Updated at: 18-03-2022 - By: John Lau

It’s the Heineken 0 “Father & Son” is a 0 TV commercial starring Nico Rosberg and Keke Rosberg.

Who Is The Actor In The New Heineken Commercial?

Bond actor Daniel Craig appears in the film, which was produced by Publicis Italy and is set in a posh pub where he painstakingly pours his beer. In the background, a violin from Portishead’s “Glory Box” plays as he pours a refreshing Heineken.

Who Are The Father And Son In The Heineken Commercial?

Keke and Nico Rosberg, the father and son duo who have won several Formula 1 world championships for Heineken, are featured in the latest ‘When You Drive, Never Drink’ ad by Heineken.

Who Is The Race Car Driver In The Heineken Commercials?

German-Finnish racing driver Nico Erik Rosberg was born on June 27th, 1985, in Hamburg, Germany. Driving for the German team, he won the Formula One World Championship in 2016.

Who Is The Guy In The Heineken 0 Commercial?

Formula One World Champion Nico Rosberg’s father, Keke Rosberg, and James Bond actor Nico Craig will be promoting Heineken’s zero-alcohol drink.

What Actors Are In The New Heineken Commercial?

In a new ad, Heineken teams up with Bond actor Daniel Craig. Heineken has created a new commercial titled ‘Worth the Wait’ in anticipation of the forthcoming release of the next James Bond film, No Time To Die.

Who Sings The Heineken Beer Commercial Song?

“The Switch” by Clairy Browne was featured in the Heineken ad.

Who Is The Actor In The Heineken Commercial?

“Worth the Wait” is a commercial for Heineken┬« that features actor Daniel Craig and was produced by Heineken. ‘Worth The Wait’ is the name of a new Heineken┬« ad created by Daniel Craig to promote the much-anticipated May 5, 2012 release of the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die.

Who Is In The Heineken Commercial 2021?

Being in a commercial with a brand is the only way to become truly famous, and that’s the whole idea. Daniel Craig exposes this for Heineken in his final James Bond film, which has been postponed many times over the past two years.

What Race Car Drivers Are In The Heineken Commercial?

Heineken has released a new high-speed ad featuring F1 champions Nico Rosberg and Keke Rosberg. A beer company started a campaign in 2016 to deter people from drinking while driving. Heineken’s motor-racing commercial campaign continues with a new ad featuring past Formula One world winners.

Who Is The Actor In The New Heineken Zero Commercial?

‘Worth the Wait’ is the title of a new commercial by Heineken┬« and actor Daniel Craig. com.