Updated at: 21-07-2023 - By: John Lau

Finding a retailer for helium beer in Canada can often feel like a wild goose chase. Despite the buzz, did you know that helium-infused beer isn’t actually real?

This blog post will put those myths to rest and guide you through the origins of this whimsical idea.

Let’s begin this fizzy journey together!

Helium-Infused Beer: The Hoax Explained

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Contrary to the viral sensation that swept across social media, helium-infused beer is merely a myth. The notion was birthed from an elaborate April Fool’s pranks by well-known breweries such as Stone Brewing Co and Sam Adams, both of which released convincing videos promoting their new “helium beers.” These novelty helium beverages, however, are purely fictional.

In reality, brewing a helium-infused alcoholic drink isn’t scientifically feasible. Helium gas doesn’t dissolve into alcohol like carbon dioxide or nitrogen does causing effervescence in usual beer; thus the idea of carbonated helium drinks is impossible.

Additionally, due to its low boiling point (-268.93°C), adding pressurized helium to bottled beer would likely result in shattered glass everywhere!

So although you may be intrigued by the hilarious voice-changing effects depicted in these playful advertisements for infused helium craft beers.

Popular Helium Beer Projects

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Stone Stochasticity Project Cr(He)am Ale

Stone Stochasticity Project Cr(He)am Ale is one of the popular helium beer projects that gained attention in Canada. This unique brew was created as part of an April Fools’ joke by Stone Brewing Co., where they claimed to have successfully infused their beer with helium gas.

However, it’s important to note that this was purely a prank and there is no real helium-infused beer available for purchase. The notion of drinking a beer that makes your voice sound funny may be amusing, but in reality, it’s just a clever hoax.

So while you won’t find Stone Stochasticity Project Cr(He)am Ale or any other helium-infused beers on the market, there are plenty of other exciting craft beers to explore across Canada.

Sam Adams HeliYum beer

Similarly, videos featuring Sam Adams promoting HeliYum beer are also part of the prank. The truth is, there is no actual helium-infused beer available for sale anywhere in Canada or North America.

So if you’ve been searching for it, unfortunately, your efforts will be in vain as helium beer simply does not exist.

Other notable mentions

  • Stone Brewing Co. pushed the boundaries of beer innovation with their Stochasticity Project Cr(He)am Ale, a one-time release that claimed to be infused with helium gas.
  • Sam Adams also joined in on the helium beer trend with their HeliYum beer, which was touted as having a light, effervescent quality due to the incorporation of helium.
  • While these projects gained attention and sparked interest among beer enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that they were all part of an elaborate April Fools joke and not actual products.
  • The concept of helium – infused beer may be intriguing, but it remains nothing more than a novelty idea rather than a genuine beverage option.
  • It’s worth noting that there are no legitimate sources or breweries producing helium – infused beers for sale in Canada or anywhere else in the world.
  • Despite the popularity and curiosity surrounding this concept, it’s essential to understand that helium beer simply does not exist outside of fantasy and imagination.

Remember, if you come across videos or claims about helium beer online or elsewhere, it’s best to approach them with skepticism. The reality is that helium beer is purely mythical and cannot be found anywhere for purchase.

Helium Beer Availability in Canada

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Helium beer is not available for purchase in Canada or anywhere else. It was all just an elaborate April Fools joke. But if you’re curious about the popularity of helium-infused beer and want to know more about the hoax, keep reading.”.

Where to buy Helium Beer in Canada

While the idea of Helium Beer may be enticing, it’s important to note that it is not a real product and cannot be purchased anywhere. Here are some key facts to remember:

  1. Helium beer is purely mythical and does not exist in reality.
  2. It cannot be found online through platforms like Amazon or Bevmo.
  3. Physical stores such as Walmart do not sell helium beer either.

Online platforms and retailers

Online platforms and retailers that claim to sell helium-infused beer are not genuine sellers. They are either part of the April Fools joke or trying to deceive consumers. Helium beer does not exist, so it cannot be bought online or through any retailers.

It is important to remember that purchasing helium-infused beer is not possible, and any website or online platform claiming to sell it should be avoided.


In conclusion, the idea of helium-infused beer in Canada is just a hoax. Despite the popularity of videos and claims made by Stone Brewing Co and Adam Samuels, there is no such thing as helium beer available for purchase anywhere.

It was all an elaborate April Fool’s joke, so there is no need to search for where to buy helium beer in Canada or elsewhere – it simply does not exist.