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You’ve probably sipped on a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon but have you ever wondered who owns this iconic American beer brand?

You may be surprised to know that since 2014, it’s been owned by Eugene Kashper and TSG Consumer Partners.

This article aims to shed light on the fascinating journey of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s ownership, touching upon its historyacquisitions, and the people behind its operation today. Let’s dive in for a closer look!

Ownership of Pabst Blue Ribbon

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Pabst Blue Ribbon is owned by Eugene Kashper and San Francisco-based TSG Consumer Partners LLC, who acquired the Pabst Brewing Company in November 2014.

Pabst Brewing Company history

Incorporated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1844, Pabst Brewing Company has a long-standing legacy in the American beer industry. The brewery was initially named “Best and Company” after founding father Jacob Best.

Years later, it underwent a name change to its current title when Frederick Pabst married into the family business. The company’s flagship product, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, emerged out of this rich history.

Major changes took place over time with numerous acquisitions and partnerships shaping its business structure. One noteworthy event occured in November 2014 as Eugene Kashper and TSG Consumer Partners acquired the brewing company; an important fact for understanding modern ownership of this iconic brand.

Despite owning around 30 different beer brands such as Colt 45 Malt Liquor and Schlitz under its portfolio, an intriguing feature about Pabst Brewing Company is that it doesn’t brew its own beers anymore—having ceased operations around twenty years prior.

Acquisitions and partnerships

Pabst Brewing Company has undergone several acquisitions and partnerships over the years. Here are some key ones:

  1. In 1985, Paul Kalmanovitz, a self – made beer mogul, acquired Pabst Brewing Company. This acquisition resulted in a change of ownership and management.
  2. In 2010, Pabst Brewing Company was sold to billionaire investor C. Dean Metropoulos and his sons, who aimed to revitalize the brand.
  3. Under the ownership of C. Dean Metropoulos, Pabst Brewing Company embarked on various partnerships with craft breweries to expand its portfolio and appeal to a wider audience.
  4. Another notable acquisition for Pabst Brewing Company occurred in 2014 when it was sold to Russian group Oasis Beverages. This sale sparked controversy and raised questions about the future direction of the company.
  5. Following the sale to Oasis Beverages, Eugene Kashper and San Francisco – based TSG Consumer Partners acquired Pabst Brewing Company later that same year. Kashper’s vision was to rejuvenate the iconic American beer brand.
  6. Since then, Pabst Brewing Company has continued to explore partnerships and collaborations within the beer industry to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

Kashper era

Eugene Kashper’s ownership of Pabst Blue Ribbon has brought new energy and innovation to the iconic beer brand. Since acquiring the Pabst Brewing Company in 2014, Kashper has worked tirelessly to rejuvenate the company and its portfolio of beers.

Under his leadership, Pabst has expanded its distribution channels, forging partnerships with various craft breweries to tap into the growing demand for unique flavors in the beer market. With a sharp focus on quality and consumer preference, Kashper has successfully positioned Pabst Blue Ribbon as a beloved American classic that resonates with drinkers across generations.

His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for brewing have propelled Pabst into new territories, including China, where the brand enjoys increasing popularity.

Pabst Blue Ribbon’s success under Eugene Kashper’s ownership can be attributed to his strategic approach in navigating an ever-evolving industry.

By embracing collaboration and introducing fresh perspectives, he has enabled PBR to maintain its status as an iconic American beer brand while appealing to contemporary tastes and trends.

Key facts about Pabst Blue Ribbon

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Origins and name

Pabst Blue Ribbon, known affectionately as PBR, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to 1844. The beer was originally brewed by Jacob Best in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, under the name Best Select.

However, it wasn’t until 1882 that the brand adopted its iconic name – Pabst Blue Ribbon. The “Blue Ribbon” moniker came about when the beer won a prestigious award at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

This recognition spurred its popularity and cemented its status as an American beer staple. Today, PBR is renowned for its smooth taste and affordability, making it a favorite among many drinkers across the country.

Blue ribbon association

The blue ribbon association is a significant part of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s history and identity. The beer brand got its name from the blue ribbons that were tied around its bottles, symbolizing excellence.

This tradition originated in the late 1800s when Pabst won a “blue ribbon” for their beer at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The blue ribbon became synonymous with quality and helped establish Pabst Blue Ribbon as an iconic American beer brand.

Today, the blue ribbon continues to be featured on every bottle, serving as a reminder of the brand’s heritage and commitment to brewing exceptional beers.

Innovations and awards

Pabst Blue Ribbon, an iconic American beer brand, has been recognized for its innovations and has received several prestigious awards. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Unique brewing process: Pabst Blue Ribbon uses a special fermentation technique that results in a smooth and refreshing flavor profile.
  2. Affordable craft beer alternative: Pabst Blue Ribbon has positioned itself as a quality yet affordable option in the craft beer market, appealing to consumers looking for great taste without breaking the bank.
  3. Fan-favorite recipes: With its historic roots dating back to 1844, Pabst Blue Ribbon has perfected its recipes over time, ensuring consistent and enjoyable drinking experience.
  4. Industry recognition: Pabst Blue Ribbon’s commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed by industry experts. The brand has won numerous awards for its outstanding brews at prestigious beer competitions.
  5. Cultural influence: Pabst Blue Ribbon’s popularity among the hipster subculture in the United States has contributed to its cult status and helped it gain recognition around the world.
  6. Embracing change: Pabst Blue Ribbon has adapted to changing consumer preferences by introducing new flavors and variations of their classic brews, catering to evolving tastes and trends in the beer market.
  7. Social responsibility initiatives: Pabst Brewing Company is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes such as sustainable brewing practices and responsible alcohol consumption.
  8. Celebrating American heritage: As one of America’s oldest beer brands, Pabst Blue Ribbon takes pride in preserving and celebrating the country’s rich brewing traditions through its high-quality products.
  9. Cult following: Pabst Blue Ribbon continues to build a dedicated fan base who appreciate both the brand’s history and its commitment to producing exceptional beers.


In conclusion, Pabst Blue Ribbon is currently owned by Eugene Kashper and his partnership with TSG Consumer Partners. This iconic American beer brand has seen ownership changes over the years, but its popularity and association with hipster culture remain strong.

With its diverse range of beer brands and global expansion into markets like China, Pabst Blue Ribbon continues to be a significant player in the beer industry.