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Most of us have a general idea of the number of beers it takes to get us buzzed or extremely drunk. To learn everything there is to know, I did some digging and came up with the tools and charts that will prove invaluable to us all. This material may be very helpful for people who are just getting started.

Do You Have to Drink a Lot of Beer to Get Tipsy? 4 to 5 drinks in 1 hour for the average guy of 190 pounds (86 kg) and 3 to 4 beers for the average woman of 160 pounds or 73 kg. In the United States, the term “to get drunk” refers to a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08 percent or more, which is considered legally intoxicated (or legally drunk).

Recall that this is just an estimate based on a sample. The number of beers required will be determined by a variety of factors, some of which are stated below.

Beer’s high alcohol content is one of the contributing causes. Check out these well-known brews and their respective alcohol content:

The alcoholic level of Bud Light is 4.2 percent.

Bud Light Seltzer contains 5% alcohol by volume.

The alcoholic level of Bud lite platinum is 6 percent.

The alcohol percentage of Bud lite platinum seltzer is 8%.

The alcoholic content of Coors Light is 4.2 percent.

The alcoholic content of Michelob Ultra is 4.2 percent.

The alcohol percentage of Michelob Ultra Pure Gold is 3.8 percent.

In terms of alcohol content, Corona Extra has 4.6 percent.

Miller Low-alcohol strength: 4.2%

The alcoholic content of Budweiser is 5%.

The alcohol content of a Guinness Draught is 4.2 percent.

A whopping 7.5% of alcohol by volume in Guinness Extra Stout.

The alcohol percentage of Heineken is 5%.

Thomas Jefferson The alcohol percentage of Boston Lager is 5%.

However, this does not imply that you may safely drive after three drinks; the effects begin to take hold after just one or two. Additionally, you should be aware that driving under the influence of any amount of alcohol is punishable by a fine. Amounts greater than zero.

To be clear, this does not mean that you will become inebriated and lose control of your faculties such as voice and movement after drinking three or four beers at a time.

What does it mean to be “drunk”?

Having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or more is considered to be drunk in this context.

The beer’s alcohol content has already begun to impair your motor abilities and overall feeling of equilibrium. You’re not just a little tipsy; you’re downright inebriated. You may also have problems analyzing sexual situations if it changes your emotions and makes you more outgoing and aggressive.

Another side effect is a false sense of well-being and improved judgment.

Ohio’s BGSU and Indiana’s University of Notre Dame say the following are the most significant influences on alcohol intoxication:

The quantity and rate at which alcohol is consumed

A Plate of Goods (have you eaten beforehand)

Beer’s alcohol content (the stronger the beer the faster it gets you drunk)

Dimensions of the human body (the larger the person the harder to get drunk)

Identifying Factors (women tend to get drunk faster)

Identity based on race (some ethnicities get drunk easier and for longer)

Alcohol’s effect on the body’s ability to function is known as functional tolerance.

Mood swings (yes, mood can affect your reaction to alcohol)

Insomnia and exhaustion (lack of sleep or tiredness will get you drunk fast)

Synthesis and regulation of hormone levels (women on birth control pills may get drunk faster)

Take your meds exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Taking two medications at the same time is no different than using alcohol, which is a drug.)

Every one of these variables has an effect on how quickly you get wasted, but some have a greater impact than others.

Let’s see if we can figure out exactly how much beer it takes to get you intoxicated.

How Much Beer Does It Take to Get Drunk?

how many cans of beer to get drunk

What if you’ve just eaten chicken wings or nuggets for lunch? You’ve decided to put your body and mind to the test.

Using a BAC calculator is the quickest and most accurate way to figure out how many beers you need to drink to get wasted.

Many BAC calculators are available online. One is at alcohol.org; the other two are at calculator.net and clevelandclinic.org. As much as possible, I’ve taken the averages of the three figures.

Some basic parameters are taken into account when determining the average proportion of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream.

Calculators: How do I use them?

A driver’s BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is considered permissible in the United States if they are at least 21 years old and between 0.00 and 0.02 for those who are not.

At a blood alcohol concentration of less than 0.08 percent, we are considered “not intoxicated” by the law.

That means that a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or above is considered to be “drunk” by most people. and for this blog, I’m presuming that it’s the case

This means that after 4 to 5 beers for men, and 3 to 4 beers for women, the average person will become intoxicated. However, “buzzed” and “tipsy” have similar connotations, but “buzzed” suggests you are starting to feel the affects but are not yet intoxicated, and “tipsy” means that alcohol from the beer is altering your behavior and speech.

BAC Chart for Men


I’ve prepared a BAC chart (or table) for men based on data from Saint John’s University and the College of Saint Benedict.

Based on the proportion of alcohol in the beer and the relative weight of the happy soul engaged in this profound activity, this table depicts the average number of drinks needed to get you intoxicated.

You can find out how many beers will make you drunk under normal circumstances by referring to this data (normal sleep, no fatigue, eating regularly, etc).

Keep in mind that these are only rough estimates, and no chart can account for every possible variation in a person’s genetic make-up.

According to our definition of “legally intoxicated,” we can say that for some men, three drinks is enough to get them intoxicated. Even if you’re not legally intoxicated, you’ll still feel the affects of alcohol intoxication.

If you’ve been drinking, don’t go behind the wheel or do anything else that could put others in danger.

BAC Chart for Women


BAC data from the College of Saint Benedict – Saint John’s University is used, as was in the prior table.

You may get an explanation of the various stages of intoxication, from.01 to.35, on csbsju.edu, which I highly suggest. It’s a huge help.

In this table, we can see that women take 1 less beer to get intoxicated than males do. Generally speaking, women are more likely to become intoxicated than men.

How Much 3.2% Alcohol Drinks to Get Drunk?

Legally intoxicated in the United States, an average-sized male of 190 pounds (89 kilograms) would need to down six 3.2 percent ABV brews.

An average 160-pound woman (72 kg) would need 4-5 beers of 3.2 percent ABV to become legally intoxicated in the United States.

Legally intoxicated is defined as having a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or greater.

Keep in mind that this is an average approximation, not a 100% accurate response for everyone. This also assumes that the person is in good health, above the age of 21, has slept well, and is otherwise in good physical condition.

How Many Beers to Get Drunk?

I figured out how many of the most popular beers in the United States it takes to legally imbibe one of each (0.08 percent and above).

Everyone over the age of 21 who intends to drive a vehicle is required by law to have a BAC of 0.08% or less. The legal limit varies from state to state, but for people under the age of 21, it is 0% to 2%.

The proportion of alcohol in these beers has been placed into numerous calculators above in order to calculate this. The charts have also been helpful to me in the past. I’ve taken the averages of the calculators and the chart and utilized two times of drinking for some beers and only one for others.

It’s impossible to give a definitive response because so many variables come into play, such as how often you drink, your weight, your habits, your family history, how exhausted you are, how well you’ve slept, and so on.

However, broad generalizations can be drawn. So here they are:

How Many Bud Lights to Get Drunk?

A 190-pound man needs 7 to 8 8-ounce Bud Light cans to get legally intoxicated in an hour, and 9 to 10 cans in two hours. In one hour, a woman could drink 5 to 6 Bud Lights. Alcohol level in one can of Bud Light is 5 percent.

For a 190 pound male, it takes 5 Bud Lights to get legally intoxicated in one hour from a 12-ounce bottle of Bud Light. It would take 4 Light Buds for a 160lb woman in one hour to lose weight.

Only three to four bottles of Bud Light Platinum would get you intoxicated.

For an hour, below are the various levels of intoxication:

It’s a 12-ounce Bud Light bottle, and it has 4.2 percent alcohol by volume.

0.015 percent of one Bud Light consumed in 30 minutes (.005 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

0.024 percent Equals 2 Bud Lights in 1 hour (.01 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

0.043 percent of a bottle of Bud Light in an hour (.024 for 8oz Bud Light can)

0.063 percent Equals 4 Bud Lights in 1 hour (.038 for 8oz Bud Light can)

0.082 percent Equals 5 Bud Lights in 1 hour (.049 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

6 Bud Lights in 1 Hour = 0.011 Percentage Points (.063 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

One hour and seven Bud Lights is 0.120 percent (.076 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

To get entirely sober at zero percent, it would take you about 6-7 hours.

Let’s say you’re going to drink for two hours:.

0.09 percent of two Bud Lights consumed in two hours (.002 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

0.029 percent Equals 3 Bud Lights in 2 hours (.009 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

A 0.048 percent chance of drinking four Bud Lights in two hours (.022 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

Drinking five Bud Lights in two hours is 0.068 percent (.035 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

0.87 percent of six Bud Lights consumed in two hours (.048 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

0.105 percent of 7 Bud Lights consumed in 2 hours Equals (.060 percent for 8oz Bud Light can)

0.124 percent of 8 Bud Lights consumed in 2 hours (.074 for 8oz Bud Light can)

It would take you six 12-ounce Bud Light bottles to get you intoxicated in two hours at this rate.

At 160 pounds, it would take 5 beers for a woman.

How Many Coors to Get Drunk?

For a 190-pound male, it would take 7-8 8-ounce cans of Coors Light to become legally intoxicated (0.08 percent and above) in an hour, and 8-9 cans in two hours, similar to the amount of Bud Light. For a typical male, it would take five 12fl oz Coors Light bottles to equal one 12-ounce Coors bottle (same as Bud Light).

To become inebriated, it would take five to six cans of Coors Light or four bottles of Coors Light for a woman to consume in one hour.

Like Bud Light, Coors Light has a 4.2 percent alcohol content and is available in 8oz cans or 12oz bottles.

How Many Budweisers to Get Drunk?

How Many Budweisers to Get Drunk

One hour of drinking four Budweisers will make a 190lb guy legally intoxicated, while three Budweisers will make a 160lb woman intoxicated.

Drinking Budweiser (12oz) with a 5-percent alcohol content:

0.017 percent of one Budweiser consumed in 30 minutes

Drinking two Budweisers in an hour equals 0.035 percent.

0.055 percent = 3 Budweisers in one hour =

0.082 percent of the time spent drinking four Budweisers

0.104 percent of 5 Budweisers consumed in an hour

At a 0 percent alcohol concentration, it would take you about 7-8 hours to become entirely sober.

At 5% ABV, the 12oz bottle of Budweiser is the most popular, though it is available in other sizes as well.

How Many Miller Lites to Get Drunk?

3 to 4 Miller Lites in an hour is all it takes for a 190-pound male to get legally intoxicated. These cans have a capacity of 16 ounces. 3 Miller Lites in an hour would be enough for a 160 pound woman.

Miller Lite can be purchased in 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz sizes.

I’m going to use 16oz Miller Lite cans to generate some diversity here.

190lb (86kg) male, Miller Lite can (16oz), 4.2% ABV: he

0.019 percent of a Miller Lite consumed in 30 minutes

0.038 percent is equal to two Miller Lites consumed in one hour.

3 Miller Lites in one hour = 0.064 percent. /

4 Miller Lites in one hour = 0.091% of a drink.

0.83 percent after drinking four Miller Lites in 90 minutes

0.75 percent of a liter of Miller Lite consumed in two hours

Finally, you’ve got the answer you were looking for! Using a variety of web calculators, including the ones I’ve provided, I’ve come up with these estimates.

It’s important to remember that these are just averages and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. The degree of intoxication can vary widely depending on a variety of conditions, and you should never put yourself or anyone else in danger while intoxicated.

Keep yourself safe and have a good time drinking beer!