca-Cola. It comes in various flavors including orange, grape, and pineapple.
Barq’s Barq’s is a brand of root beer, notable for being the only major North American root beer to contain caffeine.
Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper is a unique blend of 23 flavors that make up a refreshing and distinctive soft drink. Though not produced directly by Coca-Cola, it is part of their distribution system in certain markets.


In conclusion, Pepsi offers a wide range of soda brands that cater to different tastes and preferences.

From their classic Pepsi and Diet Pepsi options to the refreshing citrus flavors of Sierra Mist and Mountain Dew, there is something for everyone.

With its commitment to providing nutrition information and constantly expanding its portfolio, Pepsi remains a leading player in the soft drink industry.