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As Easter Sunday approaches, many people find themselves wondering about the availability of their favorite spirits during this festive holiday. Whether you’re planning a get-together with friends or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, knowing which liquor stores are open on Easter Sunday can be crucial to your celebration plans.

Navigating the intricacies of state regulations and local store hours can be challenging, but worry not! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about liquor laws and Easter Sunday observance across various states.

We’ll also provide insights into grocery stores’ alcohol sales and some useful tips for shopping at liquor stores on this special day.

Understanding Liquor Laws And Easter Sunday

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Liquor laws and regulations vary by state, with some prohibiting the sale of alcohol on certain holidays or limiting sales to certain hours.

Overview Of Liquor Laws And Regulations

Liquor laws and regulations in the United States can be complex, as they vary from state to state.

An overview of some unique state liquor laws highlights the diversity that exists across the country. For example, Massachusetts has specific prohibitions on selling alcohol on certain holidays; however, it remains unclear whether Easter falls under this category.

In Virginia, all Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) stores are closed on Easter Sunday. Alabama’s specific set of rules governs its market trends regarding holiday and Sunday sales differently than other states.

Rhode Island enforces its own state-specific statutes through R.I.

Understanding these differences is essential for consumers seeking to purchase alcoholic beverages on or around Easter Sunday – especially those planning events or outings with family and friends where responsible drinking practices should always be considered.

Overview Of Religious And Cultural Implications Of Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday holds significant religious and cultural implications for many people around the world. This holiday, deeply rooted in Christian tradition, is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion on Good Friday.

For instance, in countries like Costa Rica or Italy where Catholicism strongly influences culture, Easter festivities often include abstinence from certain indulgences such as eating red meat or consuming alcohol.

In fact, during Lent – which spans several weeks leading up to Easter – many devout Christians choose to give up something they enjoy as an act of penance. Such traditions can stem from past interpretations within the Church about maintaining sobriety on days of religious importance.

Availability Of Liquor Stores On Easter Sunday

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Many grocery and convenience stores will be open on Easter Sunday, as well as chains and franchises such as Total Wine & More. Additionally, local and independent liquor stores may also choose to stay open based on the owner’s discretion.

List Of Grocery And Convenience Stores That Will Be Open

The following is a curated list of grocery and convenience stores that are expected to be open on Easter Sunday, catering to the needs of those seeking alcoholic beverages during the holiday. Keep in mind that store hours may vary by location and it is recommended to check with your local store for exact opening and closing times.

  1. Walmart: Most locations will maintain their regular hours, with some offering liquor sales depending on the state’s regulations.
  2. Target: Many locations will have normal operating hours, but availability of alcohol might vary based on state laws and restrictions.
  3. Kroger: Open for regular business hours, however, alcohol sales may be subject to local or state-specific rules.
  4. Whole Foods Market: Some stores will have adjusted holiday hours and could potentially sell alcoholic beverages depending on regional restrictions.
  5. Publix: A majority of locations should be open on Easter Sunday, offering alcohol where permitted by law.
  6. Safeway: Stores generally remain open during their usual working hours with possible adjustments for the holiday; liquor sales subject to regional regulations.
  7. Trader Joe’s: While many locations will be closed for Easter Sunday, select stores may remain open and sell alcohol in compliance with local laws.
  8. CVS Pharmacy: Most stores will operate under normal business hours with some offering beer and wine sales where allowed by law.
  9. Walgreens: Similar to CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens should maintain standard operation hours with potential beer and wine offerings based on each location’s restrictions.

It is crucial to remember that while these nationwide chains are anticipated to be open on Easter Sunday, individual state regulations regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages may impact what items are available for purchase at each store location.

Chains And Franchises That Will Be Open

Many national chains and privately owned franchise stores will be open on Easter Sunday, providing customers with the opportunity to purchase their favorite alcoholic beverages. Here is a list of some of the chains and franchises that will be open:

  • ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
  • BevMo!
  • Total Wine & More
  • Spec’s Wine, Spirits, & Finer Foods
  • Binny’s Beverage Depot
  • Liquor Barn
  • Cask & Barrel
  • Costco (in states where alcohol sales are allowed)
  • Sam’s Club (in states where alcohol sales are allowed)

It is important to note that specific store hours may vary by location, so it is best to call ahead or check the store’s website for their hours of operation. Additionally, it is always a good idea to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

Availability Of Local And Independent Stores

If you are looking to support local businesses or independent retailers while shopping for liquor on Easter Sunday, it is important to plan ahead and research which stores will be open.

While some locally-owned liquor stores may choose to close on holidays, many recognize the increased demand and choose to remain open on Easter Sunday.

Additionally, smaller wine or spirits shops that specialize in unique or hard-to-find varieties may have different hours of operation than larger chain stores.

Checking online listings or contacting the store directly can help ensure that you can find what you need without resorting to big-box retailers.

Considerations For Online Liquor Delivery Options

With the availability of online liquor delivery options, it is important for those who may struggle with alcoholism to consider the following:

  1. Choose a reputable and licensed online liquor delivery service to ensure safe, legal, and responsible alcohol consumption.
  2. Read reviews and ratings from other customers to determine the reliability of the online liquor store before making a purchase.
  3. Set limits on the amount of alcohol ordered and consumed to avoid overindulging or relapsing.
  4. Make sure someone else is present when receiving an alcohol delivery to prevent impulsive or risky behavior.
  5. Consider alternative non – alcoholic beverages or activities to avoid triggering any cravings or negative drinking behaviors.

By taking these considerations into account, those struggling with alcoholism can enjoy the convenience of online liquor delivery while also prioritizing their health and well-being.

Tips For Shopping At Liquor Stores On Easter Sunday

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Plan ahead and check store hours before heading out to avoid disappointment. Familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations and restrictions on alcohol purchasing during Easter Sunday and plan accordingly.

Expect increased demand and potential crowds, so it’s important to be patient and considerate of others while shopping for Easter Sunday booze.

Plan Ahead And Check Store Hours

When shopping for alcohol on Easter Sunday, it’s important to plan ahead and check store hours. Here are some tips to help:

  • Check with your local liquor store to confirm if they will be open on Easter Sunday and their hours of operation.
  • Consider calling ahead or checking online for updated information on hours and availability of products.
  • Plan ahead by making a list of what you need before heading out, so you can make the most efficient use of your time at the store.
  • Be aware that some stores may have reduced hours or different policies in place due to COVID-19 restrictions, so be sure to double-check beforehand.
  • Remember to drink responsibly and avoid overindulging – it’s important to prioritize your health and well-being above all else.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that you’re prepared when shopping for alcohol on Easter Sunday and able to enjoy a safe and responsible holiday.

Know Your State’s Regulations And Restrictions

It’s essential to be aware of your state’s regulations and restrictions when shopping for liquor on Easter Sunday. Some states have strict laws that prohibit retail liquor sales on certain holidays, including Easter Sunday.

For instance, some states don’t allow the sale of alcohol before a specific time or limit the amount that can be purchased by one person at a time. Additionally, each state has different age requirements for employees who sell and serve alcohol.

Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with these regulations before heading out to buy liquor on Easter Sunday.

Plan For Increased Demand And Potential Crowds

If you have alcohol use disorder and plan to shop for liquor on Easter Sunday, it is essential to plan ahead for increased demand and potential crowds.

Liquor stores are usually busy during holidays, and with limited options available due to some stores being closed on Easter Sunday, the chances of increased foot traffic are high.

You can avoid long queues by arriving at the store early or choosing a less busy time of day to shop. It is also important to check store hours in advance as some may open later or close earlier than usual, causing an inconvenience if you arrive when they have already shut their doors.

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Be Aware Of Responsible Drinking Practices

It’s important to remember that responsible drinking is crucial when shopping at liquor stores on Easter Sunday. While it can be tempting to indulge in festive drinks, excessive drinking can lead to a variety of negative consequences, including health issues and impaired judgment.

It’s essential to plan ahead and ensure you have a designated driver or alternative transportation if you do choose to drink. In addition, being aware of your limits and avoiding peer pressure can help prevent alcohol-related issues.


In conclusion, while many states have restrictions on purchasing alcohol on Easter Sunday due to religious observances and blue laws, there are still places where you can buy liquor.

Grocery stores, convenience stores, and even some independent liquor stores will be open for those who need to stock up for their holiday celebrations. However, it’s important to plan ahead and check store hours as well as state regulations before making your purchase.

Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the holiday with family and friends.