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Wondering where to buy beer in Delaware? You’re certainly not alone. Despite having unique alcohol laws, including the prohibition of grocery store sales, Delaware offers a variety of spots to purchase your favorite brews.

This article guides you through all the locations – whether it be liquor stores, bars or online platforms – so you never have to question where your next cold one is coming from! Read on and let’s locate that perfect pint together.

Where Can You Buy Beer In Delaware?

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You can buy beer in Delaware at liquor stores, bars and restaurants, package and liquor stores, breweries and taprooms, as well as through online delivery platforms.

Liquor Stores

Delaware’s unique liquor laws position local stores as the primary destination for obtaining beer. Unlike many states, grocery stores in Delaware are not permitted to sell alcohol; this restriction heightens the relevance of dedicated liquor stores which have authorization to sell wine, beer, and spirits every day of the week.

Operating hours typically run from 9 a.m. until 1 a.m., Monday through Saturday with Sunday sales also available—an uncommon convenience given that some jurisdictions prohibit these transactions on Sundays.

With such extensive operating hours coupled with a large selection of beverages (like Tri-State Liquores in Claymont – boasting an impressive stockpile of over 20,000 cases), Delaware’s liquor shops stand as indispensable outlets for residents and visitors seeking diverse options when it comes to purchasing their favorite beers.

It is worth noting however that only those aged 21 or older can legally buy alcohol here—Delaware maintains strict regulations against underage purchase and false identification use.

Bars And Restaurants

Bars and restaurants in Delaware are popular venues for enjoying a cold beer with friends or family. While liquor stores are the primary retailers of beer in the state, many bars and restaurants offer an extensive selection of brews to cater to various tastes.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy pub with a wide range of craft beers on tap or a lively sports bar where you can catch the game while sipping on your favorite brew, Delaware’s bars and restaurants have got you covered.

From upscale establishments offering premium imported beers to casual neighborhood bars serving up local favorites, there is something for everyone. Many bars even feature rotating taps that showcase different breweries and styles, allowing beer enthusiasts to explore new flavors regularly.

Package And Liquor Stores

Package and liquor stores in Delaware are the primary places where you can buy beer. These stores offer a wide selection of beers, from popular brands to craft brews. It’s convenient to visit package and liquor stores as they usually have extended operating hours, including Sundays.

For example, one of the largest beverage superstores in Delaware is Tri-State Liquors in Claymont. Established since 1984, this store boasts an impressive inventory of 20,000 cases of beverages, ensuring that you’ll find your preferred beer here.

Whether you’re looking for a six-pack or want to explore new flavors, package and liquor stores in Delaware are your go-to destinations for buying beer.

Breweries And Taprooms

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Delaware is not only home to liquor stores, but it also boasts a vibrant craft beer scene with numerous breweries and taprooms. These establishments offer unique and locally brewed beers that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just looking for a casual spot to enjoy a pint, Delaware’s breweries and taprooms are worth exploring. Some popular options include Dogfish Head Brewery in MiltonIron Hill Brewery in Wilmington, and Revelation Craft Brewing Company in Rehoboth Beach.

These venues not only provide an opportunity to try new and innovative beers but also offer an immersive experience where you can witness the brewing process firsthand. So if you’re seeking quality craft brews made by passionate artisans, be sure to check out the breweries and taprooms that Delaware has to offer.

Online Delivery Platforms

In addition to physical store locations, there are also online delivery platforms in Delaware where you can conveniently buy beer. These platforms provide a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and deliver them right to your doorstep.

With just a few clicks, you can browse through different types of beerscompare prices, and place your order without the need to leave your home. This is especially convenient for those who may have limited mobility or prefer the convenience of having their favorite brews delivered straight to them.

So whether you’re looking for local craft beers or popular national brands, exploring online delivery platforms can be a great option for getting your favorite beer in Delaware.

Delaware Alcohol Laws And Regulations

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Delaware has strict alcohol laws in place to regulate the purchase and consumption of beer, wine, and liquor. The minimum drinking age is strictly enforced at 21 years old, and it is illegal for anyone under this age to buy or possess alcohol.

Additionally, businesses that sell alcohol are required to obtain a license from the Commissioner. It is important to abide by these laws when buying beer in Delaware.

Sunday Sales

Liquor stores in Delaware have the unique advantage of being able to sell beer, wine, and liquor every day of the week, including Sundays. Unlike many other states where Sunday alcohol sales are restricted or prohibited altogether, Delaware allows residents and visitors to purchase their favorite beverages on any given day.

This means that whether you’re planning a lazy Sunday afternoon at home or heading out for a social gathering with friends, you can rest assured knowing that your local liquor store will be open and ready to meet your needs.

So go ahead and stock up on your favorite brews because in Delaware, there’s no such thing as running out of drinks on Sundays!

Minimum Drinking Age

In Delaware, it is strictly prohibited for anyone, regardless of their age, to purchase alcohol if they are under 21 years old. This means that individuals must be at least 21 years old in order to legally buy beer or any other alcoholic beverage in the state.

It’s important to remember that using fake identification or attempting to deceive a seller is against the law and can lead to serious consequences. Delaware takes its alcohol laws seriously, aiming to protect individuals from underage drinking and its potentially harmful effects on health and well-being.

Stay informed and responsible when it comes to purchasing and consuming alcohol in Delaware.

Licensing Requirements For Businesses

Businesses that want to sell beer in Delaware must obtain the appropriate licensing. The Commissioner has strict regulations in place to ensure that alcohol sales are conducted responsibly and legally.

In order to obtain a license, businesses must go through an application process and provide all necessary documentation. This includes proof of ownership or lease, background checks for all owners and employees, and compliance with zoning laws.

It’s important for businesses to be aware of these requirements in order to legally sell beer in Delaware and contribute positively to the state’s thriving alcohol industry.

Tips For Buying Beer In Delaware

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When buying beer in Delaware, be sure to check the store hours and availability beforehand. Consider supporting local breweries and taprooms for a unique selection of craft beers. Take advantage of online delivery options for added convenience.

Check Store Hours And Availability

Before heading out to buy beer in Delaware, it’s essential to check the store hours and availability. Liquor stores in Delaware typically operate from Monday to Saturday, opening at 9 a.m. until 1 a.m.

on those days. The good news is that they’re also open on Sundays, unlike some states where alcohol sales may be restricted. By checking the store hours beforehand, you can plan your visit accordingly and ensure that you don’t miss out on purchasing your favorite brews.

It’s worth noting that Tri-State Liquors, located in Claymont, Delaware, is known as the largest beverage superstore in the state since 1984 and offers an impressive selection of over 20,000 cases of beverages to choose from.

Consider Local Breweries And Taprooms

Supporting local businesses is always a great idea, and when it comes to buying beer in Delaware, you should definitely consider visiting local breweries and taprooms. These establishments offer a unique experience where you can not only purchase beer but also learn about the brewing process and taste freshly brewed craft beers.

Some popular local breweries in Delaware include Dogfish Head Brewery, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, and Twin Lakes Brewing Company. By supporting these local establishments, you not only get to enjoy delicious and unique beers but also contribute to the growth of your community’s economy.

Take Advantage Of Online Delivery Options

Online delivery platforms have made it easier than ever to buy beer in Delaware. With just a few clicks, you can browse through a wide selection of beers from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

This convenient option allows you to explore different breweries and try out new beers without having to leave your house. Whether you’re looking for local craft brews or imported favorites, online delivery options provide a hassle-free way to stock up on your favorite beverages.

So sit back, relax, and let the beer come to you!


In Delaware, there are several options for buying beer. Liquor storesbars and restaurantspackage and liquor storesbreweries and taprooms, as well as online delivery platforms all offer a variety of choices.

Remember to check store hours and availability, consider local breweries, and take advantage of online delivery options for convenience. Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through the state, finding the perfect beer in Delaware is just a few steps away.