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Root beer enthusiasts know that not all root beers are created equal, and 1919 Root Beer stands out as a premium choice. But why is it more expensive than other options? This tantalizing brew owes its elevated price to an uncompromising commitment to using only high-quality ingredients, such as pure cane sugar, along with a labor-intensive craft brewing process.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the unique characteristics of 1919 Root Beer, uncovering what sets it apart from the competition and exploring whether it’s worth splurging on this nostalgic soda for your next special occasion or casual treat.

The Unique Characteristics Of 1919 Root Beer

Why Is 1919 Root Beer So Expensive

1919 Root Beer is made with high-quality ingredients, including pure cane sugar, and goes through a craft brewing process in small batches resulting in a unique formulation and packaging that sets it apart from other root beers.

High-quality Ingredients

One of the main reasons behind 1919 Root Beer’s exceptional taste and premium pricing is its use of high-quality ingredients. Unlike many mass-produced root beers that rely on artificial flavors and cheap sweeteners, 1919 Root Beer prides itself on using only natural, top-tier components in their handcrafted soda.

Besides its commitment to quality ingredients, 1919 Root Beer boasts a rich, full-bodied flavor and creamy texture due to its unique formulation. The company understands that alcoholism can be challenging for those striving for sobriety; therefore, crafting an exquisite caffeine-free beverage with no gluten or artificial preservatives offers more than just refreshment—it provides an enjoyable experience without unwanted side effects or guilt.

Craft Brewing Process

Craft brewing processes are highly praised within the alcohol community due to the care and attention that goes into producing small-batch, high-quality alcoholic beverages.

With 1919 Root Beer, the difference lies in the commitment to quality ingredientsintricate brewing techniques, and skilled craftsmanship.

For instance, in 1919 Root Beer’s craft brewing process, sassafras bark is used for flavoring which imparts a sweet and spicy taste with hints of vanilla and molasses notes.

This handcrafted approach sets it apart from mass-produced competitors who often use artificial flavors or shortcuts in their production methods. Additionally, using pure cane sugar instead of cheaper corn syrup alternatives creates a more authentic taste without compromising health benefits – an important factor for many consumers conscious about their alcohol intake.

Small Batch Production

Small batch production plays a significant role in the unique characteristics of 1919 Root Beer, setting it apart from mass-produced brands. Embracing a craft approach to brewing allows for an authentic flavor experience that harkens back to prohibition-era beverages when root beer was first gaining popularity as an alternative to alcohol.

This artisanal production method not only results in a premium product but also supports local economies by sourcing ingredients such as real sugar and vanilla. For example, handcrafted beverages like 1919 Root Beer can have a positive impact on family-owned farms and small businesses involved in supplying these high-quality ingredients.

However, this commitment to locally sourced components may contribute to the higher price point associated with 1919’s small batch brews.

Unique Formulation And Packaging

The unique formulation and packaging are key factors that make 1919 Root Beer stand out in the competitive brewing industry. The recipe of this craft soda is carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients, making it a real draft soda that boasts of a distinct flavor profile.

In addition, the unusual packaging design gives customers a memorable experience when they enjoy this beverage. This handcrafted beverage creation uses traditional brewing methods that result in smooth and satisfying root beer for discerning palates.

With small-batch production processes, artisanal recipe creations, and exquisite packaging designs, 1919 Root Beer’s uniqueness adds to its premium pricing compared to other mass-produced brands in the market today.

The Cost Of Quality

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The cost of producing high-quality root beer is significantly higher than that of mass-produced brands due to the use of premium ingredients and a labor-intensive brewing process, but is it worth the price tag? Read on to find out.

High Cost Of Ingredients

One of the primary factors contributing to the higher price of 1919 Root Beer is the quality and uniqueness of its ingredients. Unlike mass-produced root beers that use cheaper corn syrup, 1919 uses pure cane sugar, which delivers a richer flavor profile.

The cost of procuring these premium ingredients is reflected in the final product’s price point. However, many loyal fans of 1919 are willing to pay for it because they appreciate the resulting taste and mouthfeel delivered by this craft soda brewer.

Labor-intensive Brewing Process

The labor-intensive brewing process is one of the reasons why 1919 Root Beer is so expensive. Unlike mass-produced root beers that use an industrialized method, 1919 Root Beer uses traditional and artisanal production methods to create a unique tasting beverage.

This involves adding ingredients by hand and carefully observing small batch productions to ensure quality control. The craft beer movement has led consumers to demand more from their beverages, and 1919 Root Beer delivers on this promise with its commitment to high-quality ingredients and careful brewing process.

Unique Packaging And Branding

1919 Root Beer stands out not only in terms of its flavor profile but also in how it’s packaged and branded. The company uses premium packaging materials with innovative design to make sure that the bottle looks as great as the liquid inside tastes.

One of the unique features of 1919 Root Beer is its brown glass bottles, which are reminiscent of traditional beer bottles and help preserve its rich flavors.

Additionally, its branding strategy creates a sense of luxury associated with high-end marketing.

Benefits Of Using Pure Cane Sugar In Root Beer

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Pure cane sugar enhances the flavor of 1919 Root Beer and serves as a healthier alternative to corn syrup, making it a premium root beer choice worth trying.

Enhanced Flavor

1919 Root Beer is known for its enhanced flavor, which comes from the use of pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup commonly used in other sodas. Pure cane sugar enhances the natural flavors and aromas of root beer while creating a smooth mouthfeel that makes each sip enjoyable.

Furthermore, 1919 Root Beer’s unique formulation includes natural ingredients such as cinnamon, sweet birch, sassafras extracts, and anise extract. These extracts contribute to the distinctive taste profile that sets this brand apart from others on the market.

Healthier Alternative To Corn Syrup

One of the main reasons why 1919 Root Beer is more expensive than other brands is its use of pure cane sugar as a sweetener instead of high fructose corn syrup.

This decision not only enhances the overall flavor, but it also provides some health benefits compared to other sodas that contain corn syrup. Pure cane sugar is a natural sweetener that does not undergo extensive processing like corn syrup, which can lead to higher blood sugar levels and increased risk of heart disease.

Many natural and craft root beer brands also prefer using pure cane sugar for its authentic taste and health advantages over artificial substitutes.

Comparison With Other Root Beers

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1919 Root Beer stands out among other root beer brands due to its use of high-quality ingredients, unique formulation and packaging, and labor-intensive craft brewing process.

In comparison to mass-produced brands that prioritize cost-cutting measures like using corn syrup and artificial flavors, 1919 Root Beer offers a more premium taste experience.

When compared to other craft root beers, 1919’s distinct flavor profile and nostalgic feel make it a top pick for those seeking an artisanal soft drink. Ultimately, the cost vs.

1919 Root Beer Vs. Mass-produced Brands

When comparing 1919 Root Beer to other mass-produced root beer brands, it’s easy to see that the former stands out from the crowd. While other brands may use artificial ingredients and corn syrup as a sweetener, 1919 Root Beer uses pure cane sugar, resulting in a richer and more full-bodied flavor.

Additionally, with its small batch production and unique brewing process, each bottle of 1919 Root Beer is crafted with care and attention to detail.

One can also argue that when purchasing a bottle of 1919 Root Beer compared to another mass-produced brand, you’re not just buying a soft drink – you’re supporting a legacy brand that has been around since the Prohibition era.

1919 Root Beer Vs. Other Craft Brands

When it comes to comparing 1919 Root Beer with other craft root beer brands, there are a few factors that set it apart. First and foremost is the high-quality ingredients used in its production.

While other craft brands may use similar natural flavors like sarsaparilla and vanilla, 1919 Root Beer’s unique formula of pure cane sugar really enhances its flavor profile.

Additionally, the brewing process for 1919 Root Beer is labor-intensive and done in small batches, allowing for greater attention to detail during each step of the process.

Finally, while other craft brands may have similar price points, few can match the unique packaging and branding of 1919 Root Beer which has become a favorite among fans of draft soda.

Cost Vs. Quality Comparison

When it comes to choosing a root beer, cost can often be a deciding factor. However, the price of 1919 Root Beer may give some consumers pause. While it is one of the more expensive options on the market, it’s important to consider its unique qualities and ingredients when comparing it to other root beers.

That being said, there is no direct comparison of cost versus quality between 1919 Root Beer and other brands. In taste tests where cost was a factor in selection, most chosen root beers typically cost around $5 or $6.

Is 1919 Root Beer Worth The Price?

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Ultimately, whether or not 1919 Root Beer is worth the higher price point is dependent on personal preference and taste; however, supporting small businesses that prioritize quality ingredients and unique brewing processes can result in a memorable and enjoyable beverage experience.

Personal Preference And Taste

While the cost of 1919 Root Beer might seem steep compared to other mass-produced brands, personal preference and taste are crucial factors in determining whether it’s worth the price.

With its unique formulation and use of pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup, some individuals may find that 1919 Root Beer is worth the extra expense for its enhanced flavor and health benefits.

Supporting small businesses and quality products can also be a deciding factor for those who value ethically-sourced ingredients and labor-intensive craft processes.

Supporting Small Businesses And Quality Products

As a consumer, it’s important to support small businesses and quality products like 1919 Root Beer. Choosing to purchase this premium root beer not only means enjoying a unique and memorable experience but also supporting Lion Brewery Inc., the company responsible for its production.

When you choose 1919 Root Beer, you’re also choosing to support the history of non-alcoholic beverages in America, dating back to the Prohibition era. Companies like Citrus Products Co., which was established in 1919, played an essential role in developing recipes for beverages like root beer, birch beer, and ginger ale when alcohol consumption was prohibited by law.

Unique And Memorable Experience

Drinking 1919 Root Beer is a unique and memorable experience that can transport you back in time to taste the classic sodas of yesteryear. Made with high-quality ingredients using a craft brewing process, this non-alcoholic beverage has a distinct flavor that stands out from mass-produced brands.

The use of pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup enhances its taste and provides a healthier alternative for those seeking caffeine-free drinks.


In conclusion, 1919 Root Beer is more expensive than other sodas due to its premium ingredients and unique craft brewing process. The use of pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup accounts for a significant portion of the cost, as does the labor-intensive small batch production method.

However, these aspects contribute to the rich and creamy taste that sets 1919 Root Beer apart from mass-produced brands. Although it may be pricier than other options, supporting small businesses and enjoying high-quality products can make it worth the investment.