Updated at: 30-06-2023 - By: John Lau

Are you a fan of the classic root beer float? If so, you might be wondering whether Sonic, your favorite fast-food drive-in, serves this iconic dessert.

Well, the good news is they do! This article is specially tailored to guide you through every step of ordering a creamy and satisfying root beer float from Sonic.

Ready for some sweet sips? Let’s dive in!

Does Sonic Serve Root Beer Floats?

Does Sonic Have Root Beer Floats

If you’re yearning for a classic float, Sonic DriveIn indeed serves up delicious root beer floats. The perfect blend of creamy vanilla ice cream and Barq’s Root Beer makes every sip an indulgence.

However, please note that root beer floats are not listed on their national menu but can be ordered at your local Sonic DriveThru or via the limited menu available on the Sonic app. Boasting three variations of blended drinks including a tantalizing Strawberry flavor, they serve flexible options to meet diverse tastes.

Carefully crafted with top-notch ingredients, every small size root beer float clocks in at around 340 calories; if you wish for fewer calories, go for the mini size variant.

This fast-food outlet previously delighted customers by giving away over 3.5 million delectable root beer floats on June 3rd – how amazing is that?.

How to Order a Root Beer Float at Sonic

To order a root beer float at Sonic, follow these simple steps:

  1. Drive up to the Sonic Drive – In and park near the ordering station.
  2. Roll down your window and wait for a Sonic carhop to approach your vehicle.
  3. When the carhop arrives, greet them and let them know that you would like to order a root beer float.
  4. Specify the size of the root beer float you would like, whether it’s a small or mini size.
  5. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, inform the carhop about them so they can accommodate your needs.
  6. The carhop will take your order and repeat it back to you to ensure accuracy.
  7. Pay for your order using cash, credit card, or via mobile payment options available at Sonic.
  8. Once the payment is processed, wait for the carhop to bring out your delicious root beer float.
  9. Enjoy your refreshing treat right at the comfort of your vehicle.

Availability and Pricing of Sonic Root Beer Floats

Does Sonic Have Root Beer Floats-2

Sonic’s availability of root beer floats might surprise you. Despite its popularity, root beer floats are not currently featured on Sonic’s national menu. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for root beer float enthusiasts.


Type of Root Beer Float Size Calories Price
Classic Root Beer Float Small 340 Varies by location
Classic Root Beer Float Mini Lower than small Varies by location
Strawberry Root Beer Float 12 fl oz 420 Varies by location

Despite the absence of root beer floats on the national menu, Sonic has been known to give away over 3.5 million of them on special occasions. For instance, a memorable event was held on June 3, where Sonic had a root beer float giveaway.

As for ordering, the Sonic app provides a limited menu comprising only items available for order. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to call your local Sonic or check the app for availability and pricing.


In conclusion, Sonic does indeed have root beer floats on their menu. With a variety of options and sizes available, customers can satisfy their cravings for this classic treat. Whether enjoyed in-store or through the convenience of the Sonic app, root beer float lovers can indulge in this creamy and refreshing drink at any time.

So head to your nearest Sonic and treat yourself to a delicious root beer float today!