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Feeling the craving for a creamy, flavorful Kilkenny beer but unsure where to find it in the USA? You’re not alone. It’s important to know that this popular Irish cream ale is indeed available across America (fact 1).

This article provides you with all the information needed to locate and buy your favorite amber lager, whether at an authentic Irish pub or through a quick online order.

Let’s dive in so you can start enjoying your desired pint!

Where to Find Kilkenny Beer in the USA

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To find Kilkenny Beer in the USA, check out local Irish pubs or restaurants, browse online retailers, and inquire at specialty beer stores.

Check local Irish pubs or restaurants

Scouting your local Irish pubs or restaurants can be a practical first step in the hunt for Kilkenny beer. Many of them typically stock up on this flavorful brew due to it being a well-loved favorite among patrons.

Whether you’re in New York at Patrick’s Pub or Washington D.C. at The Dubliner, stand a chance to enjoy that creamy and delicious Irish cream ale right from the tap.

Imported beers like Kilkenny often hold pride of place in these establishments, contributing to their authentic Irish experience.

So next time you’re visiting any neighborhood with an Irish pub, make sure you check out their beer list; there could be Kilkenny waiting for you!

Look for online retailers

If you’re looking to buy Kilkenny Beer in the USA, one convenient option is to check out online retailers. Many specialty beer shops and importers have websites where you can browse their selection and place an order for delivery right to your doorstep.

Some popular online platforms that offer Kilkenny Beer include Drizly, CraftShack, and Total Wine & More. Additionally, major e-commerce sites like Amazon often have Kilkenny Beer available for purchase as well.

By exploring these online retail options, you’ll be able to easily find and enjoy this creamy and delicious Irish cream ale without leaving the comfort of your home. Cheers!

Inquire at specialty beer stores

To find Kilkenny Beer in the USA, another great place to check is specialty beer stores. These stores often carry a wide variety of unique and imported beers, making them a prime location for finding Kilkenny.

The popularity of Kilkenny means that many specialty beer stores will have it in stock, either in bottles or on tap. Simply ask the staff if they carry Kilkenny Beer, and they should be able to direct you to where it’s located within the store.

Don’t forget to compare prices between different specialty beer stores to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Enjoy your quest for this creamy and delicious Irish cream ale!

Tips for Buying Kilkenny Beer

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To ensure you can enjoy the creamy and delicious taste of Kilkenny Beer in the USA, here are some helpful tips: check for availability in your state, consider joining beer subscription services for convenient delivery, and make sure to attend beer festivals or events where Kilkenny Beer may be featured.

Check for availability in your state

To enjoy the rich and creamy flavor of Kilkenny Beer in the USA, it’s important to check for its availability in your state. Thankfully, this popular Irish cream ale is distributed by Heineken USA and can be found in most states across the country.

Whether you’re craving a pint at an Irish pub or prefer to savor it at home, Kilkenny Beer is sold both in stores and online. From specialty craft beer shops to local liquor stores, keep an eye out for this delightful brew that will transport your taste buds to Ireland.

And if you’re wondering about prices, a 4-tall can of Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale typically costs around $13.29. So go ahead, explore where you can find this flavorful beer near you and indulge in the smooth goodness that Kilkenny has to offer.

Consider joining beer subscription services

If you’re a fan of Kilkenny Beer and want to ensure you always have some on hand, consider joining beer subscription services. These services offer a convenient way to discover new beers and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

By subscribing, you can receive regular shipments of Kilkenny Beer or even try out different varieties from around the world. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where it’s difficult to find Kilkenny Beer locally.

With a beer subscription service, you won’t have to worry about running out or going on a wild goose chase to find your favorite brew. Plus, it’s a great way to expand your palate and explore other unique craft beers as well.

Remember that beer subscription services may vary in terms of what they offer and how frequently they deliver. Some focus solely on local breweries while others provide an assortment of imported beers like Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale.

Attend beer festivals or events

Attending beer festivals and events is a great way to discover and buy Kilkenny beer in the USA. These gatherings often feature a wide selection of craft beers, including rare imports like Kilkenny.

You can have the opportunity to taste different varieties of Kilkenny beer and connect with vendors or distributors who may sell it directly. Keep an eye out for local beer festivals or events that specifically showcase imported or specialty beers.

It’s an excellent chance to immerse yourself in the craft beer scene while finding where you can purchase this creamy and delicious Irish cream ale.

Kilkenny Beer Varieties and Pricing

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Kilkenny Beer offers a variety of options, including draught, bottles, and cans. Compare prices from various sources to find the best deal. Discover more about the flavorful beer varieties and pricing in this section!

Explore different options (draught, bottles, cans)

When it comes to buying Kilkenny Beer in the USA, there are various options to explore. Whether you prefer the convenience of bottled beer, the freshness of draught beer, or the portability of canned beer, Kilkenny offers something for everyone.

Here are the different options available:

  1. Draught: Enjoy a pint of Kilkenny on tap at your local Irish pub or restaurant. Many establishments that carry a wide selection of beers will have Kilkenny available as a refreshing and creamy option.
  2. Bottles: If you prefer enjoying Kilkenny in the comfort of your own home, look for bottled versions at local liquor stores or craft beer shops. These retailers often carry imported beers and may have Kilkenny in stock.
  3. Cans: For a portable option, consider purchasing canned Kilkenny beer. This is ideal for picnics, tailgating, or other outdoor activities where glass bottles may not be allowed. Check online retailers or specialty beer stores for availability.

Compare prices from various sources

When it comes to buying Kilkenny beer in the USA, the prices may vary depending on the retailer and location. Here’s a comparison table to guide you:

Source Price Range Remarks
Patrick’s Pub, NYC Varies Prices may change depending on whether the beer is on draught or in a can. It’s a popular destination for Kilkenny beer lovers.
Dubliner, Washington D.C. Varies Another great place to enjoy Kilkenny beer. Prices can fluctuate based on the beer format (draught, can, or bottle).
Online Retailers Around $13.29 for a 4 tall can This is where most people searching for Kilkenny beer end up. You need to consider shipping fees which can increase the overall cost.
Specialty Beer Stores Varies These stores offer a range of Kilkenny beers. The price may depend on availability and the specific product variant.

As a savvy beer buyer, it’s advisable to compare prices and explore different retailers. This way, you get to enjoy your preferred Kilkenny beer without breaking the bank.

Consider shipping costs for online purchases

When buying Kilkenny Beer online, it’s important to consider the additional cost of shipping. While ordering beer online provides convenience and access to a wider selection, the shipping fees can vary depending on your location and the quantity of beer ordered.

Some online retailers offer free shipping for certain order sizes or promotions, so it’s worth checking their policies before making a purchase. Additionally, keep in mind that some states have restrictions on shipping alcohol, so ensure that your state allows beer deliveries.

By factoring in these costs and considerations, you can make an informed decision when purchasing Kilkenny Beer online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.


In conclusion, finding Kilkenny beer in the USA is not as challenging as it may seem. With a little effort and exploration, you can enjoy this creamy and delicious Irish cream ale at your local Irish pub or restaurant, through online retailers, or specialty beer stores.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the unique flavors of Kilkenny beer – go ahead and indulge yourself!

Cheers to discovering your new favorite brew!