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In the ever-changing world of beer, we often find ourselves questioning the fate of our favorite brews. Recently, many fans have been wondering about Coors Extra Gold – a popular malt beverage known for its distinct taste and rich golden color.

As rumors swirl around its discontinuation, avid enthusiasts are left searching liquor stores high and low for any remaining stock.

The History Of Coors Extra Gold

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Coors Extra Gold was first released in the early 1980s and quickly gained popularity due to its unique taste, but as the beer market changed over time, sales began to decline.

Its Early Success And Unique Taste

Upon its introduction to the market, Coors Extra Gold quickly gained popularity among beer enthusiasts for its unique taste and smooth drinking experience.

The allure of Coors Extra Gold was further enhanced by the brewing process employed by the company. By utilizing an innovative method called cold-filtering, they were able to produce a crisp yet mellow beer that didn’t sacrifice flavor for refreshment, making it an instant favorite among discerning drinkers who appreciated the attention to quality ingredients and craftsmanship in their beverages.

Changes In The Market And Decrease In Popularity

As the beer market became more crowded, Coors Extra Gold began to face stiff competition from other popular brands like Yuengling and Keystone. The decline in popularity of Coors Extra Gold can be attributed to a shift in beverage preferences towards lighter beers with less malt flavor.

In addition to changes in consumer tastes, the acquisition of Coors by Miller also contributed to its decline. As part of the merger, some production facilities were shut down and certain products were discontinued or merged with existing Miller brands.

Despite these challenges, die-hard fans of Coors Extra Gold continue their search for remaining stock at local liquor stores or online marketplaces.

Rumors Of Discontinuation

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There has been social media buzz and a lack of availability surrounding Coors Extra Gold, with conflicting reports from the company about its future.

Social Media Buzz And Lack Of Availability

Coors Extra Gold has been the subject of intense speculation on social media about its discontinuation. Fans have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointment over not being able to find it in stores and online.

Reports suggest that Coors Extra Gold is no longer being produced, which may explain why it’s increasingly difficult to purchase in many markets.

Despite conflicting reports from the company, it seems that Coors Extra Gold may indeed be discontinued for good due to declining sales and popularity. This move isn’t uncommon in the beer industry as Molson Coors announced earlier this year that it was discontinuing 11 brands from their portfolio due to low sales.

Conflicting Reports From The Company

There have been conflicting reports from the company regarding the discontinuation of Coors Extra Gold. Some sources claim that it is being phased out due to declining sales and popularity, while others say that it is simply not available in certain markets.

Molson Coors, the parent company, has announced the discontinuation of 11 brands from their beer portfolio but has not specifically mentioned Coors Extra Gold in their statements.

However, some distributors have reported difficulty obtaining stock of the beer and there are social media posts lamenting its disappearance from store shelves.

What Happened To Coors Extra Gold Beer?

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Coors Extra Gold beer faced declining sales and popularity, leading to its discontinuation; it was last available in limited quantities and difficult to purchase.

Declining Sales And Popularity Led To Its Discontinuation

Coors Extra Gold, once a favorite for many beer lovers, has unfortunately been discontinued due to its declining sales and popularity.

As consumers began shifting towards lighter beers such as Coors Light or Yuengling, Coors Extra Gold struggled to maintain its appeal.

While it’s unfortunate that Coors Extra Gold is no longer being produced, this decision serves as an example of how challenging it can be for brewing companies to remain competitive in the ever-changing beer market.

Last Available In Limited Quantities And Difficult To Purchase

Coors Extra Gold beer has become increasingly difficult to find in stores, with limited quantities available for purchase. Many fans of this popular beer have expressed their disappointment at its discontinuation.

Despite the dwindling availability of Coors Extra Gold, Zig’s Distributor is offering a discount on 30 packs, indicating that it may be being cleared out. This move suggests that once these supplies are gone, the remaining stock will be extremely scarce and potentially impossible to find.

Is Coors Extra Gold Discontinued For Good?


Despite recent updates on its availability, there remains uncertainty about the future of Coors Extra Gold in the market.

Recent Updates On The Beer’s Availability

Coors Extra Gold beer has been discontinued, but there are still limited quantities available in some markets. Zig’s Distributor is currently offering a discount on 30 packs of Coors Extra Gold, suggesting that they are clearing out their remaining stock.

Despite its declining sales and popular demand, Coors Extra Gold still holds a place in the hearts of many beer enthusiasts. It remains uncertain whether the brand will make a comeback or if it will disappear forever from the market.

Uncertainty About Its Future In The Market

Despite the recent updates on Coors Extra Gold’s availability, there remains uncertainty about its future in the market. The discontinuation of 11 brands from Molson Coors’ beer portfolio, including Coors Extra Gold, was announced earlier this year.

This decision was made due to declining sales and popularity among consumers.

Some speculate that the beer may come back under new ownership or with a rebranding strategy to appeal to modern consumers. However, others argue that the decline in popularity of Coors Extra Gold reflects a larger trend in the beer industry towards lighter and more flavorful options like craft beers and seltzers.

In conclusion, while fans of Coors Extra Gold are still able to find limited quantities available for purchase, there is no guarantee that they will be able to do so in perpetuity given this uncertainty about its future.


As much as fans have been disappointed by the discontinuation of Coors Extra Gold, it appears that the brand’s future is uncertain as there has been no official statement about any plans to bring it back.