Updated at: 07-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Without a doubt, changes in our favorite radio shows can be shocking. Justin Nettlebeck’s abrupt departure from the popular Free Beer and Hot Wings show is one such surprise that left fans puzzled.

This article aims to shed light on the reasons for his exit and how it impacts the dynamic of this nationally syndicated program. Ready for some truths? Let’s dive into the behind-the-scenes story!

Justin’s Departure from Free Beer and Hot Wings

Free Beer And Hot Wings Justin Leaving

Reasons for Justin’s departure

Justin Nettlebeck, better known as Justin from the popular Free Beer and Hot Wings radio show, shocked listeners with his on-air departure announcement in July 2017. The split was unexpected because of how integral he had been since the show’s inception a decade earlier in 2007.

Unfortunately, Nettlebeck kept the reasons for his exit close to his chest, stirring intrigue among fans and listeners.

Despite not divulging specific details about why he left the nationally syndicated program, it is clear that leaving wasn’t a decision taken lightly by him. During April of 2023, Nettlebeck confirmed via social media that he was also cutting ties with Q101 – where Free Beer and Hot Wings previously aired – suggesting a significant career change rather than moving on to another station or show.

He previously worked in other roles too; as a producer for shows such as KLCK Seattle’s “Marco, Jackie & Moote”.

Impact on the show and listeners

Justin Nettlebeck’s departure from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show had a significant impact on both the dynamics of the show and its loyal listeners. As one of the original members, Justin played an integral role in shaping the show’s success since its inception in 2007.

His absence left a void that could be felt by fans who grew accustomed to his wit and humor. The chemistry between hosts is crucial in morning radio shows, and Justin’s departure undoubtedly caused a shift in that dynamic.

Listeners tuned in each day expecting to hear his unique perspective and banter, which made for compelling entertainment.

Furthermore, with Justin’s departure came speculation about why he left. However, specific reasons for his exit were not disclosed publicly, leaving fans curious about what may have transpired behind-the-scenes.

This lack of transparency added an air of mystery surrounding Justin’s departure, generating even more buzz among listeners who avidly followed updates on their favorite radio personalities.

The Future of Free Beer and Hot Wings without Justin

Free Beer And Hot Wings Justin Leaving-2

The show’s dynamic is expected to undergo significant changes without Justin, as the remaining members of Free Beer and Hot Wings adapt to his departure.

Changes in the show’s dynamic

The departure of Justin Nettlebeck from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show has brought about significant changes in the dynamic of the popular morning radio show. As one of the longstanding members since its inception, Justin’s absence has left a noticeable void in both on-air banter and behind-the-scenes production.

This shift has prompted adjustments to the show’s format and structure as they navigate through this transition period. While it remains unclear why Justin chose to leave, his departure has undoubtedly impacted not only the chemistry between hosts but also how fans perceive and engage with their favorite morning program.

The show is now faced with the challenge of redefining itself without losing its loyal audience, often referred to as “Alcoholism,” who have come to appreciate their unique blend of humor and camaraderie.

How the show plans to move forward

The Free Beer and Hot Wings show is determined to move forward after Justin Nettlebeck’s departure. With a nationally syndicated audience and a dedicated following, the show understands the importance of maintaining its momentum.

While the reasons for Justin’s departure were not disclosed, the remaining members are committed to delivering their unique blend of humor and entertainment to listeners. They intend to fill the void left by Justin with new voices that will bring fresh perspectives and energy to the show.

By actively seeking out talented individuals who share their passion for radio broadcasting, they aim to continue providing a morning experience that engages and entertains their loyal audience.

Despite this unexpected change in personnel, the Free Beer and Hot Wings show remains focused on delivering top-quality content while adapting to this new chapter in their journey. Listeners can expect exciting updates as they add new personalities who are eager to contribute their talents behind the microphone.

The cast recognizes that these changes may alter the dynamic of the show but are confident in their ability to keep audiences entertained through engaging discussions on relevant topics, celebrity gossip, and relatable anecdotes from everyday life.

Reactions from Fans and Listeners

Free Beer And Hot Wings Justin Leaving-3

Fans and listeners took to social media to express their mixed reactions upon hearing about Justin Nettlebeck’s departure from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show.

Social media response

Social media was abuzz with reactions following Justin Nettlebeck’s departure from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show. Fans expressed their thoughts and emotions about this significant change in the cast. Here are some notable responses:

  1. Many fans expressed surprise and sadness at Justin’s departure, sharing their memories of his time on the show.
  2. Some listeners speculated about the reasons behind his exit, leading to various theories circulating on social media platforms.
  3. Others expressed concern for Justin’s well – being, considering his past struggles with alcoholism and hoping that his departure was not related to a relapse.
  4. Some fans voiced their disappointment and stated that the show wouldn’t be the same without him, as they believed he brought a unique dynamic to the team.
  5. A few listeners offered their support to both Justin and the remaining members of the Free Beer and Hot Wings show during this challenging transition period.
  6. There were also discussions regarding possible replacements for Justin, with fans suggesting names of other radio personalities who they thought could fill his shoes effectively.
  7. Some fans reminisced about favorite moments involving Justin over the years, sharing funny anecdotes or memorable segments that they enjoyed.
  8. The absence of any official statement regarding the reasons for Justin’s departure led to speculation on social media platforms, fueling further conversations among fans.
  9. Despite some initial concerns, many listeners expressed optimism about the future of Free Beer and Hot Wings without Justin, trusting that the remaining hosts would continue delivering entertaining content.
  10. Fans eagerly awaited updates from the show about its plans moving forward and eagerly discussed how they believed things might evolve in light of this cast change.
  11. Social media became a platform where Free Beer and Hot Wings’ loyal fanbase came together to share their thoughts, feelings, memories, speculations, and hopes for what lies ahead for their beloved morning radio show.
  12. With such a passionate audience engaged online, it is clear that the Free Beer and Hot Wings show continues to hold a significant influence in the realm of morning radio entertainment.


In conclusion, Justin Nettlebeck’s departure from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show has left fans and listeners wondering about the future of the popular radio program. With changes in dynamics and speculation surrounding his exit, it remains to be seen how the show will move forward without him.

The impact of his departure on both the show and its audience is undeniable, leaving everyone eagerly awaiting updates on what comes next for Free Beer and Hot Wings.