What Is Ginger Beer Made Of Update 12/2022

What Is Ginger Beer

Ginger beer was invented in England around the mid-1700s and was initially an alcoholic drink made of sugar, water, ginger and a starter culture that is commonly referred to”the ginger plant. The English began to export ginger beer alcoholic to the US in the mid-1700s, however, an alcohol-free version was developed in response to 1920s Prohibition […]

How Long Does It Take For Beer To Get Out Of Your System Update 12/2022

How Long Does One Beer Stay In Your System

How Long Does One Beer Stay In Your System? The two most frequently asked questions regarding alcohol and the body include “How long does one beer stay in your system?” and “How long does alcohol stay in your blood?”. Many individuals ask these questions because they’re about to undergo an alcohol test for an interview. Others are […]