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Seasonal beer Shock Top is a Belgian-style wheat ale that was first introduced in 2006. A year after winning the North American Beer Awards gold medal in the Belgian White category, it became a year-round product. With two-row barley and imported Hallertau hops, Shock Top brews its Belgian White, which is combined with Cascade and Willamette hops. During the brewing process, the peels of orange, lemon, and lime are added to the brewkettle. Natural cloudiness and a light golden tint give this lager a delightful flavor.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Belgian multinational beverage and brewing corporation located in Leuven, Belgium, owns 100% of the largest US brewing company, Anheuser-Bush.

History of Shock Top

shock top beer history

The largest brewery located in the US, Anheuser-Bush, is an owned affiliate that is part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, a Belgian multinational brewing and drink company located within Leuven, Belgium.

They launched Shock Top as a 5.2 percent alcohol volume Belgian wheat ale, which was introduced as an ephemeral beer in the year 2006. The beer was made at Fort Collins, Colorado, under the name spring heat spiced wheat.

The Shock Top Belgian White ale was awarded Gold within the Belgian White category at North American Beer Awards in 2006.

Furthermore, when it won an award of bronze in this award back in the year 2007 Shock Top proved itself unstoppable and earned an image in the market in a short time. The beer has been available throughout the year from 2007.

Since since then, Shock Top has been in a position to launch a range of new flavored beers, seasonals, as well as specialty beers.

Calorie Content in Shock Top Beers

Calorie Content in Shock Top Beers

Are you conscious of calories? If you’re constantly checking the ingredients of every drink and food item including beer this section is specifically designed for those of you. Let’s discuss the calorie content in different beers with shock tops will we?

Shock Top has a wide selection of beer styles; their flavor-driven beers are ones you must consider if you don’t like the traditional beer taste.

With each flavor the distribution of calories will be quite different. We will not go through every kind of beer Shock Top has ever introduced and we’ll just focus on some of the most popular!

1. Belgian White Beer

We start with the well-known Belgian white beers, which has 5.2 percent alcohol content. It has 87% carbohydrates and 13 percent proteincontent, i.e., 14.6 grams and 2.1 grams of sugar per serving (a bottle or can) and 12 ounces. of this beverage has the total calorie count of approximately 167 calories.

2. Pumpkin Wheat Beer

With 15 grams of carbs and 2.2 grams of protein per serving (i.e. 12 8 oz) The proportion of calories in the pumpkin wheat beers is exactly the same as that of Belgian white. However, the total calories is slightly higher at 168 calories each 12 1 oz. Bottle or Can.

3. Raspberry Wheat Beer

The calorie content for 5.2 percent raspberry wheat beer made by Shock Top is 90% carbs and 17.5 grams per 12 OZ. It also contains 10% protein, which is 2 grams of protein per 12 1 oz. The calorie content is slightly higher for this particular beer, i.e. 179 per 12 oz.

4. Honeycrisp Apple Wheat Ale

Honeycrisp Apple Wheat Ale is all carbohydrate and the amount is 15 grams per 12 ounces of beer. The total calories content of this beer is 167 calories.

5. Lemon Shandy

If you’re trying to adhere to an calorie-free diet, we could have found a good beer to try! Although lemon shandy beer from Shock Top is not as low in calories as the other beers with low calories that are available it is worth a try it to enjoy its fresh, citrusy taste.

The total calories content of lemon shandy amounts to 130 calories, and it contains 100percent carbohydrate. It is possible for 12 8 oz. of lemon shandy to contain approximately 3 grams of carbs.

What to Pair Your Shock Top With?

We’ve mentioned before that even though Shock Top is famous for its Belgian White, their beer varieties are simply unbeatable. Even though they’re flavorful wheat-based, they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea! Some find the wheaty flavor to be too strong.

For those who enjoy wheat-based beers, you may be thinking about what to combine it with. Let’s talk about what kind of food is best paired with you Shock Top!

1. Fresh Summer Salads

Cucumbers and leafy greens work well with wheat-based beers. Whatever the flavor of the beer bready wheat, or some citrus notes, the mixing wheat beer with salad is sure to be a hit!

If you’re looking to try the use of creamy dressings, do it! Cut eggs boiled or slices of ham or turkey the top of the salad will surely add some spice to the mix.

2. Lighter Fish

Lighter wheat and light fish blend perfectly in taste and the weight. Furthermore, if you’re looking to elevate the pairing up a notch just a squeeze of lemon juice will be the perfect solution!

3. Fruit salad

Your most loved fruit salad is the perfect complement to Shock Top wheat beer. The refreshing fruity drink on the table, with your preferred wheat beer is a wonderful afternoon meal!

Finally, the beer you enjoy most is up to your personal preferences. It is possible to find a highly hyped mix a bit bland, however an unorthodox recipe could make a splash for you.

If you’d like to try out different food pairings that go with you Shock Top, that’s great too! If you’re not sure or do not want to be a risky gamble It’s best you go with our suggestions for food pairings.

How Long Does Your Shock Top Last?

Since the alcohol content of beers are less than other spirits and therefore, they can be a bit more sour. In general, beers are believed to be at their peak for around six months. But, a continual refrigeration can assure that the beer will be of high quality for about 6-9 months.

It is crucial that you have checked for the date of expiry on your Shock Top. Beer bottles’ expiry dates are known for being obscure. If you’re unable crack it, a simple internet search is enough to get the job done!

If you’re Shock Top has passed its expiration date, we’d advise that you do not consume it. Also, you can test your drink for any offensive scent or the texture. It should be possible to be able to see the Shock Top foam up once you open it. If not, the beer may not be drinkable.

A quick tip on beer storage for you – make sure to keep your Shock Tops out of sunlight and heat. If you can you can keep the cans and bottles chilled in all times. The cooler the beer, the more enjoyable!

Drinking beer that is expired can have its own set of health hazards. So, before you sip in a glass, remember to check that the beer you drink is in good condition.

A Perfect Way to Enjoy Your Shock Top

Many people aren’t sure what to drink with the Shock Top. Wheat beer is either a hit, or fail! However, even if you’re in love with Shock Tops, adding one or two ingredients could be a good fit for your taste.

Are you in search for an amazing Shock Top recipe to enjoy with family and friends on a summer night? If so, Cooking With Amber has the ideal recipe for you.

The recipe used for making an incredibly packed Shock Top comprises a 12-ounce Belgian White Shock Top, 1.5 ounces shot Grand Marnier and a splice of cranberry or orange juice. If you’re looking to impress you can top it off with Orange slice toppings.

Get a pitcher filled with Ice cubes, add all the ingredients and decorate it! After you’ve finished, drink the drink with your loved ones and friends.

Final Word

Beers and summer are an incredible combination. Plus If the beer has a flavor with freshness, it’s unbeatable. In the same way, wheat beers have an entirely different popularity. No matter what you choose, Shock Top has it waiting for you.

In this comprehensive guide to Shock Top, we might be able to answer all your questions. You should now know the calories content of every Shock Top variety! You know whether a Shock Top bottle you just found in your fridge is still drinkable, or not are you?

So which Shock Top flavor do you like the most? What about wheat-based beers? What’s your opinion on this? We’d love to hear from you!