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Mountain Dew is known for its bold flavors and adrenaline-pumping energy, but did you know that some of these refreshing concoctions are incredibly rare? With a variety of limited-edition releases and globally exclusive beverages, the hunt for the rarest Mountain Dew can be an exciting adventure.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of exotic soft drinks with unique blends like grape from Japan and Sangria Blast at Taco Bell.

What Is Mountain Dew?

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Mountain Dew is a popular citrus-flavored soda that has captivated taste buds around the world. Known for its distinct, bold flavor and energizing kick, this vibrant green beverage was actually inspired by moonshine – an illegal distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mash in the Appalachia region of the United States.

The secret ingredient which sets Mountain Dew apart from other sodas lies within its unique composition. The beverage incorporates a small amount of orange juice concentrate in addition to traditional carbonated water and sweeteners, giving it that signature zip that fans have come to love.

Over time, Mountain Dew has evolved beyond its original citrus concoction with adventurous new flavors designed to tantalize palates across various markets worldwide.

While this fizzy delight might seem unrelated to alcoholism at first glance, the connection between Mountain Dew’s history and lovers of spirits cannot be overlooked entirely.

History Of Mountain Dew And Its Flavors

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Mountain Dew has an intriguing history that dates back to the 1940s, when it was developed as a mixer for distilled spirits. Created by Tennessee beverage bottlers Barney and Ally Hartman, the original formula consisted of a clear lemon-lime flavored drink similar to popular soda brands like 7Up and Sprite.

Over time, Mountain Dew evolved beyond its initial purpose as it found widespread success on its own. PepsiCo acquired the rights to Mountain Dew in 1964, prompting further innovation and experimentation with various flavorings.

This resulted in numerous limited-edition beverages being introduced over the years catering to different tastes across various demographics.

Throughout its storied history, Mountain Dew has released an array of distinctive flavors ranging from citrusy classics such as Code Red’s cherry taste or Voltage’s raspberry-citrus fusion, to more exotic options inspired by international trends like Japan’s grape-flavored Violet edition.

Understanding Rare Mountain Dew Flavors

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To understand what makes a flavor rare, we need to look at the production and distribution process for Mountain Dew.

What Makes A Flavor Rare?

In the world of soft drinks and particularly Mountain Dew, a flavor’s rarity is determined by several factors that contribute to its desirability and collectability. Some important aspects include exclusivity, uniqueness, novelty, taste profile, limited release or availability, and special edition status.

For instance, consider two different exclusive Mountain Dew flavors—one released only in select locations while another debuts as a nationwide promotion with wide distribution.

The flavor with limited regional availability would be considered rarer due to its reduced accessibility compared to the widely distributed version. Another example could be a special edition Mountain Dew that boasts an intricate design on its packaging or bottle—a unique feature that isn’t present in regular offerings—increasing both its aesthetic appeal and collectability factor for enthusiasts.

Rarest Mountain Dew Flavors

Mountain Dew is a popular carbonated beverage that has been around for decades. While there are many different flavors to choose from, some are much rarer than others. Here are some of the rarest Mountain Dew flavors you may ever encounter:

  1. Mountain Dew Pitch Black – This flavor was first introduced in 2004 as a Halloween-themed soda and featured a grape flavor with a hint of citrus. It was brought back briefly in 2011 but has since been discontinued.
  2. Mountain Dew Voltage – Introduced in 2008, this berry-flavored soda was released as part of the “DEWmocracy” campaign and allowed fans to vote on which new flavor should join the lineup. It remained a staple flavor until it was retired in 2020.
  3. Mountain Dew White Out – This citrus-flavored soda was released in 2010 as part of a promotion for the Winter Olympics and features hints of lemon-lime and vanilla.
  4. Mountain Dew Violet (imported from Japan) – This unique flavor is only available in Japan and features a grape taste mixed with black currant.
  5. Johnson City Gold – This regional flavor was exclusive to certain parts of Tennessee, including Johnson City, where it originated.
  6. Sangria Blast – A limited edition flavor released in summer 2021, Sangria Blast offers fruity notes similar to its namesake drink.

If you’re interested in trying any of these rare flavors, you may have to do some digging! They’re not typically available on store shelves or online retailers but can sometimes be found through specialty distributors or private collectors. Happy hunting!

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

One of the rarest Mountain Dew flavors is Pitch Black, which was originally released in 2004 and then again in 2011 as a limited edition flavor.

Fans describe its flavor as a unique mix of black grape and citrus punch, with a dark purple color that sets it apart from other varieties. Pitch Black soon became popular among collectors and fans of the brand, leading to high demand whenever it was re-released or made available for sale online.

The latest version of Pitch Black, released in 2023, offers a blast of dark citrus punch flavor and natural ingredients that make it both refreshing and rewarding for those lucky enough to find it on store shelves.

Mountain Dew Voltage

Mountain Dew Voltage is a raspberry citrus-flavored soda with a blue hue that’s perfect for anyone who loves fruity drinks. Its bright color and unique taste make it stand out among other Mountain Dew variants like Baja Blast, Diet Mountain Dew, Code Red, LiveWire, Major Melon, and Spark.

Despite its name suggesting otherwise, Voltage doesn’t actually have an excessive amount of caffeine per bottle compared to other flavors – it only has 91 milligrams of caffeine per bottle.

Mountain Dew White Out

Mountain Dew White Out is a smooth citrus-flavored soda that was introduced during the initial DEWmocracy campaign in 2010. It is one of the three flavors that were voted on by Mountain Dew fans to become part of the permanent lineup.

While it is not clear whether White Out is the rarest Mountain Dew flavor, it has gained popularity among collectors due to its limited edition status and unique taste.

Unfortunately, White Out can be challenging to locate as it’s only available in certain regions and stores.

Mountain Dew Violet (imported From Japan)

Mountain Dew Violet is a rare flavor of Mountain Dew that was officially released in stores in Japan on April 16th, 2019. It contains vegetable and elderberry juice which gives it a sweet-tart taste with earthy undertones.

With its delicious grape flavor, it’s easy to see why this version of Mountain Dew has become an elusive find for soda enthusiasts around the world.

Johnson City Gold

One of the rarest flavors of Mountain Dew is Johnson City Gold. This non-alcoholic malt flavored soda was introduced as a limited edition drink by PepsiCo, with its tagline being “Distinctive Malt Flavored soda.” With its unique taste and exclusive flavor, it quickly became a sought-after beverage for collectors and fans alike.

Despite its popularity, Johnson City Gold remains a hard-to-find drink due to its rarity and limited availability.

Sangria Blast

One of the rarest flavors of Mountain Dew is Sangria Blast. As a citrus punch flavored soda, it has a unique taste that some describe as sour and heavy. While some fans have ranked it as the worst flavor of Mountain Dew, others appreciate its distinct flavor profile.

Sangria Blast was only available for a limited time and can be difficult to find now.

For those struggling with alcoholism, trying new non-alcoholic drinks like different flavors of Mountain Dew can offer a unique experience without putting sobriety at risk.

Exploring different flavors can also serve as a distraction from cravings or thoughts about alcohol.

How To Find And Collect Rare Mountain Dew Flavors

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Tips And Tricks For Locating Rare Flavors

If you love collecting limited edition and hard-to-find beverages, then tracking down rare Mountain Dew flavors will be right up your alley. Here are some tips and tricks for locating rare flavors of Mountain Dew:

  1. Check local convenience stores – Your best bet for finding uncommon carbonated drinks is to scope out small, local convenience stores that may have unique inventory not available in larger chain stores.
  2. Follow social media – Join collector communities on social media platforms like Facebook or Reddit to stay up-to-date on new flavor releases and limited edition sodas.
  3. Reach out to fellow collectors – Connect with other collectors online or in-person to trade or buy rare soft drink flavors.
  4. Online shopping – Scour online marketplaces like eBay for discontinued Mountain Dew flavors or international imports.
  5. Visit specialty beverage stores – Check out specialty shops that specialize in vintage sodas, obscure fizzy drinks, or exclusive soda varieties to find unique flavors like Johnson City Gold or Violet (imported from Japan).

Following Social Media And Collector Communities

When it comes to finding and collecting rare Mountain Dew flavors, following social media and collector communities is a great way to stay in the know. On platforms like Instagram and Twitter, enthusiasts share tips on where to find limited edition bottles or how to trade with other collectors.

One popular group is called “Mountain Dew Collectors,” which has over 10k members who post frequently about their latest finds or ask for help locating specific flavors. Additionally, Reddit also offers a few active subreddits for Mountain Dew enthusiasts that feature ongoing discussions around rare bottles and promotions as well as reviews of unique flavors imported from countries like Japan.

Trading And Buying

If you’re an alcoholism who wants to add some rare Mountain Dew flavors to your collection, then trading and buying may be the best option for you. One way to find rare flavors is by connecting with other collectors through social media and collector communities.

You can also attend beverage industry events where limited edition bottles and specialty drinks are sold. Additionally, there are exclusive partnerships that sell rare Mountain Dew flavors, like the one between Taco Bell and Mountain Dew that spawned Baja Blast.

Overall, finding and collecting Mountain Dew’s rarer offerings can be a fun hobby for an alcoholism.


In conclusion, Mountain Dew has an extensive history and flavor portfolio that continues to surprise and delight fans. While there are numerous limited edition flavors, some stand out as the rarest of them all.

From imported Violet from Japan to exclusive Johnson City Gold in the US and Sangria Blast at Taco Bell, these elusive flavors offer a unique experience for beverage enthusiasts worldwide.

While not easy to find, collectors have various strategies to locate and acquire them, including following social media communities or trading with other fans.