Updated at: 09-06-2023 - By: John Lau

How Much Is A Beer At Dodger Stadium (1)

Attending a baseball game is an all-American experience, so it’s only natural to wonder how much you’ll be spending on your beverage of choice. In this blog post, we will dive into the cost of enjoying a beer at Dodger Stadium and see how it compares to other Major League Baseball venues.

Beer Prices At Dodger Stadium

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Beer prices at Dodger Stadium are well below the league average, but they’re still more than 30 cents more expensive per fluid ounce than any other team in the league, making the Dodgers have the most expensive beer in MLB.

Comparison With Other MLB Teams

When it comes to beer prices, there is a significant disparity among MLB teams, and Dodger Stadium has the highest prices in the league. Below is a comparison of beer prices at Dodger Stadium with other notable MLB stadiums.


Stadium Average Beer Price
Dodger Stadium $1 per fluid ounce
Citi Field $12 per beer
Coors Field $3 per beer
Target Field (Minnesota Twins) $3.99 per beer

As seen in the table above, Dodger Stadium has the highest beer prices among MLB teams, whereas Coors Field has the cheapest average beer cost, and Minnesota Twins fans enjoy the second-lowest cost. It’s important for fans who may be struggling with alcoholism to be aware of these differences, as a higher price may serve as a deterrent, while lower prices may inadvertently encourage excessive consumption.

Price Per Ounce

At Dodger Stadium, the cost of beer is significantly higher compared to other MLB stadiums. Each fluid ounce of beer at the iconic sports venue comes in at nearly a dollar, surpassing its competitors by more than 30 cents.

This price difference can impact an avid alcohol enthusiast’s experience when enjoying America’s favorite pastime.

However, there are options available for those looking to get better value for their money while still indulging in some cold brews. A popular choice among patrons is the 24-ounce ‘tall boy’ domestic draft beer priced at $10.25.

Factors Affecting Beer Prices

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The location of the vendor and special promotions or events are two main factors that affect beer prices at Dodger Stadium.

Location Of Vendor

One crucial factor affecting beer prices at Dodger Stadium is the location of the vendor within the stadium. Fans attending a game may notice that concession stands in areas with higher foot traffic, such as those near entrances or popular seating sections, tend to have slightly higher pricing compared to vendors situated in less populated sections.

To save some dollars at your next Dodgers game while enjoying a cold brew, consider exploring different levels or grid locations mentioned in Dodger Stadium’s comprehensive food and drink guide before making your purchase decision.

As indicated by the A-to-Z Guide, familiarize yourself with both vendor maps and offerings across various points in the stadium to find more affordable options hidden amidst other concessions.

Special Promotions Or Events

Dodger Stadium offers a range of special promotions and events that can impact the price of beer at the venue. These include:

  1. Value Games: During select games, fans can indulge in $5 beers from select concession stands.
  2. Themed Nights: The Dodgers offer themed nights like “Friday Night Fireworks” and “Retro Game Night,” which may feature discounted drinks or food specials.
  3. Group Packages: Fans who purchase group packages may receive discounts on concessions, including beer.
  4. Giveaways: Attendees at certain games receive promotional giveaways that can include free beer or discounted prices on beverages.
  5. Happy Hour: The stadium occasionally offers happy hour deals on select drinks, including beer.

It’s important to keep an eye out for these promotions if you’re looking to enjoy beer at Dodger Stadium without breaking the bank. While prices can be steep during regular games, taking advantage of special discounts and promotions can help make the experience more affordable.


In conclusion, the price of a beer at Dodger Stadium can vary depending on different factors such as location and special promotions. However, despite recent price increases, it remains below the league average.

Dodgers fans may have to pay a premium for their cold ones compared to other teams in the league, but they are treated to an extensive range of concessions that cater to all tastes.