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Alcohol sales in New Mexico are regulated by the state’s Liquor Control Act. The Act defines “off-premises” sale as any sale made “at any place other than the licensed premises of the licensed establishment.” The Act also defines “on-premises” sale as any sale made “for consumption on the licensed premises.”

The state’s Liquor Control Act does not specifically address the issue of when alcohol sales may begin. However, the Act does state that licensed establishments may not sell alcohol between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

It is generally assumed that this restriction applies to all alcohol sales, both on- and off-premises. Because the state’s Liquor Control Act does not specifically address the issue of when alcohol sales may begin, the answer to this question may vary depending on the interpretation of the Act by local authorities. In some jurisdictions, alcohol sales may begin as early as 6:00 a.m., while in others sales may not begin until 8:00 a.m. or later.

If you are planning to purchase alcohol in New Mexico, it is advisable to check with local authorities in advance to determine the earliest time at which sales will begin in your specific location.

What Time Do They Stop Selling Alcohol In New Mexico

Restaurants can now sell, serve, and consume all three types of alcoholic beverages with a $10,000 license under a new law. Furthermore, restrictions on Sunday sales have been lifted. Previously, alcohol sales were prohibited on premises before 11 a.m. Alcohol sales in New Mexico were legal on July 1, 2004. Most alcohol sales are prohibited on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. These products are still available in stores that sell them, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, distilleries, and breweries. Most grocery stores, especially larger ones, sell liquor at a low price. Bars and restaurants will be able to sell alcohol until 23:00 local time.

As of today, Covid-19 restrictions in the country have been adjusted to Alert Level 1 in order to keep the country’s health safe. Weekend sales, on the other hand, are still prohibited at Level 2. Mexico is a country with a lot of fun and no ‘day’ restrictions on alcohol sales.

There are no restrictions on Sunday sales. According to the various licenses available, Sunday hours are the same as Monday through Saturday hours. Sales staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to midnight. Full dispensers are available during the early morning hours of 7 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Restaurants and bars in New Mexico will begin selling beer, wine, and cocktails earlier in the day on Sunday. The new law, which takes effect on June 14, allows for alcohol to be sold between 11 a.m. and noon. The new rules are only applicable to bars and restaurants, and they do not apply to any other establishments.

Beer can be purchased in Texas at any time. They don’t sell beer in Texas, so there won’t be any left around when the licenses expire. Beer sales begin on Monday at 7 a.m. in grocery and convenience stores, and on Sunday at 10 a.m. in restaurants. The store will be closed until 1 a.m. on Saturday, but it will be open until midnight on Sunday and Friday.

What Time Do They Start Selling Beer In New Mexico On Sunday?

In New Mexico, beer sales begin at 8:00 a.m. on Sundays.

Whats The Earliest You Can Buy Beer?


The earliest you can buy beer is usually when the stores open in the morning. However, some stores may have special hours for selling alcohol, so you may want to call ahead to find out.

The majority of stores and bars are open to the public on business. The hours of operation for the store are heavily influenced by where you live. A few factors must be considered when planning a facility close to a school, church, or hospital. Purchasing beer at a local market on a weekly basis is considered an off-premises sale. You may be unable to purchase beer on Sundays if you live in a state known as a dry state. The sale of alcohol is regulated by local ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control agencies or local districts. Grocery stores are not permitted to sell beer on Sunday in some states, including Alaska.

If you are visiting these areas or living there, you should think about asking several questions before making any decisions. Buying Beer Online: Some people prefer to consume it outside rather than at home. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in online beer sales. When the quarantine population is stressed or grieving, they frequently consume beer. Many restaurants and bars have closed, but you can order beer 24 hours a day, seven days a week through online retailers. If there are any open stores nearby, ask if their working hours are reduced.